How To Clean A Clogged Airbrush At Home Using Ultrasonic Cleaner?

What is an airbrush? An airbrush is a piece of important painting equipment by which you can paint and decorate several things.

It can be used for textile decoration, painting a particular material like a car, furniture, etc, tattooing the human skin, doing make up for the bride and bridegroom, etc.

How does it work? Airbrush is an air operated small tool which works using the process of nebulization. It works by spraying the particular paint or color (or maybe dye or ink) in various patterns starting from a pencil line till a broad passage type of coating on the appropriate material.

Overall an airbrush serves as an important tool for completing various tasks that are hard to complete with other painting tools like spraygun or spraycan.

As an airbrush tool is highly beneficial, you should take utmost care while handling and maintaining them. In fact, if you want to keep it in a good working condition for long proper cleaning is most essential.

Air brush, after the paint, when kept for few hours dries up quickly leaving it clogged. This clogged airbrush, cannot be used further for any work.

Hence maintaining an air brush without any blockage by cleaning it on and off will surely help you to make use of the airbrush for a longer period of time.

How to Clean an Airbrush?

For easy cleaning of the airbrush like Iwata airbrush there are so many solutions and apparatus that are available in the market.

But putting these chemicals and solutions may actually cause damage to the air brush and there are chances in the reduction of their lifetime.

Thus to be on the safer side it is good to use lesser chemicals for cleaning your costly air brush apparatus. Safe and basic things needed to clean an air brush effectively include:

  • Small bristle brush
  • Warm water or diluted cleaning solvent
  • Clean and soft cloth to wash the air brush

Basic Steps Involved

  • The very first step is rinsing your airbrush in warm water to remove the paints and colors adhered to the brush. The warm water rinsing will make the leftover paints to get loosened and it will gradually leave the brush and come out.
  • Now take a small bowl or cup and fill it with the safe and harmless cleaning solution. Using a window cleaning solution or alcohol-based cleaner or diluted thinner helps a lot in cleaning the air brush safely and comfortably.
  • Now apply the solution carefully along with the air brush. If the leftover paints still adhere with the air brush then try to pull it out gently with the help of a toothpick or a small pipette.
  • Now take a cotton swab, dip it in the cleaning solution and start cleaning the other parts of the air brush slowly.
  • Finally, dip the airbrush in the warm water and dry it with the help of the clean soft cloth.

Follow this procedure properly between each usage of the airbrush so that it will serve you best for a longer period of time without any problem.

The above procedure can be easy and fast if you want to clean your air brush at regular intervals. But at times when you want to clean the airbrush which is very dirty and clogged heavily, the above process may prove to be ineffective.

Ultrasonic cleaning device is also now effectively used by many to clean the heavily clogged airbrush.

This sonic cleansing machine is highly effective and fully technological and thus saves you a good deal of time and money when you want to clean a very dirty airbrush.

The more often you clean the air brush the better you will get the results in your work without any hindrance.

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Airbrush

Cleaning a very dirty or clogged air brush can be very time-consuming. But with the help of ultrasonic cleaner machine, you can do the job easy and efficient.

Ultrasonic Cleaner, which is also referred to as Sonicator or Cavitator, is a cleaning equipment that combines the power of ultrasonic waves (more than 40000 vibrations per second) and cleaning solution to clean intricate items.

Ultrasonic parts cleaning saves time and provides effective cleaning of airbrush parts which were covered with oil, grease and other types of chemicals that were used.

The dissembling of the airbrush has to be done with care before you place the parts of the airbrush (including airbrush needle, nozzle, nozzle cap, etc.) in the cleaning tank of sonic cleaner.

The needle should be handled carefully as it is still pointed and sharp and can be risky if you do not handle them with care.

Good quality sonic cleaning solution is to be used in the cleaner machine so that you can get better results.

You need to place the parts of airbrush in the cleaner solution and start the machine. Cavitation actions are used to remove small dirt or particles from the airbrush.

How Does Ultrasonic Airbrush Cleaner Work?

The bubbles that are produced by the ultrasonic waves in the cleaning solution act as a scrubbing agent.

And these popping bubbles clean all parts of the submerged air brush parts thus removing the tiny dirt particles, paint or chemical very effectively and efficiently from your air brush gun.

If the paint on the air brush is heavily dried and old, you may not see great results after the first cleaning. You may thus repeat the process of ultrasonic cleaning to clean your airbrush for getting the desired results.

Cleaning an airbrush nozzle with ultrasonic cleaner can be a tricky job for you. It should be noted that ultrasonic cleaning works on the parts that are in direct contact with the fluid when immersed in the solution.

And as the solution may not reach the inside of blocked nozzle it is important that you open up the nozzle of airbrush before placing in the ultrasonic cleaner solution. This ensures that the solution reaches the inside of the nozzle when the cleaning is done.

After the cleaning is done take out the airbrush parts from the unit and dry them completely using a soft cloth. Make sure that you gently wipe the needles and dry off the parts completely before assembling so that there is no moisture left behind.

The results you get by cleaning airbrush using ultrasonic cleaner are just remarkable. This makes your task simpler and you can get the professional cleaning results within few minutes at home.

You just need to buy the best ultrasonic cleaner for airbrush on the market.

When buying the best ultrasonic cleaner for airbrush check out the different reviews and consumer ratings. And then based on your particular requirement choose the one that is rightly suited for you.

Check out Further Tips At this Good Airbrush Cleaning & Maintenance Tutorial Video which will help you out.

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