The 10 Best Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner (Must Have for Vinyl Collectors)

Record Albums, LP (Long Play), Turntable, Microgroove Vinyl Record, Compact Discs, DVDs, etc., are today not very common as they were before.

But if you are one among those who love collecting good old music and prefer adding great vinyl record collections, preserving them for a long can be a hassle for you.

lp and records
LPs and records are expensive to preserve

This is where picking a good ultrasonic record cleaner can help!

Collecting old vinyl records, LPs and musical albums is a great hobby for many; however, it may need lots of care and maintenance for them to preserve.

Ever heard those unpleasant background noises while playing records – it can be due to accumulated debris on them!

Ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner is the one-stop solution to wipe off all the stubborn stains and ingrained dirt from sensitive items like vinyl records and LPs.

An ultrasonic cleaner for records is a professional machine that lets you do the task of cleaning in a much more sophisticated and professional way.

It comes with a stainless-steel tank wherein water is to be filled and subsequently agitated by passing ultrasonic waves.

These vinyl record cleaning machines have an upper edge over manual cleaning, which is normally done using the vinyl record cleaning kit as it does not allow any damage to set in due to mishandling.

Also, these high-tech DIY record cleaning machine functions speedily and more effectively than compared to any other traditional cleaning methods to help keep all your favorite albums in mint condition.

10 Best Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine Reviews

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For decades, vinyl records were the choice for music fans until being replaced by digital technology, starting with the CD and eventually digital downloads.

Although in the analog days, vinyl records enjoyed a strong reputation for providing clarity and warmth to the sound, they also tended to get quite dirty, making them difficult to keep clean.

No matter whether you are a beginner in the record collecting field, a passionate record collector, or a pure audiophile – you will find ultrasonic record cleaner very useful.

Most of these vinyl record cleaner machines are sturdily built and are durable in nature as well. These are also competitively priced and energy-efficient.

Below we list down some of the best vinyl record cleaning machines (including DIY ultrasonic record cleaner). You may choose one among them to clean your records effortlessly at your home or at the store.

1- Spin Clean Record Washer

According to reviews, Spin-Clean Record Washer is the best record cleaning machine for the money that will let your vinyl records stay out of dust always.

Also, it provides you with the convenience of cleaning them in your space at your desired timings.

Cleaning kit: A Spin-Clean Record Washer System includes the following items:

  • Washer Basin and Lid
  • Fluid to be used for cleaning purposes
  • A pair of brushes and rollers
  • Drying clothes

Procedure: The Spin-Clean Starter Kit Record Washer System Mk2 is an efficient device for cleaning your old albums and vinyl records efficiently at a professional level.

The system is completely manual and requires no power to operate. You only need to rotate the record (3-4 times) in one direction while dipping it in the solution.

Turn it back again and then rotate the record again the same number of rotations.

Brushes that come along with the kit cleanse both sides of the record, and rollers are used to keep them against damage of any kind. The fluid removes any kind of dust and dirt stuck on the record.

Safety factors: Ensure that you always make use of the fluid that serves the purpose of the cleaning record. This will eliminate your worry about harmful substances sticking to the record.

An advantage of using a Spin clean record washer system for cleaning your vinyl records is that they provide an effective cleaning system without any risk.

Your old music albums will play with more clarity and sound when you wash the records using this vinyl cleaning machine.

So next time you think about cleaning your vinyl records, just make sure to use this spin clean record washer system.

Amazingly you will save lots of money if you happen to spend them on getting your records cleaned by a professional record cleaner company/service provider outside.

2- Record Doctor – V

Record Doctor is an ideal vinyl record cleaning machine that works professionally to help clean the records brilliantly.

By getting your records and LP cleaned with this machine, you can hear your favorite music that you’ve been missing for years.

This Record Doctor – V – Record Cleaning Machine safely removes all the dust, dirt, and grime that has deposited in the record grooves and are hard to remove manually.

By removing and cleaning all these unwanted deposits from your records, you can easily prolong the life of LPs and vinyl records which helps in maintaining their value for ages.

The precision roller bearing is provided with this Record Doctor V – Record cleaning machine so that you can make spin your records easily while cleaning.

