ProSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner (Sultan Healthcare) Review

Branded ultrasonic cleaning devices such as Pro-Sonic ultrasonic cleaners are known for their efficient cleaning abilities to clean surfaces that are difficult to clean manually.

The cleaning done by PRO-SONIC ultrasonic cleaning machines is known for precision in cleaning things like eyeglasses, jewelry, gemstones, watches, ancient gold coins, medical/surgical instruments, etc., which otherwise would have been damaged if you tried basic cleaning done manually.

Prosonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Prosonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaning device by PROSONIC comes in different sizes; you can choose as per your cleaning requirements.

Determining the number of items to clean, this device is majorly used in other commercial field such as engineering, medical, electronics, automotive, printing, etc.

Buying These high-grade PRO-SONIC ultrasonic cleaning machines will surely feel that it has fulfilled worth the money that you have spent on them.

The most popular products manufactured by PRO-SONIC (Sultan Healthcare) include:

  • PRO-SONIC 300
  • PRO-SONIC 600
  • PRO-SONIC 1000
  • PRO-SONIC 2000
  • Prosonic Assistant and
  • Prosonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning process of Prosonic ultrasonic cleaner hardly takes time and delivers you thorough and most professional cleaning at a minimum cost.

The process is economical for industries and is thus used commercially in many industries.

About The Company in Brief

Sultan Healthcare has been in business since 1872 and is known for providing quality products and unmatched reliable services.

Their ongoing research and development enable them to provide exciting new products regularly, which helps society greatly.

Edward Sultan was the founder of the original Sultan Pharmacy on 23rd Street in New York City.

Due to lack of space and the growing trend, they moved to New Jersey in 1955, where they closed the pharmacy and devoted all their time and efforts to manufacturing the products for sale to dental dealers and dentists.

Sultan Healthcare has grown up into one of the leading manufacturers of infection control products, dental instruments, preventives, and oral therapeutics.

And with their dedication to providing innovative quality products, unmatchable customer service, and best marketing support, they are now one of the best manufacturers worldwide.

Why PRO-SONIC Sultan Healthcare Cleaners?

Among several varieties of ultrasonic cleaners, Prosonic ultrasonic cleaner (by is a multi-purpose cleaning device that cleans with precision and fulfills the role of being a good ultrasonic cleaner.

This is a multipurpose cleaner that is built with the right size and can clean just about every bit of your petite stuff that you want to clean.

The unique features of this professional cleaner include its ultrasonic stack transducer, which is best for providing maximum power to the cleaning tank. This makes the cleaner efficient for most industries.

The Prosonic ultrasonic cleaner models 600, 1000, and 2000 come with a wide snap-on-drain feature that empties the tank easily and quickly when cleaning is completed.

Also, the unit comes with a lid above the tank, which allows the unit to be countersunk and helps protect the components from moisture.

Moreover, the PRO-SONIC full-sized ultrasonic cleaning devices come with the best warranties, which include:

  • 60 days Unconditional return policy
  • Two years of warranty on the cleaner parts and labor
  • Lifetime Loaner Program

ProSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Besides the Pro-Sonic Ultrasonic cleaning machines, Sultan Healthcare also manufactures ProSonic ultrasonic cleaning solutions, which come in economical packing of 1 Gal (3.8 L).

This is available in the package of 3 types of cleaning solutions.

1- The general-purpose Pro-Sonic cleaner solution efficiently cleans dried blood, tissue oxides, buffing compounds, plaster, pumice soil, rouges, and other types of debris from instruments, metals, dentures, and other orthodontic appliances.

The concentrated 1 gallon (3.8L) of the solution makes 10 gallons (38L) of the solution for usage.

2- Pro-Sonic Tartar ad Stain Remover is an excellent cleaning solution for removing tartar and stains from dentures. This comes in ready-to-use packing.

3- Pro-Sonic Temporary Cement Remover is also ready to use a solution that is efficient in removing temporary cement from instruments.