How to Clean Your Platinum Diamond Ring At Home?

A platinum diamond ring is the most cherished possession of a lady who prizes it more than her life.

As it reflects the attitude, dignity, and class of oneself, you do not want to get it dull over time.

Especially when it’s your priceless diamond engagement ring, you will simply not love to see its shine fading away with time.

Hi-tech machines like ultrasonic diamond ring cleaner are now available in the market that can help you leave behind all your worries when it comes to cleaning your expensive diamond rings and gemstone jewelry.

Cleaning Diamond Ring
Cleaning Diamond Ring

The machine confers upon the ring the same luster and gloss, as would be provided by the professional cleaning service of a jeweler.

An ultrasonic diamond cleaner is, in fact, a one-stop destination to have dirt, grime, and grease drove off from every crack and crevice of your diamond engagement ring.

Dazzling cleanliness is brought about by the interplay of sophisticated ultrasonic technology with a matching cleaning solution.

The mode of operation is extremely easy and can be accomplished by any common person.

And the good thing is, precious stones do not stand a chance of getting defaced or stained in the course of cleaning!

Before we get into more details about how to clean your platinum and diamonds using an ultrasonic diamond cleaner, let’s start with a regular clean-up process…

How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home?

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Diamonds are expensive not because they are so rare. But they are expensive based on the quality of stone (their carat or weight) and its rarity.

In general, the rarer the stone, the more expensive will it be.

When it’s about the most expensive diamond ring. The pink star diamond ring is the most expensive one in the world.

Unfortunately due to natural effects and today’s harsh cosmetics; conserving the sheen, vitality, and glory of the diamond ring can prove to be a daunting task.

If you really want to keep your diamond jewelry in good condition, we recommend getting them cleaned once or twice a month using a few simple household products.

This will be good enough to keep away all the everyday dirt and grime build-up.

Method # 1: Using Household Products

cleaning the jewelry

Make-up, hair spray, soap, lotions, skin oils, sweat, and a lot many things can easily dull your diamond ring and other jewelry items like a necklace or a wedding band.

Worry not, as with a bit of routine care you can keep them sparkling clean, as new as ever.

For this, you can utilize some of the recommended household products to get clean, dirt-free, and shining diamond jewelry at home.

1- Hot boiling water can be of great help when you want to remove any soap or hand cream deposited on your expensive wedding diamond ring.

This is, in fact, the safest method to clean your expensive diamonds and rings at home.

2- Detergent or dishwashing liquid can be added in a small amount in case you think that the debris and grime on the diamonds are a bit stubborn to clean.

Leave your diamond ring/ jewelry in the hot water solution for about 20-30 minutes.

Give it a gentle scrub if needed and then soak for a few more minutes.

3- Take the help of an old toothbrush or a soft jewelry cleaning brush. This can help you reach the tricky areas of your jewelry, where your fingers can’t reach out.

After about 40 minutes take it out and rinse with fresh clean water.

Dry it completely using a soft cotton cloth or let it air dry itself. Avoid using paper towels as they can scratch the metal.

After you have cleaned your diamond ring, give it a quick polish using a soft, lint-free cloth.

Precautions when using household products for cleaning your diamond ring at home

Never scrub your diamonds using a bristle brush, this can damage your ring.

While warm water and soap solution is one of the best and easiest way to clean your diamond jewelry at home, many people also suggest various other different household products (like Vinegar, Windex, Coca-cola, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, beer, bleaching powder, baking soda, salt, acetone, alcohol, and few others).

We DO NOT recommend using all these above products at home, as they can prove harmful for your expensive gemstones and diamonds.

Method # 2: Using Ultrasonic Diamond Cleaner

Engagement ring or jewelry made up of platinum, diamonds, and sapphire requires thorough cleaning once every six months.

This will be helpful in keeping intact its brilliance forever.

You can, of course, take them to a professional jewelry store for getting the clean-up done.

But using an ultrasonic diamond cleaner machine at home can make your tough job very convenient.