Also, it consists of a handy storage tank that removes and stores all the cleaning fluids after the cleaning. This machine also includes:

  • a 4 oz fluid applicator bottle
  • an applicator brush, and
  • an illustrated cleaning instructions

Vacuum cleaning your records with an efficient Record Doctor Machine offers you a number of benefits.

Record Doctor V comes with the most powerful high-performance vacuum motor, which comes only in the most expensive vinyl record cleaning machines.

All it requires is a manual action to turn your records by hand, and you get your records cleaner within a few minutes.

3- iSonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

iSonic P4875II+MVR10 Motorized Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner is a sophisticated high-tech machine that can professionally clean all your vinyl records and LPs in a single round.

Available with a large stainless steel tank, transducers, and heaters, it can clean up to 10 records (12″ or 10″) with its powerful ultrasonic frequency.

Mounting and dismounting the records is easy while using the cleaning machine. You can pre-set the timer settings to 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 5 minutes with a reducing button to adjust it to every minute between 1 to 30 minutes.

This iSonic vinyl record cleaner unit comes with a drainage valve and a hose that makes discharging the water super easy after the cleaning has been done.

Also, it includes:

  • Sold-built body with sensitive touch controls
  • Label protectors with O-ring seals to protect the label areas
  • 8-OZ bottle of ultrasonic record cleaning solution concentrate
  • A box of Kim wipe non-fibrous wipes for drying the vinyl records

4- Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner

Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner is a stunning vinyl record cleaning machine that works very efficiently to clean your records within minutes.

The machine comes with an interlocking heavy aluminum alloy chassis that looks gorgeous. It does not warp or degrade like the other wood models.

The stable platter, which comes with Music Hall Record Cleaning Machine, supports the record while cleaning and makes cleaning easy. The machine includes:

  • A record cleaning brush,
  • A rubber seal record clamp and
  • A removable power cable

This Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner offers high-powered vacuum cycles and a cleaning system that sucks the dirt and grime from the grooves of the vinyl record in just one rotation.

The process not only helps in saving the cleaning time but also helps in reducing the static exposure to your records during the cleaning process.

5- WEWU LP Vinyl Record Brackets

WEWU LP Vinyl Record Brackets are a special attachment (not a complete machine) that can be used with most of the standard cleaners.

Designed in the USA, this ultrasonic vinyl cleaning system can be of great help for collectors as it helps in providing the cleaning results at an affordable price.

If you already have an ultrasonic cleaner machine at home, you can just invest in WEWU LP Vinyl Record Brackets to clean your vinyl records at home without any hassle.

For cleaning your records, you need to place the brackets on a tabletop. With this attachment, you do not need any fancy ‘record cleaning additives’.

You can just add a couple of drops of a wetting agent (Kodak Photo-Flo, Ilford Ilfotol, or Tergikleen) into the water tank, and you are good to use the machine for cleaning.

6- AUDIO Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner

LP (Long Play) or 33 13 rpm microgroove vinyl record is an analog sound storage medium which is introduced by Columbia Records in 1948.

Cleaning these LP records is essential to preserve their value. If you are serious enough to preserve your old collection of music, you surely need to take proper care of your vinyl records and LPs.

For that you are provided with an easy to use Ultrasonic vinyl record and LP cleaner.

This is the right choice for the comfortable and careful cleaning of your expensive musical albums and LPs.

The counter-rotating microfiber cleaning barrels and the ultrasonic waves remove the dirt particles softly without any damage to the disc.

The machine in the working condition filters the cleaning fluid used for the purpose of next time usage.

This fully automatic DIY ultrasonic record cleaning machine meticulously cleans your prized records, music albums, LPs, and much more at just a push of a button.

Although priced very expensive, with this excellent ultrasonic record cleaning machine, you need not do any hand rubbing or hand buffing.

This is a complete No Mess system that you will love to use for cleaning your records.

7- Knox Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit

Knox Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit is easy to use a manual cleaning system that can deep-clean both sides of your vinyl records very fast.

With every wash cycle, you can clean up to 40 records at a time.

The kit comes with all the essential tools for washing and drying your records. The rollers can be adjusted easily to fit all types and sizes of vinyl.

And the specially formulated cleaning solution is provided to remove all the dirt, dust, fingerprints, and static.

