Ultrasonic Cleaner Vs Autoclave: Which is A Better Option for Sterilization?

Today, in this advanced generation, effective and highly efficient cleaning is required to maintain the condition and longevity of the equipment in industrial and medical fields.

Most medical professionals and scientists look for devices that fight with settled germs on the tools to avoid degradation in performance.

Well, most of the surgical, mechanical, and tattooing equipment need to be cleaned through the mechanism that remains under control and serves better in every use.

The advancement in cleaning technology and the presentation of ultrasonic and autoclave cleaning has made the professionals relax with its use to enhance the operation and services of the devices and achieve perfect and satisfactory results.

Ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave cleaning are the processes that involve the removal process of contaminants to remove the type of contamination from the parts that are placed inside these machines.

These contaminants can be oil, dirt, grease, polishing, or buffing compounds and other mold release agents to clear.

As these are tough materials, professional cleaning is essential to clean the devices and equipment applied for certain use in the stores and shops to maintain durability and condition for a long time.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Vs Autoclave

What Is An Autoclave and How It Work?

An autoclave is a large steel chamber or a vessel from which the gas or steam is circulated to sterilize scientific equipment or other things to carry out industrial work.

Mainly, the chambers in the autoclave are cylindrical as these are found to be better withstand the extreme pressures than as compared with the boxes where the corners become the tip of weakness for safety reasons as most of the edges are sealed from outside manually.

As per the thought of most of the professional folks, autoclaves are not only the machine that makes use in the surgical field as it is an important thing to be included in any tattoo store, dentist clinics, barbershops, veterinarians, beauty salons, and other stores to sterilize the equipment and the supplies for better use.


Being a pressure chamber used for sterilization of the tattoo equipment and other supplies, the items placed in it are exposed to a high temperature which is usually 132 degrees Celsius nearly for twenty minutes.

In fact, the temperature is set based upon the physical size and the amount of equipment that needs to be sterilized.

The hot steam kills the germs on the devices which can’t be performed through boiling water or through using the simple detergents available in the market.

When the steam continuously passes through the devices placed inside, the dangerous germs and microorganisms are killed.

Finally, after completing the cleaning process time, the chamber is exhausted from the pressure and the steam, and the door is allowed to open for drying and the cooling of the placed contents.

What Is An Ultrasonic Cleaner and How It Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that penetrates the high-frequency ultrasound energy deep into the cracks, holes, and the recesses to clean and remove all the traces of tightly fit germs and greasy substance and pigments which are touched to clean in a normal way.

It is the technology that covers the whole range of devices and cleanses with a challenge.

They use the cavitation process, where the bubbles are created by the sound waves in order to clean the surface of the products placed in the tank.

The releasing bubbles act in the form of a sponge to remove the settled dirt on the tattoo equipment, surgical devices, and other items that need to be sterilized immediately after its use.

Basic Difference between Autoclave and Ultrasonic Cleaner

The basic difference between an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner is that an autoclave makes use of high temperature and steam to clean and remove the bacteria, viruses or germs. While an ultrasonic cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to do the cleaning.

In general, the autoclave is a device that uses high temperatures and heat for cleaning and for getting rid of dirt, bacteria, viruses, etc.

On the other hand, Ultrasonic cleaning devices work by utilizing high-frequency sound waves.

As the process is performed with the use of high-frequency electrical energy, it presents the ability to clean the tenacious material from the core units.

Professionals sometimes recommend using ultrasonic cleaners first and then autoclave for cleaning the same item. This way you can get the most effective sterilization of the item.

Ultrasonic Cleaner vs. Autoclave Sterilizer: Which Is Best for Sterilization?

According to many professionals and industrialists, an autoclave device is better and most efficient for the sterilization process.

An autoclave is the right option to sterilize the tools in tattoo stores and surgical fields and to keep clean the devices for every use.

Many also prefer using ultrasonic cleaning devices for professional cleaning in industries and the medical field due to the ease of its usage. There are many devices and instruments which cannot be directly autoclaved.

Due to this reason items are first cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners and then autoclaved.

However, if you need a cleaning device for residential usage ultrasonic cleaners are mostly recommended due to their portable nature.