Ultrasonic Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine: Does It Really Work?

It has been experienced that most of the time, infections or germs enter our body through the food we eat. This could be due to a dirty cooking place or cooking stuff.

No matter what or where you are cooking, if the place is not cleaned properly or if the vessel (in which food is cooked or served) is not clean – the chances of ingesting harmful substances become too high.

Fruits and vegetables in kitchen
Are Your Fruits and Vegetables Really Clean?

The cleaning of vegetables and fruits is, therefore, essential before it is prepared and consumed.

What if we get an appliance that makes all the washing of vegetables and food in our kitchen hassle-free?

It’s such a joy for most of us…Isn’t it?

Serving your family with clean and healthy food will be easy when you start using an ultrasonic vegetable cleaner in your kitchen.

Usually, when we wash the raw vegetables and fruits after buying them from the store or market, not all the dust, dirt, or bacteria are washed away.

This is due to the fact that you are not able to see these harmful particles with naked eyes.

Using a high-tech sterilizer machine (ultrasonic fruit and vegetable washer) that can detect these unseen microscopic particles is, therefore, the best solution.

Ultrasonic Vegetable and Fruit Washer

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The ultrasonic vegetable washer and cleaner by Moredental provides you with fast cleaning without wasting your time and energy.

The machine requires no scrubbing as it uses ultrasonic waves and reactive oxygen to remove up to 99% of agricultural chemicals on store-bought fruits and vegetables.

The ozone helps in eliminating the odors, chlorine in addition to other harmful chemicals, viruses, and germs.

All you get is 99% clean and healthy vegetables for your cooking!

Thousands of people are already using this Automatic fruit and vegetable washer machine in their kitchen to avail of its health and time benefits.

Additionally, this ozone vegetable fruit sterilizer is most preferred for various other commercial purposes (like in Hotels, Hospitals, Houses, Restaurants, etc.).

As per the reviews presented online, the fruit and vegetable cleaner machine can also be used for cleaning and sterilizing sea produce fish before cooking.

You can also use it for removing pesticides and disinfection from rice and meat before cooking.

Not only for fruits and vegetables, but you can also use the machine for cleaning your kitchenware and baby toys efficiently.

A few other features of this ultrasonic veggie sterilizer are:

  • Easy to use for anyone and works silently
  • Easy to place on your countertop or can fit into your kitchen sink
  • Requires zero maintenance since there are no parts that need replacement
  • Comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty and is thus safe for your investment

Additionally, the device is perfectly environment-friendly as it does not produce any type of pollution at all.

Why You Need an Ultrasonic Vegetable Washer?

Vegetables and fruits that grow inside the soil essentially need serious cleaning and washing before we can use them for consumption.

The process you choose for cleaning the stuff is important as you want to remove all the pathogens, spoilage (microorganisms), and chemical residues, along with a whole lot of dirt adhered to postharvest veggies and fruits.

An ultrasonic vegetable washer provides you with an automatic vegetable cleaning function which will save you a good deal of time and energy.

With just one wash for a few seconds, you can easily get perfectly cleaned green leafy vegetables and fruits that would be great for cooking healthy food for your family’s good health.

The good thing that I like about the device is its ability to reach and clean the areas (like chicken and meat) that are not easily accessible while washing them by hand under a running faucet.

Hard to believe, but studies showed that washing the raw food items right not only makes your edibles safe but also can avoid serious health conditions related to kidney, lungs, brain, blood pressure, and even cancer.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Vegetable Purifier

The first and foremost thing you need to look at is the convenience level of the machine.

Since you will be using your vegetable cleaner machine every day (at least once, if not more) to purify the fruits and vegetables before consumption, it should be easy to use.

You need not buy a unit that is hassle full to handle and if it consumes a lot of your time and energy during the process.


There are certain vegetable washers available on the market that are meant to clean only vegetables and fruits. This means you cannot detoxify other produce like seafood, meat, lentils, etc., in them.

Therefore, you should look at buying a multipurpose machine that can help you clean a variety of edible items.

Surely this will cost you a bit extra. But the money you pay for it is worth investing in unless your family is a pure vegetarian.

Design and Weight:

When buying a veggie purifier, it’s good to pick the one that comes with a sleek, compact design. Especially if you have limited space in your small kitchen, make sure that the unit you choose is lightweight, portable, and designer.

If possible, also check the color of the unit and choose the one that matches well with your kitchen interiors or backsplash tile.

Countertop or Hanging:

While most of the vegetable washers and purifiers are designed to be used as countertop kitchen appliances, there are also a few (like this one) that can be easily hanged on the wall. While opting for them, you can keep your countertop clutter-free.

However, remember that these compact-sized wall gadgets may not have enough features and functionalities as compared to countertop ultrasonic devices.