Additional accessories that are provided with this cleaning system are:

  • Air-drying rack
  • Two cleaning brushes
  • Washing basin with lid
  • One microfiber cloth and one drying cloth

Furthermore, this Knox Vinyl Record Cleaner Spin Kit does not need any power source or installation.

And it comes with a 24-month failsafe warranty to cover parts and labor so that you can enjoy listening to crisp sound with all the peace of mind.

8- Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine Mk II is a fully automatic European-designed vinyl record cleaner machine that can provide you with a thorough and careful cleaning of all your old vinyl records.

Okki Nokki is an award-winning cleanser that comes with a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system, which is encased in a compact aluminum chassis for professional cleaning.

Provided 50 mL bottle of record cleaning fluid concentrate makes cleaning of your records very easy. A few other items that come with the machine are:

  • Goat hair cleaning brush
  • Vacuum tubes for 7″ and 10″ records
  • Forward and reverse motor for deep cleaning
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor

Although the cost of this Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is a bit higher than as compared to other cleaners, it’s worth your investment if you want to professionally clean a whole lot bunch of old music records at store.

9- Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System is a stylish modern design vinyl cleaner friend that can clean all your 7″, 10″, and 12″ music vinyl records like a pro.

This vinyl record washer comes with a label protection clamp that enables you to wash your music vinyl records without worrying about damaging your labels.

This self-contained best record washer includes:

  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Washer fluid strainer
  • 3 Washer fluid filters
  • Washer fluid reusable funnel
  • Label protection clamp wheel
  • 16oz Vinyl Styl™ Record Washer Fluid (to use several times)
  • Drying rack (located inside the bottom of the washer reservoir)
  • Vinyl Styl™ Deep Groove Record Washer Reservoir with Lid

Above all, this vinyl cleaning kit also comes with a detailed instruction manual that helps you to walk through all the washing steps properly.

10- Ultrasonic V8 Record Cleaning Machine

ultrasonic v8 record cleaner

Ultrasonic V8 record cleaner is one of the less used record cleaning machines which has been popular in recent years.

The Ultrasonic V-8 ultrasonic record cleaning machine is developed by David Ratcliff and it comes with a square stainless steel vat or tank.

For getting your records cleaned, the tank needs to be filled with distilled water with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and Photo Flo.

This awesome machine for professionals can clean up to eight records at a time, which should be placed in an ultrasonic record cleaning solution.

In about 30- 45 minutes, your records are brilliantly cleaned and are ready to play again just as new.

The most advantageous thing about Dave’s v8 ultrasonic record cleaner machine is it’s reasonably priced and is one of the essential things for stores and professionals who sell vinyl records and LPs.

The only disadvantage of using this machine is its overall cleaning time (about 45 minutes – before your records get ready for playing). For more information about the machine, you can check here.

Besides the above powerful vinyl record cleaning machines, there are other popular names such as Degritter, Audiogon, Amari, Jeken, Groove Clean, VPI, Kuzma, Loricraft, Klaudio ultrasonic record cleaner with a dryer which can be used for cleaning your records.

Factors To Consider When Buying Record Cleaner Machine

While choosing a record cleaning machine, care that the depth of the tank is sufficient to accommodate partial dipping of the record in a manner that the label stays away from getting wet.

Few cleaning machines come with a label protector, and it’s good to consider buying them at an extra price if you want to clean your records professionally.

While investing in a new device, also check whether it comes with the ability to clean the records from both sides in one round. This will help save you time and resources.

A few other important things you need to check while buying a record cleaning machine are:

  • Ultrasonic power
  • The noise levels
  • Manual or automatic
  • Ability to clean both sides together
  • Price, warranty, and after-sale service

How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Records and LP?

Using an ultrasonic cleaning device for your old antique records and LPs is a bit different method than compared to the process when you use it for cleaning jewelry or other items.

Step 1: Prepare The Water and Solution

First of all, fill the tank with pure distilled water and a bit of cleaning solution.

Distilled water is devoid of immanent impurities or minerals, guaranteeing that no residual matter will be deposited over the record during and after the cleaning.

But as distilled water can potentially carry trapped gases which may impair its efficaciousness, the cleaner needs to be degassed before use.

