5 Best Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews [For Commercial Use]

The cleaning process of industrial equipment and tools may involve a series of complex physical and chemical processes, which should be completed efficiently with proper care so as to avoid any loss.

Most of these processes need to be done under professional supervision so that it is completed without any risk imposed.

Fortunately, with changing technology, small as well as large industrial ultrasonic cleaner comes in handy for cleaning and maintaining this industrial equipment in manufacturing units.

What Are Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is a large-sized heavy-duty machine that makes use of ultrasonic technology to thoroughly clean industrial objects that are highly soiled and are tough to clean otherwise.

Heavy Industrial Cleaning Unit
Heavy Industrial Cleaning Unit

Using an industrial ultrasonic cleaner has become the preferred cleaning method in various commercial fields today.

In fact, every business, industry, and manufacturers make use of various types of industrial ultrasonic bath equipment for making their day-to-day cleaning tasks easier.

To suffice the demand of users, industrial-grade large ultrasonic cleaners are today being crafted in various sizes (Tank capacity ranging from 5 to 500 Liters) to provide best-optimized results when it comes to cleaning various metal surfaces.

These cleaners usually feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction to withstand harsh and corrosive industrial conditions.

Furthermore, various high-intensity transducers are provided in the unit, which makes the cleaning task fast, efficient, and effective; while caring that the process doesn’t spoil the material with its extreme temperature and working methodology.

Although these devices are highly technological, proper care should be taken by manufacturers and factory owners so that they can properly accomplish their tasks without any risk imposed.

5 Best Industrial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews

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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment may range from tabletop washers to huge industrial bath tanks (tanks with more than 500L capacity), with the main goal being – getting the toughest cleaning job done within the shortest time interval.

If you are interested in buying a high-quality industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaner online, here we provide the five best options for you to choose from.

Check the detailed reviews online and consumer ratings carefully before you make your final buying decision.

1- Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner

Kendal ultrasonic cleaner is one of the most efficient in cleaning the larger parts in industries.

This high-tech machine includes a large stainless steel cleaning tank (12L) to accommodate large-sized objects.

This powerful Kendal digital ultrasonic cleaner machine also comes with six strengthened transducers, heater, and LED display for providing remarkable high-quality cleaning at industries and commercial shops.

The cleaning cycles from 60 seconds to 99 minutes can be easily programmed to avoid overheating or overusing the unit.

This simply means that the unit turns off automatically with its auto shut-off feature once the cleaning of the objects is done.

Above all, the user manual included along with the device lets you have a clearer understanding of the use and functioning of the cleaner.

2- Mophron Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mophorn digital ultrasonic cleaner with heater (250 Watt heating power and 240W ultrasonic power) is another great machine for cleaning various items at the commercial level.

Due to the most advanced features it houses, you can use the machine for accomplishing a variety of different applications in various fields.

This Mophorn ultrasonic cleaner is basically a high-grade industrial cleaning machine that comes with a 10L cleaning tank capacity, LED digital timer (to control time and temperature precisely) and a basket for easy, effective cleaning of dirty objects.

This professional cleaner is easy to use, and it utilizes only tap water to clean the items.

Although there is no need to use any harmful chemicals or detergents for your expensive items, a detergent or an ultrasonic cleaning solution can be added for stronger cleaning of highly soiled items.

3- CO-Z Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner by CO-Z is highly energy-efficient and is worth the price paid for it.

Although the device is available in various size cleaning tanks, we recommend getting a 30L tank for cleaning all the parts easily in one round.

This CO-Z ultrasonic cleaning device is convenient to use and is completely Eco-friendly (works without any pollution) and energy-saving.

It comes with a generous 30L stainless steel tank that is good enough for cleaning your industrial tools effectively in one go.

The powerful cleaning system works very gently to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime from your valuable items in just a few minutes without actually damaging them.

You just need to add plain tap water for cleaning the items. If required, you can add detergent or ultrasonic cleaning solution for advanced cleaning results.

Above all, its 12-month warranty and the money-back guarantee make your purchase safe in all conditions.

4- DK Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

DK SONIC is another great professional ultrasonic industrial cleaner that can be used for cleaning various items in industries and manufacturing units.

This 3L DK SONIC cleaning unit utilizes 42,000 Hz of high-frequency sound waves for gently cleaning the dust particles from your valuables without any harm caused to them.

Some of the best features of the device include Pre-set cleaning cycles from 60 seconds to 99 minutes, a Clear readable display with an auto shut-off feature, CE & RoHS Certified, safe and ecologically friendly.

Above all, the unit also comes with one year warranty period from the manufacturer to make your purchase safe and risk-free.

5- Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner

Vevor Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater and timer is yet another best-performing powerful cleaning device that is ideal for all types of industries.

This Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a 15L stainless steel tank and a nice tinted lid, digital timing setting from 1- 30 minutes along with auto turn off feature which makes the machine safe to use.

Also, it features 6 industrial-grade strengthened transducers, which make the unit powerful enough to provide remarkable cleaning results without any risk.

Various Industries where Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaners Help

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for various precision cleaning tasks such as cleaning carbide cutting tools, aircraft brakes, anilox rolls, etc.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also available for the cleaning of:

From cleaning hybrid microelectronic circuits to stainless steel filters, these High-frequency ultrasonic cleaners are used to serve all those purposes your manufacturing unit would require.

In fact, these commercial cleaner devices are one of the best, which makes industrial ultrasonic cleaning services efficient and affordable.