Built-in Timer:

The vegetable cleaner you choose may come with a timer that generally ranges from 5 to 45 minutes.

With these automatic units, you can easily set the timer to ensure that the unit shuts off automatically after completing the vegetable purification process.

While we recommend getting an automatic unit with a built-in timer, you may still choose to get an automatic or manual unit, depending upon your requirements and budget.

Built-in Storage Space:

The built-in storage space is one of the best features you can get if you opt for a countertop unit.

Unlike devices that can be hung on walls, these countertop devices come with inbuilt space to hold the vegetables and fruits after you have completed the purification process.

This means you can easily store your fruits and vegetables in them for a day or two for consumption.

Brand and Pricing:

A good brand you choose not only ensures that you are buying a quality product but also means that you will get a proper warranty along with good after-sales customer support as well.

Accessories and other replacement parts can also be easily available when you purchase a reliable and branded product.

Of course, you will be paying some extra as compared to other cheaper options, but in the long run, this can save you from all the hassles and headaches.

How Does A Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine Work?

Ultrasonic veggie purifiers and washers make use of ultrasound technology to wash and sterilize the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

For operating, place your vegetables (or other edible stuff to disinfect) inside an ultrasonic vegetable cleaner unit.

Add fresh, clean tap water with the appropriate solvent for cleaning and cover the lid.

As soon as you plug in the device to a power outlet and switch it on, its built-in powerful transducer works to generate oscillating sound pressure waves (ultrasonic waves) in a frequency ranging from 20 kHz to 400 kHz.

These waves, by using a process called cavitation, in turn, create millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles that attack the germs, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants deposited on the veg stuff.

Can Ultrasonic Cleaning Process Harm You?

Many times, our users email us to know whether does ultrasonic cleaning process is safe or if it can harm them if used on edible products like fruits, fish, and leafy vegetables.

Well, the truth is ultrasonic cleaning machine uses a safe form of energy and the process of cavitation, which is completely safe for humans.

In fact, the technology has been around for years and has been used for various medical applications and industries for cleaning/sterilizing products.

If you know how to operate it correctly and if you use the product with caution, rest assured there is no harm in using it for cleaning your daily veggies and other raw foodstuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vegetable Purifiers – FAQs

What is the technology used in fruit and vegetable purifiers?

As mentioned before, ultrasonic technology is one of the most effective when it comes to cleaning vegetables in a purifier machine.

Currently, some of the machines also utilize ozone purification technology to remove dust, grime, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals from raw fruits, vegetables, and meat.

A vegetable and fruit ozonizer machine is easy to use, and it comes with an ozone generator to produce ozone (O3), which passes through a diffuser to create bubbles which then saturate them with ozone.

These bubbles slowly get mixed with water to generate an oxidization process for purifying the fruits and vegetables.

Ozone being a powerful oxidizer, acts instantly to oxidize all types of micro-organisms, insecticides, and other chemicals that reside on the produce.

Is the ozonizer purification process harmful to vegetables and fruits?

The good news is, that the ozone purification process is completely safe, and it does not provide any harm to the vegetables and fruits you plan to consume.

In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration formally approved the usage of the process for the treatment, storage, and processing of foods, including meat and poultry.

Spinner washer vs. ultrasonic veggie cleaner: which is more effective?

When choosing a good vegetable washer, you may come across some low-cost alternates like a spinner washer.

While these may be a good option for quickly washing your dirty dozen foods, these may not prove to be very efficient in completely removing the germs and pesticides from vegetables and fruits.

Also, there are liquid-based veggie washes and solutions that claim to kill 99% of the bacteria and microbes.

However, the truth is, the 1% that remained on your veggies is enough to make you sick.

We, therefore, recommend using an ultrasonically powered veggie cleaner that is efficient in removing 100% of the debris and pesticides.

Do fruit and vegetable cleaners enhance the life of consumables food items?

Yes, since the harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria are removed from your fruits and vegetables bought from the market, these purifiers help in keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.

Additionally, it also works in restoring the flavor of your prepared food.

Does the process remove the nutritional value of fruits along with harmful chemicals and germs?

No, vegetable purification technology is only meant to get rid of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

It does not remove the nutritive value of the food in any form.

The good news is there are certain purifiers that feature a mineral cartridge to add a certain amount of essential minerals back to the produce.

In this way, it makes your edible food items even more nutritious.

Overall, an ultrasonic vegetables and fruits cleaner/washer is not just a piece of electronic equipment; this is a protector and time saver machine that will save your time and will provide you healthy and quick cleaning of fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

As these ultrasonic cleaners for food, vegetables, and fruits are big-time savers it is no wonder that you will love to get the machine and make it a part of your modern kitchen as well.

Just go for it to give your family the best health and hygiene they deserve!