7 Tips for Effective Motorcycle Maintenance and Care

Taking a motorcycle and hitting on the roads is a favorite sport activity of every teenager and an experienced adult as a form of recreational sport.

Every person who is passionate about sporting desires to ride a motorcycle on his own way. However to have safe ride every time, it is essential to maintain the bike engine and its delicate parts such as carburetors. You can effectively do this by going through the manual instruction booklet provided for an easy service.

Motorcycle care

Motorcycle care

Indeed motorcycle maintenance and timely servicing gives lot of difference in performance every time, giving you a safe ride and keeping away from any mishap or dangerous situations.

When it comes to maintenance and servicing of bike engine, one should be regular in checking the parts and deep corners of mechanism in their bike as these are the main things to check.

At present, due to the presence of different types of bikes and technological changes, less maintenance is demanded when compared to their previous models.

But they require maintenance equal to a car and you need to know the ways about how to take care and maintain your motorcycles and even ATVs for better performance and mileage on the track.

Here we list down the 7 most important tips for a sporting enthusiast that will help them in caring and maintaining their sports bike best.

  1. Follow regular and customary maintenance period

To be sure that your favorite bike is good in condition and runs well, follow your manufacturer’s guide with recommendations, general rules and method to clean engine parts in a safe way.

Always consider the riding conditions, including cold, hot or dusty weather. Be regular to check the lights, tires, brakes and indicators before going on any of the short or long trip and check the chain lubrication and tension on a monthly basis for better performance.

In addition to it, for every two months, have a check on the control cables and if required adjust them. Try to change the engine oil and the filter for every three months and additionally, clean the air filter and inspect the spark plugs as these are important to start your bike in a good condition.

Check the level of fluid in the brakes and the condition of the brake lines and brake pads. If you feel the need to change the front fork oil, then do it and if replacement requires apply it for every six months.

  1. Install the high standard genuine parts and accessories only

It is a good act and a sensible decision to purchase high quality genuine bike parts and accessories. So it is wise to avoid the use of cheap parts and get into trouble in the middle of the road.

It is always recommended to use manufacturer’s guide to change the engine oil, brake fluid, oil filter for better performance. Mainly, brake fluids are not interchangeable for bikes, but in case of air filters, after market filters work better than the manufacturer’s presented filter as they are cleanable and present best airflow.

  1. Start up your motorcycle after winter storage

Winter is the month which freezes and jams every part of the bike. Add a fuel preservative before storing your bike for the winter. If you are not storing your bike for winter, drain the fuel tank, clean the lines, remove the spark plugs and add a spoon of oil in every cylinder to support and act as a good start up lubrication. Be regular in checking the level of engine oil and try to change the filter and the oil before storage.

  1. Keep checking on brakes and clutches

Keep a regular check on the brakes and clutches and check the brake fluid and coolant level, if at all you use coolant. Perfect care and check of your bike gives a safe and an enjoyable ride without any problem. Check the chain, lubricates, air pressure in the tires and the signs of any wear on the tires.

After doing this, run the bike for a long time, so that it gets warm up and achieve a complete circulation of oil before you ride on it to reach to your destination safely.

  1. Problems to check and repair

As some motorbikes are considered notorious for simple problems and oil leaks, you need to check them regularly as it is not a simple thing to avoid. Whenever you notice an oil leak, repair it at once and if it requires any replacement or repair, then do it yourself or get it done through a professional.

Ignoring the matter leads to severe damage of your bike. When you check the rubber oil, fuel lines and other parts, concentrate to the signs of dry rot and if you find any such indications of crack, then replace them quickly.

  1. Check to clean the chains, spark plugs, carburetor and other parts as a priority

If your motorcycle has DOT3 or 4 brake fluid, check the lines for rust and decomposition. If you desire to get the motorcycle parts cleaned in a professional way then you need to have a ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning motorcycle parts.

This ultrasonic cleaner for motorcycle carbs will help you clean all the parts like carburetor, spark plugs, bike chain, etc with high pressure to extract the dirt, grime and settled oil on the delicate parts of your bike to enhance performance and give a new look like before.

You can clean the spark plugs, chains and other parts in a safe way as these automatic engine parts cleaners are designed to give you better performance and clean the overlooked parts.

  1. Keep safe from breakdowns

The main cause of breakdowns is the battery and if it is humble then there is a chance for a breakdown that lets you in an awkward situation.

Keep check on the battery every month to get better performance. Get it charged to 100% when you find the lights dim and sounds weak while starting the bike, which mentions that the battery hasn’t been in use for more weeks.

It is always good to get a new battery for your motor bike and get it replaced before date so that you can enjoy smooth ride always without any risk.

Although you have learnt all the 7 tips to maintain your bike in a proper condition, it is essential to take your motorbike to the service center for compete check up once in six months.

Get it serviced through a professional and trained mechanic or service provider as they have better knowledge about motorcycle maintenance and care and can check every minute part for any fault. They can repair, clean and avoid any damages to your expensive motorbike as well so that you can enjoy safe and enjoyable journey.

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