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How To Clean A Clogged Airbrush At Home Using Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What is an airbrush? An airbrush is a piece of important painting equipment by which you can paint and decorate several things. It can be used for textile decoration, painting a particular material like a car, furniture, etc, tattooing the human skin, doing make up for the bride and bridegroom, etc. How does it work? Airbrush is an air operated small tool which works using the process of nebulization. It……
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Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Printhead: How It Works?

Ultrasonic printhead cleaning

If you work in an IT department or if you own a printer at home you would have definitely faced the problem of clogged printheads. The clogging of ink in the printhead can happen due to two reasons – first, the printer was not in use for quite some time and second, the printhead was empty and dried for a while. As an IT admin of the company, you may……
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Ultrasonic Vs. Jewelry Steam Cleaner: What To Choose And Why?

Ultrasonic vs steam jewelry cleaner

When we wear jewelry on a regular basis, what we witness is that it loses its shine after a certain time of usage. Although cleaning the jewelry pieces can be done at home easily, but when you clean the jewelry or gemstone by hand, the shining gradually fades away over a certain period of time. But if you clean them professionally using the best jewelry cleaners available in the… Continue reading

How To Clean A Scuba Gear Effectively After A Dive?

Scuba diving is a type of underwater sport which has never failed to stimulate the non-divers. In the beginning, the sport may seem to be complex but it is all fun when you get into it. Apart from the sheer diving experience it conveys, the sporting needs appropriate scuba gear or scuba set to recreational activity. What Is Scuba Gear? Scuba gear or diving equipment is an essential most tool…
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How To Clean and Oil Your Vintage Pocket Watch At Home?

Pocket watch cleaning

First manufactured in the 16th century, pocket watches used to look awkward. These were then worn as a necklace. But later (about after hundred years) these were carried in a pocket by wealthy people. An Antique Pocket Watch Traditionally these were made from expensive metals like gold. The man with one would therefore symbolize his richness in that era. The cost of a pocket watch… Continue reading

How To Clean Seiko Kinetic Watches?

Seiko kinetic watch

Kinetic watch is basically an integration of automatic and quartz watch. It uses a movement called automatic-quartz movement which is a combination of the best elements of both. The kinetic watch takes its name from the term kinetic energy, which is the energy in motion. Similarly, kinetic watch obtains its energy to function efficiently by gaining energy from everyday motion. The energy that is generated in the form of simple…
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How To Clean Old Ancient Coins Safely at Home? (Without Getting Them Damaged)

cleaning ancient coins

Have you just opened up your lockers and found that the coins you are planning to give away as a gift to someone dear, looked no longer new? Worse is to find that the coins you hold for years are completely tarnished and need professional cleaning to get the shine back! Worry not! Let us help you out in preserving your old ancient coins better… In our DIY guide below…
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How To Clean Test Sieves Using Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaners?

Sieve cleaner

Testing sieves are the effective most devices used for separating elements of different sizes (fine, medium and coarse) by the means of the perforated or meshed surface. Based on how the sieves are used and what kind of particles are separated, sieves differ in application, size, and shape. The majority of the sieves that are been used are analytical sieves. These are widely used in different industrial processing units, laboratory…
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How To Clean PCBs And Electronic Parts With Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Dirt and dust can heavily affect the working of printed circuit boards (PCB), which is majorly used in various electronic devices such as computers, electronic appliances, and other multi-functional devices. For many years there are many queries regarding their cleaning issues. Being a delicate part you cannot expect to clean and restore it manually. Thus it needs some skilled cleaning and recommendations. The front of Continue reading

How To Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mobile Phone Repairing?


Getting our cell phone or iPhone damaged due to water is one common problem which we all face many times. However, cleaning a mobile phone might sound like a misnomer as you might have never thought of cleaning it yourself! but the good news is if you are among the one who knows some basic repairing of gadgets, you can try repairing your water damaged mobile phone at home yourself…
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