How To Clean Golf Clubs Using Ultrasonic Golf-Club Cleaner?

The shots you desire to have may not be possible with a dirty golf club. You, therefore, need to care for and clean your golf clubs regularly.

Cleaning your golf club may seem to be an easy task, but it’s not!

You need to be extra careful while choosing the best cleaning tools and equipment as the wrong ones can damage them instead of getting them cleaned.

Also, you need to follow the steps carefully so that you can accomplish the cleaning task without getting your clubs ruined.

cleaning golf clubs

Why Cleaning Your Golf Club Important?

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Golf clubs are expensive to buy. And most likely you will not love to buy them often.

Proper maintenance is therefore essential to ensure their longevity.

Due to the sweating of the players, golf club grips often becomes slippery. Also, there settles dust and grime with day-to-day usage.

As a result, golfers often fail to hold them accurately to achieve their perfect shot.

Cleaning your old golf clubs and their grip regularly ensures that you can enjoy a better spin on the ball and good shots and can give your best performance while holding them firmly.

Plus you also need to clean dirt, mud, sand, and grass from the clubface so that it makes better contact with the ball resulting in better ball flight and more backspin.

5 Best Golf Club Cleaners Reviewed

Regular cleaning and maintaining your golf clubs not only extend their life but also offers you the best accuracy and distance from your clubs.

When it comes to buying a good cleaner for golf club iron sets, there is a range of different options available online that can ease your job.

The five best options we have found for you include:

1- Club Cleans Kraft with Bracket Kit

For those looking for an ideal club and ball washer, this comes as the best handy product.

This patented product by Club Clean is one of the highest quality club cleaning products you will find on the market.

Trusted and used by golfers around the world, this golf club and ball washer is designed to enhance your golfing experience by providing better ball flight, cleaner club grooves, and better backspin.

This single chamber unit is easy to use and can be easily mounted on the golf cart by using its universal mounting bracket.

Beware Users who had used this golf club washer before claimed that it’s addicting to play with it, and you will never ever want to play without one on your golf cart.

2- STIXX Golf Club & Grip Cleaner Spray

STIXX Golf Club & Grip Cleaner is an all-around product to clean all kinds of golf clubs, irons, drivers, and balls.

Simply by spraying and wiping it down, you can clean, rejuvenate and restore the natural tackiness of your clubs for a better golfing experience.

The sprayer is easy and quick to use as it is provided with a heavy-duty aluminum clip/carabiner that attaches to your golf bag very conveniently.

After each round, just take it out, spray and wipe to remove all the dirt, sand, and mud from the club.

What I like most about this product is its biodegradable, odorless & non-sticky nature.

So, give it a try, and I am sure you will love cleaning your clubs all the time with this super affordable product.

3- Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner Set

This premium quality Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner Set by “Ace Golf” is another exciting tool for golfers that are designed by golfers.

As an avid golfer, if you have club cleaning in mind, this 3-in-1 compact Golf Club Cleaning Brush by Ace Golf is the most efficient absolute best solution to your concerns.

This lightweight, ergonomically designed kit includes all the tools like a golf brush, divot tool, ball marker, and groove sharpener.

This simply means you can remove all the dirt away from your clubs with a blazing fast speed without wasting any minutes.

The good thing about the kit is each of the golf brushes comes packed in its own individual cover that helps the bristles and picks protected.

Also, it comes along with a 2 ft retractable zip-line aluminum carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag, which means you can use it anytime you want while playing to get good shots.

Above all, this golf cleaner kit comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee to make your purchase risk-free.

You can buy the kit with all the confidence either for yourself or as a gift for an avid golfer friend.

4- Caddy-Clean The All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner

The Caddy-Clean is an all-in-one golf club cleaner that’s crammed with all the elements of efficient cleaning tools into one.

The product is super easy and quick to use for cleaning your golf clubs, grips, and grooves.

This means, within no time, you can restore your dirty clubs to a new, shinier look that you will love to play with.

The cleaner can be easily attached to your bag and can last for over 500 sprays. The non-scratch scrub pad that’s included in the kit is washable and highly durable.

It is also provided with flat and pointed brass groove cleaning tools that do not scratch or wear down the club grooves.

100% premium cotton golf towel with hook is also included within the kit to do cleaning and drying the clubface easier.

5- Automatic Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner Machine

Limplus Ultrasonic Cleaner is a highly durable machine that comes with a big 30liter capacity (Tank size: 19.7″x11.8″x7.9″) and a removable basket; you can now clean all your golf clubs in one go.

This 600W powerful ultrasonic machine comes with a digital timer and heater control.

And like other ultrasonic cleaner machines, this also offers a 40 kHz ultrasonic frequency which is efficient for cleaning various tools and items, including dirty golf clubs.

Restoring your golf clubs back is not a difficult task anymore as these cleaners will save you from scrubbing your clubs, which needs lots of time and energy.

