How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Diamonds At Home?

A 24 karat gold is pure gold. If your gold jewelry is anywhere less than 24 karats, it simply means there are other metals or alloys mixed in it.

These metal alloys are generally mixed to enhance the lifespan and hardness of pure gold jewelry. And there is nothing harm in it.

The truth is – more active your lifestyle is, the lesser purity in gold you need for your jewelry.

However, if you wear gold jewelry on a regular basis you need to check and clean them periodically to keep them safe and shining.

Below we discuss simple steps for you by which you can easily clean your gold jewelry at home without wasting your precious time and money.

gold jewelry with diamonds

How To Clean Gold Jewelry At Home?

Using a jewelry cleaning solution that is precisely created to keep your gold safe, is an efficient most way to keep your gold clean and in perfect shape.

Without using any commercial ingredients, you can still maintain the shine of your jewelry with these cleaning agents. Just follow the steps below…

  1. Take some dish detergent in lukewarm water
  2. Add some ammonia drops to the water
  3. Carefully brush with a soft baby toothbrush
  4. Now keep it in lukewarm water to rinse gently
  5. Blow-dry or towel dry or clean with a paper towel

In case you do not have ammonia, you can make use of white vinegar and follow the same cleaning process.

Note: Gold is a soft metal and hence you should be gentle while brushing and drying. 

Cleaning Gold Jewelry with Diamonds and Gemstones

Because of the varied characteristics of colored gemstones, we recommend you to ask your jeweler about the safest home cleaning remedies for any jewelry that comes embedded/glued with pieces of stones, other than diamonds.

Diamonds are the hardest known material and most of them are safe to clean at home provided you do them in the right way.

However, there are several gemstones that are treated after extraction, which lay an impact on how a particular stone should be cleaned.

If you require a quick polish before visiting your jeweler, then do not use ammonia (or any other item like baking soda, coke, etc), just use a soap and water mix to clean it.

It is the safest cleaning method for all colored stone jewelry including diamonds.

What Can I Use to Polish Gold?

For a regular polishing of your gold item (jewelry, bars, coins, etc) you can first soak it in a mixture of water and dish soap.

Then after a few minutes, using a soft-bristled toothbrush scrub the item gently.

If your gold is tarnished you can rub/wipe the tarnished part using your fingers or a cotton swab.

After a quick rinsing with clean water, dry it with a soft lint-free cotton cloth. Finally use a high-quality jeweler’s cloth for giving it a new polished look.

Care that you do not use agents like baking soda or toothpaste as they are abrasive and can damage the gold polish.

How Can You Get Scratches Out Of Gold?

Minor gold scratches can be fixed at home by polishing it properly.

However, if your gold item or jewelry has large scratches it’s not recommended to remove it yourself at home.

Instead, take it your jeweler and get them fixed professionally.

Most of the jewelers now have automatic machines for buffing that can easily fix these scratches in gold within minutes.

Can You Clean Gold Jewelry with Diamonds in Ultrasonic Machine?

Though the easiest method to clean your gold jewelry at home is by using the least possible ingredients, there are other popular methods that can also be tried depending on the quality of gold jewelry you possess.

Using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for cleaning your diamond embedded gold jewelry is among the best possible ways.

With ultrasonic cleaners, you can use innovative technology to remove impossible-to-reach contaminants from the item you wish to clean.

How To Use The Machine?

First of all place an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning device on a flat surface or a table near you.

Open the top lid and fill the stainless steel tank with plain tap water.

Then you need to put your jewelry items directly in the water tank or basket (included in the machine).

The machine cleans all your items to get bright shiny objects without the use of any harsh chemicals or scrubbing action which may prove harmful for the expensive items.

In just two minutes you would get to see small bubbles produced due to cavitation action. This removes the dirt from the jewelry out.

Not only for gold but you can use these ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean any kind of jewelry including platinum, sterling silver, copper, or any other.

The machine works wonderfully to maintain its shine like new without getting them damaged.

You should make use of it especially when you do not want to visit your jeweler often.

The greatest part of ultrasonic cleaning of your jewelry is, it’s affordable. Thus the machine is a great investment for all.

Precautions You Should Take When Cleaning Gold Diamond Jewelry At Home

Depending on the percentage of other metals mixed with your gold jewelry, there may be higher chances of tarnishing if you use low-quality cleaning agents.

Hence, seeking prevention is better!

There are a few ingredients you should avoid when cleaning. These include:


Do not use any kind of soap with unknown ingredients.

You can instead go for a normal blue dawn dish soap which is safely suggested for gold.

Make sure you remove your jewelry before showering. This will avoid the accumulation of a film because of soap other body washes.


Chlorine, at high temperatures, may discolor or completely damage your gold jewelry.

Make sure you do not use it in solutions such as chlorine bleach too.

Though the method suggested above is the most efficient way to clean your gold jewelry with diamonds at home, visiting your jeweler for a thorough and professional cleaning should not be avoided.

Your jeweler knows the right procedure depending on the specific kind of gemstone and metal your jewelry is made of.

And they keep a check on your item for all types of flaws and damages.

We, therefore, suggest organizing at least a semi-annual visit to your local jeweler for the cleaning of jewelry.