You just need to plug in the ultrasonic ring cleaner and fill the stainless steel tank with water.

If you find that the dirt accumulated is too stubborn to clean, you can use detergent (not too harsh) or few drops of jewelry cleaner concentrate (make your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaner solution at home or can find some affordable solutions online) into the water.

This provides you the enhanced cleaning results within no time.

Not only does it saves you good time and efforts but also the money you spend, when taking the items to a professional cleaning store.

Precautions when Using Sonic Cleaner for Platinum Diamond Rings

In general, platinum mountings are extremely hard. It can hold the diamonds and other gemstones securely for years without any damage.

However, if not cleaned with proper care it can loosen the prong due to high vibrations and agitations taking place in the device.

This can even dislodge the diamonds in the platinum ring, from its secure setting.

For instance, one of our customers complained that when cleaning her ring with pave settings in the sonic cleaner, got the diamonds fallen out from the ring. This was due to the unique setting where lots of little diamonds are set at a place.

Although she got it repaired from the nearby jewelry store, the hassle she faced can be easily avoided if proper care has been taken.

As a precaution, we therefore NOT recommend using a device to clean your delicate ring if it carries very small diamonds or micro pavé stones.

Also, remember that when using an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning diamond rings you do not put them in the bath with direct contact with the cleaner’s metal surface.

It is recommended to use a basket provided in the device. Or you can hang your rings on a rubber-covered cup hook that is being screwed into a wine cork.

This way you can make the rings float or suspended in the liquid without making them touch the container’s bottom.

Diamonds are Not Invincible
You may have heard that diamonds cannot be damaged. But it’s not true. While these stones are considered to be the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world, these can still chip, scratch, bruise or fracture.

Tips for Caring And Storing Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry at Home

Using the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for platinum diamond rings is pretty easy and is worth your investment.

However cleaning, caring, and storing your jewelry piece (that is embedded with diamonds or gemstones like amber, sapphire, pearl, emerald, opal, jade, etc) requires enough precautions so that you can keep your pieces shining as new for long without getting them damaged.

Here we suggest easy steps to follow that can help you care for your antique gemstone jewelry at home in an easy way…

✅ Know when to take your ring on and off

The first and foremost step to caring your new engagement ring is by making sure that you do not lose it.

For this reason, we recommend keeping a ring dish in your room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Should you need to take off your ring at any point of the day, you know where to put it and from where you will get it back.

For many new brides, it’s tempting to slip off their ring every time they wash their hands.

Be aware! Although you are trying to protect your ring this can be harmful to your ring.

In so many cases it has been seen that brides when washing their hands in a restaurant tend to leave their ring there by mistake.

While you should try to resist the urge of taking your ring off too often, it’s good to take it off at certain instances like when swimming, when at the beach, while performing any rigorous exercise, or while sporting.

The reason for this is your altering body temperature due to which the size of your finger shrinks and can cause the ring to slip off automatically without you knowing.

Examine the gemstones before cleaning

No matter what sort of jewelry (or quality of stone) you have, make sure that it is fit and perfect in its place before you try to clean them up.

Take a hairpin or a pair of tweezers to see whether you can move the stone in a ring around its way or setting.

Also, you need to make sure that there is no foil on the backside of the stones as the foil can damage and lose the stones when immersed in water or ultrasonic solution.

If you are pretty unsure about the jewelry type or the gemstones you want to clean, it is best to avoid the diamond ring ultrasonic cleaner for a while and use other recommended methods or products.

✅ Avoid using any cosmetics directly on them

To make your engagement ring last longer, do not directly spray any type of perfume or deodorant on them. This may harm, damage, or discolor them making them less valuable.

Care that you do not wear your diamond or platinum jewelry while doing household work such as washing, cleaning, etc.

Even though they are durable, any rough touch can chip them easily.

You should also take precautions to keep your platinum jewelry away from exposure to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals.

Prolong exposure to direct sunlight may affect the shine of the jewelry and harsh chemicals can easily damage your jewelry if not cared for.