Most of these Industrial grade ultrasonic cleaners are built using proven technology that never succumbs to adverse industrial conditions.

These adhere to the environmental norms laid down by the regulations and emphasize minimal solvent emission to stay green.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

In addition to many chemicals-based industrial products, there are ultrasonic industrial cleaning machines that we think are most suitable.

These are a must-have for any industry, whether small or big.

When you are in the market to buy the very best industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaner for your company, you may come across units with various capacities and features.

While picking the right one is not very difficult, it may seem to be tricky for a person who does not know much about technology and product.

The high-quality industrial ultrasonic cleaner is the one that is easy to use, low in maintenance, energy-efficient, and the one that meets all the highest standards in the industry.

A few additional factors which you need to consider while buying a large-sized ultrasonic machine for commercial usage are:

Frequency And Power:

If you really want to get the best cleaning results in your industry, it is important to check that the machine you are buying comes with a sweep mode to run with multiple frequency ranges.

Unlike other portable ultrasonic cleaners, most industrial ultrasonic cleaners come with multi-frequency technology or a sweep function. 

Due to this, the machine is allowed to operate at varied frequencies (both high and low) as and when required.

The ultrasonic cleaner with low frequency (larger cavitation bubbles) is generally used for cleaning rough objects with heavy grease and oil. In contrast, the high frequency (small cavitation bubbles) is used to clean sensitive objects’ sensitive areas with minute crevices.

Besides the frequency, checking the power of the machine is also important when buying.

Machines with an average power of 50 to 100 watts per gallon are available in the markets. Make sure you choose the machine with more power as it can provide faster and most efficient cleaning.

✅ Size Of The Machine, Included Basket and Parts:

The cleaning tank in the standard cleaning system ranges from 1L to 15L. These have been manufactured to accommodate varied shapes and sizes of parts to be cleaned.

Unless you need to clean very heavy and large objects, invest in a very large industrial cleaner (like Morantz with over 500L capacity), is a waste of money and resources.

Rather you can go with a machine with a 30L tank capacity that can provide you the flexibility to handle the cleaning requirement of a wide range of parts with varied shapes and sizes.

While choosing the unit also check that it comes with the required stainless steel basket and other parts for easier and safer cleaning.

✅ Your Purpose And Type Of Objects That Needs Cleaning:

While purchasing an automatic industrial machine for cleaning, you should also have a clear mindset about your requirement and the type (or size) of objects you want to clean.

Check about the biggest item you need to clean in your industry and buy the machine accordingly.

Also, consider whether you are purchasing to cut down your cleaning time and cost.

Or if your purpose is to get the most advanced cleaning results that are unmatchable and highly competitive.

Is industrial steam cleaner same as sonic cleaner?
No, they are not. Unlike sonic cleaners that use water for cleaning, industrial steam cleaners are large-sized cleaning machines that use steam for cleaning. These heavy-duty cleaners work on higher wattage and are capable of producing much higher heat and pressure.

Parts Cleaners Vs. Ultrasonic Cleaners: Which Is Better for Industries?

Industrial components require special cleaning based on their purpose and method of usage.

You can perform this maintenance action in two ways depending on the type of parts you have: traditional parts cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.

Let’s see up next which cleaners are better for industries. 

Parts cleaners

First of all, let’s clarify the definition of parts washers. This refers to a piece of equipment meant to clean any debris or contaminants from a workpiece.

Usually used in big industries, such as manufacturing, parts washers are created to clean, degrease, and dry loads of small or large parts.

This cleaning process is useful for several situations, including inspection, surface treatment, packaging, or distribution.

If you’re interested in parts cleaners, you should know you have two choices. One of them is a standard scrub cleaner. It represents a solution created to smooth the grit and grime so that a brush can remove them.

Keep in mind that the brush or tool used for cleaning is different based on the part you want to clean.

Still, the inconvenience of using this technique is that some of the debris might spread to other parts.

The second type of parts cleaners is known under the syntagma `run-through`. It represents a cleaner that doesn’t require any additional equipment for the maintenance task to be performed.

These types of cleaners are created with harsh chemicals. And this leads to their major disadvantage: such chemicals can alter the strength of the material and can even pose an environmental risk.

If you use this type of cleaning for a long time, you might damage your machinery beyond repair.

Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are considered the best cleaning solution on the market, as such an approach is safe for the environment and the machinery cleaned.

Indeed, they might seem a bit pricey at first, but ultrasonic cleaners represent a long-term investment. Several advantages come from using this technique for industries.

First of all, the cleaning compound is exquisite, as it can break down grime at a molecular level. This means that the dirt and debris detach from the surface, and in-depth cleaning is performed.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic cleaning technology is simple to use and protects any part of the machinery cleaned with it.

Thus, if you require a gentle cleanser for your machinery, but at the same time, you seek something that won’t damage them, ultrasonic cleaners represent the best solution for you. 

And before you label the ultrasonic cleaner tech too expensive, you should know it represents a long-term investment that can save you a lot of money and repair your devices.

Overall, the multi-frequency industrial ultrasonic cleaning system has brought a marked difference in the entire industrial cleaning market. These are energy-saving and cost-efficient as well.

As these are high-powered devices, all it requires is to be used with the utmost care and then shut down properly to avoid any damage to the components.

Users can check out industrial ultrasonic cleaners for sale on sites such as eBay and others to choose the best one depending on their cleaning needs.