These days, ultrasonic cleaners are becoming common solutions for precision cleaning. Whether it is about industrial cleaning parts, medical/surgical items, jewelry, glasses, or dentures ultrasonic cleaners are used widely everywhere. Ultrasonic cleaners now play a vital role when it comes to thorough cleaning especially in the medical equipment. It helps improves the longevity and reliability of the parts/equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment solves the broad range of cleaning problems along with decreasing the challenges for the people working in various segments such as pharmaceutical laboratory and industrial. The models like Eumax ultrasonic cleaner is a unique combination of quiet operation, high power and precision cleaning.

The Eumax brand offers an amazing range of ultrasonic cleaners which are known for its efficient cleaning that removes flux residues and solder paste from the parts.

About Eumax Technology (Company and Brand)

Eumax Ultrasonic Cleaner

Eumax Ultrasonic Cleaner

Eumax technology, a leading manufacturer of steam & ultrasonic cleaners and other products is owned by Kwun Wah International Limited based in Hong Kong.

The company has been known for producing the perfect series of amazing and professionally designed models, particularly made from stainless steel.

Being a well equipped manufacturing company in Buji of Shenzhen, besides the contribution from well skilled and experienced engineers and workers, they are proud of, “EUMAX” due to its reputation and recognition globally for many years.

The main credit goes to the exporting history with more than 50 foreign countries which is expected to increase more in future.

The company presents wide range of models with great functionality, power and size and additionally their products for sure passes the severe quality control, that meets the evaluation of CE and holds reputed RoHS certification.

Inevitably, the major factors that make Eumax technology brand popular are its innovative products with easily operated digital control panels, reliable packing, durable components and PCB, economic price with outstanding quality. Apart from this there are machinery parts, Optical, clinical and dental, Electronic parts and PCB, Tattoo, Metallic products, Ink cartridge and other aspects of cleaning when this machine is used in industries.

Eumax Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

Eumax ultrasonic cleaner review explains that the models are designed with the new line of features such as memory button that preserves your cleaning settings so that you don’t have to remember every time while cleaning the part.

Eumax digital ultrasonic cleaners are available in different units from large tanks to petite ones. These models comes in range such as 2L, 3L and 6L capacity. While buying, you need to take into account about for which purpose you are purchasing it. You can check the price and other details about the features online before buying one.

The Eumax models of ultrasonic cleaners are simply made of high quality materiel and are user friendly hence; one doesn’t have to have expertise knowledge in operating the same. The best part about the units of Eumax ultrasonic cleaner is all of them have a metal mesh basket that avoids rusting.

Eumax ultrasonic cleaners are available in different volumes ranging from one to thirty five liters and are perfect for industrial as well as domestic use. All the cleaning models of Eumax are equipped with thermostat regulated heating. The cleaning is based on a cavitation effect that is caused by the high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signal in the liquid.

The millions of tiny bubbles are developed when the ultrasonic sound is passed through that liquid. These tiny bubbles cause cavitation which have a great impact and offer an intense scrubbing action without scratching or damaging the part you have submerged, providing a sparkling clean object. Moreover, these bubbles are very minute in size therefore; can be easily penetrated even in an unreachable space, cleaning them consistently and thoroughly.

Eumax ultrasonic cleaners come equipped with water temperature and heating options. All the models are provided with standard baskets, cleaning rack, power cord, beaker holder and user manual.

With the help of this device you can apply the cleaning applications on the variety of objects/items such as jewelry (that includes earrings, necklaces, rings , bracelets etc.) sunglasses and watches, metal items (like metal badges, old coins, metal cutlery, machine nozzle, valves, small parts etc.), toiletry items like razor blades, combs, shaver, dentures etc.

You can find a wide variety of Eumax digital ultrasonic cleaner models offline as well as in online stores such as Amazon and eBay. The best part to shop online is you are introduced to amazing deals and discounts which is rare to get in physical stores. Determine your cleaning requirements and choose from the varied range of models of Eumax.

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