How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mobile Phone Repairing?

Getting our cell phone or iPhone damaged due to water is one common problem that we all face many times.

However, cleaning a mobile phone might sound like a misnomer as you might have never thought of cleaning it yourself!

but the good news is if you are among the one who knows some basic repairing of gadgets, you can try repairing your water-damaged mobile phone at home yourself using a device called ultrasonic cleaner.

Devices such as ultrasonic cleaner for mobile repairing make cleaning easy for you and help you to perform the task efficiently like a pro.

Here are some tips which will help you to clean your water-damaged mobile phone and its parts at home, without any hassles.

ultrasonic cleaner for mobile phone

Step 1 – Wipe Out the Outer Screen

No matter what kind of phone you are cleaning, it’s good to start with wiping down the outer surface using a soft cotton cloth.

Especially when the mobile phone is water damaged you need to take extra steps.

Dry off the water deposits completely from the screen and outer body part of your cell phone before you disassemble the phone for cleaning.

Use a silk or microfiber cloth that can help you remove the dust, debris, and water drops from the outer cover.

It is recommended that you always use a smooth fabric to clean the phone. Never use paper or anything rough to clean your smartphone, as it may leave permanent scratches that are very difficult to remove.

Before dissembling to clean further, place your mobile phone in the sunlight for about half an hour.

This will dry off the water from your mobile phone, and if you are lucky, you may find your mobile phone back in good working condition.

Step 2 – Dissemble to Clean Internally

If the above process does not work, switch OFF your mobile phone and then remove the back cover and battery of the mobile.

After removing the battery continue with wiping the Mic and speakers because these are the most sensitive sections where moisture or liquid could easily reach.

Then wipe out the internal screen and other parts where the water deposits can be easily seen.

Remember, disassembling your cell phone parts is the trickiest part and should be done with care.

Depending on your cell phone model, there may be different ways of disassembling your mobile phone.

It is therefore recommended to search online on the popular video site YouTube where you can easily find exact ways on how you can disassemble and reassemble your particular mobile phone easily.

The first and foremost thing you need to do while dissembling your water-damaged mobile phone is to remove your sim card, battery, and micro SD cards. Keep these items away in a secure place.

Next, you need to unscrew all the tiny screws you see on your mainboard.

Using tweezers and screwdrivers (specially designed for mobile phone repairing) can help you a lot in performing this task and is often recommended.

After unscrewing the parts, you can see the small circuit board inside the phone, which needs to be cleaned carefully.

Cleaning the PCB and other sensitive parts of your water-damaged smartphone may be necessary if you find your mobile phone inactive.

Step 3 – Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mobile Phone

Contaminants and moisture on the PCBs and other fine electronic parts in your cell phone are hard to take out and you need to get the job done with care.

However, a hard job can be made easy if you use a device like an ultrasonic cleaner.

After having unscrewed and wiped the mobile phone parts using a wipe, you can place the sensitive parts in an ultrasonic cleaner machine to remove the contaminants from the parts completely.

How Does the Device Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner for water-damaged phones works on the principle of ultrasound waves with a frequency range of around 20-40 kHz.

A high-quality ultrasonic cleaning solution to clean the delicate electronic parts is made use of here in these devices to ensure that you get the best cleaning results without fail.

A sonic cleaner device also employs a suitable transducer to create ultrasonic waves into the solution.

The capacity and power of these sonic cleaners vary depending on the transducer made from a magnetostrictive material or a piezoelectric material.

And these two materials generate vibrations in the fluid material that produces varied frequencies for efficient cleaning.

The solution will then create microscopic bubbles that fall in with immense power of high temperature and pressure on the sensitive part for cleaning them efficiently.

Consistent creation and falling in of these microscopic yet powerful bubbles work as a scrubbing agent, which in turn cleans the sensitive parts gently without damaging them.

The good thing about these advanced sonic cleaners is it works continuously for a set amount of time and then shut off automatically to avoid unit breakdown.

Why Invest In An Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine For Cell Phone?

Investing in a good ultrasonic cleaner for mobile phones or the iPhone is a good idea not only for cleaning water-damaged mobile phones and phone parts but also for its efficacy in cleaning various other objects.

Accurate cleaning is made possible by the use of a device such as an ultrasonic cleaner as it gets into each nook and corners that are hard to clean otherwise.

Apart from smartphones, you can use these types of cleaners to clean your computer parts and other electronic parts.

Using ultrasonic cleaners offers many other benefits as well. Some of these are:

  • Powerful yet gentle at cleaning
  • Economical and environment friendly
  • Offers high speed and energy to clean objects fast
  • It can help you clean things without dissembling

You would be glad to know that the multi-functional ultrasonic cleaner for iPhone is also used by professionals working in tattoo-making shops, opticians, scientific labs, dental and medical clinics, watchmakers, golf clubs, antique dealers, jewelers, and electronic workshops.

It is also suitable for personal home use for cleaning items like pen-heads, watch parts, small silverware, ancient coins, machine nozzles, badges, signature chops, mechanical parts, tattoo guns, tubes, firearms, electronic components, or any other household thing that you wish to clean.

You just need to choose between a range of products and brands available online. Always choose an ultrasonic cleaner machine that is portable and can help you clean your cell phone (and its delicate parts) without any hassle.

Can I use an ultrasonic cleaner for PDAs?
Yes, ultrasonic cleaners are good enough to clean and restore your dirty PDAs as well. All you need is to disassemble the parts of the personal digital assistant well and wash them in a cleaning bath using a proper solution. If you are not aware of the dissembling process of your handheld PC, it’s good to get it serviced via an authorized service center.

Can I Use Sonic Cleaner for Outer Casing of Mobile Phones?

Due to regular usage, mobile phones be home to microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

Washing the internal as well as outer parts of your smartphone in an ultrasonic cleaner can help wash away these disease-carrying microorganisms to some extent that cling to the surface of the phone.

Yes, these cleaning devices are also effective for cleaning the outer casing.

You can disassemble your phone and wash the casing in a special cleaning fluid that can help remove all the debris, even at the smallest crevices.

Overall, If you are really concerned about cleaning your mobile phone to such an extent that it will shine like brand new, then you should definitely invest in an ultrasonic cleaner device for home use or your mobile phone business.

If you are thinking about where to buy the best ultrasonic cleaner for cell phones at the most affordable prices, then I must say that online stores such as Amazon are the best.

Buying one for your personal or professional use will certainly save you a good deal of time, energy, and money, especially when you are looking forward to repairing or cleaning water-damaged mobile phones.