Can You Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Strip Metal Miniatures?

ultrasonic cleaning for miniatures

I love collecting miniatures! I have plenty of them in my collection! And I am proud to own some of them like my “Eiffel Tower”, “Statue of Liberty”, “Warhammer”, “Daemons” and many more. I also spend a good time cleaning, stripping, and repainting my miniatures at least once a year. From my personal experience, I … Read more

What is Degassing – Why its Important?

what is degassing

Water, as well as ultrasonic cleaning solutions, comes with dissolved air or gases. And to enhance the cleaning results these trapped gases in liquid need to be removed before operating the device. The process of removing the trapped gasses in the ultrasonic cleaner solution is known as ultrasonic degassing. This is important due to the … Read more

How to Clean Lab Glassware (The Burette, Pipets and Flasks)

wash lab glassware

Cleaning stained laboratory glassware isn’t optional. For your own safety and the success of your experiment, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly how to clean the glassware in your lab. In this guide, we’ll go over just how to do this so you’re prepared next time you need to do some lab cleaning. … Read more

How To Clean Old Ivory Jewelry?

clean ivory-jewellery

The inherent beauty of ivory is prized around the world. Due to which it is being used for making various objects of decorative value for ages. Commercially ivory is also used for manufacturing billiard balls, handles as well as items like piano and organ keys. Ivory is also one of the most prized materials which … Read more

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Diamonds At Home?

gold jewelry with diamonds

A 24 karat gold is pure gold. If your gold jewelry is anywhere less than 24 karats, it simply means there are other metals or alloys mixed in it. These metal alloys are generally mixed to enhance the lifespan and hardness of pure gold jewelry. And there is nothing harm in it. The truth is … Read more

How Can You Use Simple Green in Ultrasonic Cleaner Safely?

Simple green in ultrasonic cleaner

Traditional cleaners use bleaches and solvents that are effective in removing grease, dirt, and grime, they are also toxic in nature. This means that they can damage the material that is being cleaned. As these toxic materials can leak into the air and build up over time, these present an environmental and health threat for … Read more

How To Deep Clean Window Blinds Using An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Clean window blinds

What are window blinds? How to deep clean your window blinds? And how you can get maximum benefits out of them? These are all among the commonest questions for those who have them installed in their homes or offices. Let’s address them here in our definitive guide. Window blinds are centuries-old devices that regulate the … Read more

How to Clean a Watch Dial or a Watch Face?

clean watch dial

What Is A Watch Dial? A watch dial or a “watch face” is an interior part of a watch that displays the time by using fixed numbers (printed, embedded or adhered) and moving hands. The basic most watch dial is composed of numbers (1 through 12) and moving hands that help in indicating the time. … Read more