For this, the record or a turntable cleaner may be turned on for approximately ten minutes to have the water solution degassed.

Step 2: Place The Record To Be Cleaned In The Machine

After you have prepared the cleaning machine and water, the record is to be then dipped into the ultrasonic cleaning solution and poured into the tank of ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner.

For this, you can make use of a pencil or a pen that needs to be run along the hole at the center of the record. This pen is now to be rested across the top portion of the cleaning tank.

Step 3: Switch On The Unit and Start The Cleaning

Once the record has been placed, the cleaner is to be switched on, and the record is to be allowed to clean in it for nearly two minutes.

The record is to be then rotated for the next section to be immersed and kept for about two minutes again. The same procedure is to be continued until the entire circumference of the record is cleaned.

Note that you touch only the edges of the record when rotating, or else fingerprints will settle on it.

Step 4: Take The Record Out and Let Them Dry

The vinyl record is to be then removed from the tank and allowed to be drip-dried within a clean dish rack.

The record cleansed through DIY ultrasonic LP cleaner should be carefully placed in a discrete slot of the dish rack for the distilled water to be evaporated off the record without leaving behind any residual trace.

Can I Use It for Cleaning Old CDs and DVDs?

Yes, sure, but the ultrasonic machines (mentioned above), which come for vinyl records and LPs, cannot be used for CDs and DVDs.

For cleaning old CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray discs other normal devices are compact and portable in nature.

You can use these devices easily at home without any professional help, just as you use them for cleaning jewelry, watches, and other items.

It leaves your compact discs sparkling clean by removing all the dirt and grime present that is responsible for degradation in the quality of your discs.

Can I Make an Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner at Home?

Your vinyl listening experience can be dampened by various environmental factors without you knowing about them.

And by cleaning those deep grooves properly in an ultrasonic cleaner, you can certainly add a new life to them to continue to enjoy listening to them for years to come.

Those of you DIYers who are interested in how to make an ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner can check the video by Nick Adam below…

How to Clean Vinyl Records at Home Without A Sonic Cleaner Machine?

Dust, scratches, fingerprints, and static are common enemies of vinyl records, and many cleaning solutions only do more harm than good.

Wiping a vinyl record the wrong way and you may only make the problem worse.

Even touching them leaves behind the oil and dirt from your fingerprints. However, there is a simple way to keep your vinyl records clean without doing any more damage to them.

What Things Will You Need?

You will need to have the right cleaning tools and supplies to ensure that you clean a vinyl record properly.

The good news is that such cleaning supplies are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

For cleaning, you will need the following;

  • Vinyl Record Brush or Roller
  • Soft Cloth for Wiping & Drying
  • Spray Cleaning Solution
  • Rinsing Solution

A vinyl record brush (like Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush) is a brush specifically designed to remove the dust and debris from the grooves in the record without damaging it.

If you want you can use a Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner roller instead of a brush. It comes with a specialty roller that can easily attract all the dirt and debris from deep within the grooves of your record.

It works very quickly to remove all those sound-depleting particles from your vinyl, making them sound better than ever before. With only a few rolls, you can get the highest sound quality that you lack.

This Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner is 100% reusable and frustration-free.

Just rinse the roller gently under the running water after every couple of uses.

Before you use any household liquid solution, you will need to dust the record with the vinyl record brush. This gets rid of all the loose debris quickly when you use long, gentle strokes.

Look over the record to see if there are any scratches, buildup of dust, or other issues so you can clean it properly. For the areas which need attention, a proper liquid cleaning solution is needed.

What Solution To Use for Cleaning Records?

Remember not to use ordinary water or alcohol as this may damage the epoxy in the record itself. Instead, use a specific cleaning solution for vinyl records.

Once the record has been cleaned using the solution, use a microfiber or cotton cloth to clean away any blemishes left behind. Do not touch the label as it may become damaged.

Once you have cleaned away all the blemishes using your household products, you can rinse and dry the record using a specific rinsing solution and a clean cloth different from the one that removed the blemishes.

You may want to wear gloves to avoid adding new fingerprints to the record itself. You’ll want to give the record a final look to ensure that you have done everything possible to get it cleaned.

