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Where hand scrubbing of the instruments can be a far tedious and time-consuming job, an ultrasonic cleaner can work amazingly to remove all the microscopic contaminants, dirt, grime, microbes, and stains in just a few minutes.

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Below we’ve outlined a brief procedure on how you can use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean your dental instruments.

Follow them best to ensure proper cleaning and longevity of your dental instruments.

  • For using an ultrasonic cleaner device, first of all, fill the tank with a high-quality sonic cleaning solution meant for ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Now place your dental tools and instruments in the tank, ensuring that these are submerged completely in the solution.
  • You can use a provided basket (in few models) for placing the smaller tools which help in better efficient cleaning without getting them damaged.
  • Now close the lid and switch β€˜On’ the machine. Run for about 2 to 7 minutes based on your cleaning requirement and heaviness of contaminants on tools.
  • After the completion of the cleaning cycle, remove the tools from the tank solution, and rinse them thoroughly with clean water.

While automatic cleaning and sterilization devices like ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave can save you from all the hassles, not following proper procedures can prove fatal.

So, make sure you look for our guides, tips, and articles if you are not aware of how to use these cleaning machines properly.