✅ Avoid using any harmful chemicals when cleaning

Well, this may seem to be basic but the truth is many still forget about it when cleaning their expensive wedding diamond rings.

Using any kind of harsh chemicals (like bleach, chlorine, acetone, etc.) while cleaning your platinum diamond ring can actually leave them stained.

And obviously you will never love to look at the spotted meal on your ring once and for all.

We also recommend avoiding abrasive cleaners like toothpaste or any other powdered cleaners (on platinum and diamonds).

While these may be readily available on the market and claim to sparkle your rings within seconds, it’s always better to avoid them.

✅ Get your platinum re-polished once a year

As with any other metal, platinum gets scratches and loses its luster with overtime usage.

However, due to its dense structure, the good thing is, it does not lose any of its metal when it’s scratched. It just gets a slight gouge.

The main benefit of this is you can get it buffed or re-polished (to get the original luster back) without worrying about losing its weight or metal. If you want you can also get your ring coated in rhodium for getting a higher luster.

Whatever you choose to do with your diamond platinum ring, make sure that you hire a professional service to avoid the risks.

Handle your expensive jewelry with the utmost care

Although metals like platinum are very hard it is sometimes seen that rings made up of a thin layer can get damaged if not handled properly.

It is thus recommended that you never press your ring and other jewel pieces too hard to avoid them breaking up from the joints.

Ensure that you handle it with care, especially at instances when you take them off.

When taking them off it’s good to examine the prongs and setting of the stones. For examining hold your ring to your ear and shake a bit.

If you hear any sound, its time to get your ring tightened.

Unless you have a classic setting (like solitaire set in platinum) it’s best to take them to your jeweler for getting a professional check at least once a year.

This will make sure that your ring remains in a tip-top condition all the time.

Store your rings and antique jewelry at a secure place

Storing your antique diamond and gemstone jewelry in a secure damp-free place is one essential tip that should be followed especially when you are storing them for long.

This will prevent the exposure of any type of humidity that can cause damage to your vintage jewelry. This also helps in minimizing the risk of jewelry getting exposed to airborne pollutants.

It is best to use jewelry boxes with compartments for storing each type of jewelry based on their make, kind, and metals.

This will help you to store your gold, silver, gemstone, platinum, or any other type of jewelry separately. Not only will it prevent them from corroding but also help you in getting easy access whenever needed.

Alternatively, you can opt for acid-free tissues or all-cotton jewelry bags for storing your different types of jewelry pieces.

Avoid using the bags made up of plastic, silk or wool as this may cause damage.

Again – before you store them, make sure that you clear off all the salts, grime, or dirt from them.

This will prevent the further attack of these harmful elements on your jewelry items’ surface when stored.

Based on your requirement you can do just a basic cleaning or try an ultrasonic diamond cleaner device as mentioned above.

Be cautious when resizing or upgrading your ring

With time and usage, you may need to get your ring resized, nothing wrong in it.

But be aware that there are certain factors (such as seasonal changes, traveling, the place you live, your body weight, etc.) that can affect the fitting of your ring. Keep all these factors into considerations before you get your ring to a jeweler for resizing.

When getting your ring resized try to get it done in the afternoon after you have completed your exercise.

Also, while getting the changes care that you get it done with a reliable jeweler, ensure that they do not distort the signature.

In case you are planning to upgrade your ring (to a larger piece of stone), make sure it’s a large piece that really makes a difference.

Remember, the carat is simply the weight of the diamond and not size.

With that said, larger carat does not necessarily mean a larger size.

So, when making an upgrade (for size, color, or clarity) make sure that the change is noticeable and worth the money you invest.

✅ Purchase insurance for your expensive engagement ring

Last but not least, get your ring insured through a good reliable agency.

Most of the jewelers recommend getting your engagement ring insured as soon as it leaves the store.

And believe me, getting a good insurance is not at all tough or expensive as it used to be.

Most of the time, your homeowner’s insurance can add your ring to your existing policy by getting a valuation from your jeweler.

The premium may depend on the characteristics of the ring and the valuation that comes from your jeweler.