Moreover, clean grips achieved with this ultrasonic golf club cleaning machine will help you in getting better control over the clubs, thereby enhancing your gaming performance significantly.

You can also use this machine for a car service business, engineering, instrumentation, repair of office equipment, etc.

Besides the above model, there are many more (like SharperTek, Flexzion, Mophorn, Homgrace, etc.) that offers you a range of golf club cleaners and golf club washing machine for cleaning your golf clubs.

Remember, as you need to get a machine with a wide tank that can accommodate your golf club sets, you need to choose them wisely with a bit of research.

You may need to check the detailed reviews online to know more about them before you plan to buy one for cleaning your golf clubs.

How Does Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner Help?

Ultrasonic technology has been used for years for cleaning objects that are hard to clean manually.

High-precision scientific equipment, sporting gears, jewelry, automotive parts, and more can be efficiently cleaned using these sonic cleaning devices.

Using ultrasonic technology, millions of tiny bubbles are created in an ultrasonic cleaner tank which helps to explode the dirt and grime from the dirty golf club surface, making your clubs perfectly clean.

The cleaning action performed with the ultrasonic golf club cleaning machine is professional, fast, safe, and affordable.

You can get the clean and shining heads, grooves, grips, and shafts within minutes which can efficiently help you in improving your performance in the game.

The good part is you can even use these machines to remove the paint fill from golf clubs.

Research showed that no other method is better than this for rigorous cleaning of the sporting gears without getting them damaged.

And for these reasons, most professional golf club cleaners (and golf course owners) use these golf club cleaner machines to serve their customers.

However, since owning and using a commercial-grade large-sized automatic golf cleaning machine is pretty expensive, it’s not an ideal way to clean golf clubs for regular users.

What we have for you is a home-based DIY cleaning method that can be utilized for cleaning the dirty grips and grooves of your hybrid golf clubs.

How To Clean Golf Clubs At Home without Sonic Cleaner?

Today with various types of golf club cleaner solutions, tools, and kits available online, you can easily get a thorough cleaning of your golf clubs at home.

According to the golf link site, you can follow the below-mentioned steps in a chronological manner to get the best cleaning results.

✅ First of all, the dirty targeted areas of the golf club need to be spotted where cleaning is needed and then only you can chalk out perfect planning.

✅ Then, you got to choose the mildest cleaning liquid (golf club cleaning solution) so that the solution can be created with water in a bucket.

✅ Get all the needed brushes and other cleaning tools along with a golf cleaning kit.

Brushes along with golf clubs need to be soaked within the created liquid solution for a few minutes so that greater effectiveness can be gained.

✅ You can scrub off the dirty areas where rusts or deep dirt and grime are found.

The scrubbing effects can be strengthened by means of applying soapy solutions and this is the reason the bucket must be carried along.

The clubs can be kept submerged within the bucket for a few minutes to treat waste with less effort.

✅ After the scrubbing and cleaning process is over, clean water is to be used for washing the soapy solutions, and then the club is allowed to get dried.

This is because if the soap residues remain on the golf face, they will become slippery and cannot be properly used at the time of playing the game.

Tips for Cleaning Rusty Golf Club Iron Sets?

Many times, due to lack of usage for long, the metal parts of the golf clubs (like heads and irons) get rusted heavily.

Removing the rust from your rusty golf clubs becomes harder due to excessive moisture and the slow deterioration effect on the metal.

Moreover, as the rust stains are usually intense, you are required to make a proper selection of the solution and cleaning sprays that has all the power to deal with these tough rust stains effectively.

To start the process, the rust should be first scrubbed and cleaned off from the affected areas.

You may need to use sandpaper or steel wool for this, as using a soapy water solution is not good in this case.

For loosening out the rust from rusted metal parts, you can also consider using WD-40.

This is one of the best products that can be used to prevent and loosen rust safely without getting the irons damaged.

Unbelievable but true, many people also use Coke or cola to clean their dirty irons at home. If you want, you can try it out to check whether it works or not.

How often should you clean your golf clubs?

It’s good to clean your golf clubs and face every few shots (or before it gets muddy).

You should also consider getting your clubs deep cleaned using a good cleaner agent once every few weeks or in 2-3 months, depending on the usage and play.

Overall, removing the rust from your rusty golf club is important to prevent further rusting damages.

This also avoids the complete loss of the golf club due to the damage being made continuously. Why not choose the best product to clean and care for your expensive golf clubs?

How To Polish Golf Clubs With Dremel?

You can use a metal polish to polish the golf club shaft and golf clubface. This not only makes them look shinier but also helps in protecting them against rust.

Make sure you use a soft towel or a rag for polishing and follow the usage directions provided on the product package.

For shining, you can also use a mild liquid cleaner, such as Windex that can help to clean and shine the golf clubs within a few seconds.