Ultrasonic Vs. Jewelry Steam Cleaner: What To Choose And Why?

When we wear jewelry on a regular basis, what we witness is that it loses its shine after a certain time of usage.

Although cleaning the jewelry pieces can be done at home easily, when you clean the jewelry or gemstone by hand, the shining gradually fades away over a certain period of time.

But if you clean them professionally using the best jewelry cleaners available on the market, you can keep the shine and brilliance intact for a longer period.

This is the reason why most jewelers use and recommend these jewelry cleaning machines for cleaning jewelry items professionally.

Buying these high-tech cleaning devices is now very easy with online availability, even for personal use.

But, when you are in the market to find the best jewelry cleaning machine, you will see a comparison of two products –

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and The Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Ultrasonic Vs. Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Ultrasonic Vs. Jewelry Steam Cleaner

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At the time you need to clean your jewelry, what you normally do is, visit the goldsmith store or a jewelry dealer to hand over your necklace or gemstone for cleaning. They levy an exorbitant fee for cleaning the same.

But if you have a handy jewelry cleaning machine or equipment at your home, you need not pay more as you can then do all the cleaning yourself at your convenient time.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and The Jewelry Steam Cleaner are the two most common types of jewelry cleaning equipment that work differently. They are used by jewelers across their showrooms and workplaces.

Here we check out more about these two different types of devices and how these exactly work.

Usage and Effectiveness of – Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

If you want to give the old shining back to your ornaments and precious stones, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can be the right machine for you to opt for.

Most of these portable cleaning machines come at a price range between $40 to $100. The technology used in these best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners is highly sophisticated and is easy to use.

And for this reason, it is now a widely popular jewelry cleaning methodology used by at-home moms all across the globe.

When you place your jewelry items in the tank of the machine, high-frequency ultrasound waves are produced into the fluid, which forms tiny microscopic bubbles.

These bubbles collide tremendously with your jewelry items to clean the surface, making them dirt and oil-free.

Although regular tap water inside the machine can do a job, for enhanced cleaning results, you are required to have some ultrasonic cleaning solvent or any homemade jewelry cleaning solution for cleaning purposes.

Do not forget to rinse your precious belonging with fresh, clean water once the cleaner finishes its operation.

What About Energy Conscious – Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Jewelry Steam Cleaner, on the other hand, is Eco-friendly cleaning equipment commonly used by small jewelers.

Instead of using any harmful chemical substances, these jewelry steam machines use natural plain water for steaming purposes.

A jewelry steamer device generally produces high-pressure steam to blast away the dirt and grime on your expensive jewelry items.

The steam in the machine is produced with the help of built-in heaters and a water tank.

Although there is no direct option to regulate the temperature of the steam, these come with a nozzle that lets you control the amount of heat exposure your jewelry gets by positioning them in a desired direction or angle.

Pre-soaking of your jewelry pieces (in a solution) is often advised by a few manufacturers before you make use of a steam cleaner.

However, this is not a mandatory step. Most of these devices can restore that extra shine without the need for soaking.

The disadvantage of using a jewelry steamer/cleaner is that it is a bit expensive as compared to an ultrasonic cleaner. Depending on the size and features you pick, these may range anywhere from $100 to $750+

Additionally, certain gemstones and porous materials (such as pearls) can’t be cleaned by just hot steaming.

The ornaments that are dyed glued and glass-made won’t be compatible with these jewelry steam cleaners, too, due to the hot steam produced, which can damage your items.

You should always seek an alternate for these or get professional help so that you do not get them damaged soon.

What Should You Choose: Jewelry Steam Cleaner Or An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Before making a final buying decision btw steam and ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, you should know that both work differently and come with varied features.

Although a portable sonic jewelry cleaner comes at a lower price, you cannot get that remarkable polished look with them. Of course, if you want a device for your day-to-day usage, it works pretty well.

But if you want a device for a jewelry workshop that can help you get dazzling results for your customers, you should not compromise with something that comes cheap.

Choosing an Ultrasonic Cleaner device is therefore recommended over the Jewelry Steam cleaner if you want to clean your jewelry at home without that extra shine and dazzle.

However, if your aim is to get a nice shine and polished look, you should invest additionally in a jewelry steam cleaner.

In fact, many professional jewelers use these steam cleaners to enhance the shine of jewelry after using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning device.

Hence you can consider buying both the steam and ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines to use at home. These can do cleaning and polishing your expensive jewelry items a breeze.

Bottom Line

Given the fact that both can clean your jewelry and gemstones, if you ultimately want to get the features of both in a single device, we recommend buying an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that comes with a steam option.

Gemoro UltraSpa 0377 is the machine we are talking about. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with a steamer is worth your investment in case you need to use both – an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and a steamer.

This is an ultimate ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with a steam machine that offers dual-action cleaning: steam cleaner with a built-in ultrasonic cleaner.

You can use it for getting your jewelry cleaned at home or for professional purposes.