The proper cleaning of vinyl records is not rocket science, but if you have the right equipment and solutions at home, it is easy to do.

What are vinyl records made of?

Traditionally the vinyl disks were made from shellac. But then, around the 1940s, polyvinyl chloride or PVC became common for making vinyl records.

Many of the new records that are made today use plastic made from crude oil and also recycled old plastic. However, they are still called by their popular name “vinyl record” or simply “vinyl.”

Can vinyl records be damaged by heat?

Sources reveal that the melting point of a record is much higher than your normal room temperature. Typically, the temperature at which your vinyl records can start warping due to heat starts from 140°F (60°C).

It can even melt if the temperature exceeds 212°F (100°C). To keep your records protected, never expose them to direct sunlight for long.

Can warped vinyl records be flattened?

Over time if you find your records getting warped, there are ways by which you can get them flattened and restored to normal. These are like using a combination of heat and pressure.

Why are vinyl records making a comeback?

Although the world is moving fast towards appreciating digital music, there is a huge fan following of those traditional vinyl records as well. The resurgence seen is mainly due to the factors like tangibility, better sound quality, and enhanced listening experience.

What Are The Other Household Methods of Cleaning Your Vinyl Records?

Just like other tools and instruments, Gramophone records are also prone to dust and dirt. And the toughest part of owning vinyl records is the maintenance associated with them.

One way by which vinyl can be cleaned is by using a brush, solution, and a vinyl cleaning kit. Another is by using an automated record cleaning machine.

If you still need to know some other good home remedies that can help to remove dirt and dust particles from vinyl records, here are a few of them:

1- Vinegar:

It’s a versatile cleaning agent that can help you clean a variety of things at home and in industries. Cleaning records is no exception!

Make a solution of water and white vinegar (in a 50:50 ratio). Make use of soft cotton cloth and wipe the dirty records with this solution.

2- Windex:

Like vinegar, few people make use of Windex and water solution to clean the records.

Make sure you do not use pure Windex as it may cause permanent damage.

3- Isopropyl alcohol:

This is also a great dirt remover that can work for cleaning the records pretty well.

Mix one part of isopropyl alcohol into three parts of distilled water. Also, add a few drops of detergent. Now use it to clean the records.

Again, make sure that you do not use a higher amount of alcohol, as it can strip away the polished coating on your record surface.

4- Dish soap and warm water:

Now, this is the simplest of all. Make a solution of regular dish soap and warm water. Use it to clean your record without investing much.

How to Store Your Vinyl Records, Right?

Storing the vinyl records properly is important, so they do not collect more dust.

Although your valuable records do not last forever, proper storage can help to maintain their longevity without affecting their sound and performance.

1- Use proper sleeves:

After you enjoy playing the records, put them in a paper sleeve and store them vertically.

Although there are other ways to store vinyl records without using sleeves, we highly recommend storing them in sleeves for better protection.

This will greatly limit the ability of dust to get to the record itself when not in use.

2- Place them on a bookshelf:

One way to increase the life of your records is by avoiding storing them flat.

Means avoiding stacking them one over the other (even if you have sleeves on them). Typically, due to their size and weight, they may warp soon.

You should rather store them upright like you keep your books on a shelf. Consider getting an individual cube-style storage shelf for storing your records safely.

3- Display the collection on walls:

Just in case you want to display your collection, you can consider hanging the record sleeves on your wall. You can either use nails (or screw hooks) or can put them in a frame before displaying them.

Many people also love showcasing their collections by decorating their walls with sleeveless records.

However, we do not recommend this method as it makes them warp due to various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, dirt, etc.

Believe me, taking proper care of your vinyl records is easy if you follow a simple cleaning pattern, use the right cleaning supplies, and store them correctly.

For more tips on how to clean vinyl records with household products, you can check the below videos…


Ultrasonic cleaner for LP records is a cleaning marvel for sensitive records and LPs. You should have one for fast and effective cleaning of your music albums.

Not only can you use these devices for record cleaning but also for small musical instrument parts.

Most of the ultrasonic record cleaners for sale are available at shops such as and eBay.

Do your best research and compare some of the best models so that you end up buying the best ultrasonic record cleaner for ideal cleaning.