Explosion-Proof Ultrasonic Cleaner: When to Use and Why?

Flammable liquid

Explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaners are the ideal for cleaning difficult-to-clean industrial items that cannot be sanitized through more conventional methods. These cleaners make use of flammable solvents to provide a deep cleaning action to the items that are heavily covered with contaminants. Unlike traditional, water-based cleaning methods and devices, explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaners work with hazardous materials that must be handled carefully. If you… Continue reading

Lyman Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews [2500, 6000]


Lyman is a well-known and one of the most reliable name when it comes to ultrasonic cleaners. Not just powerful ultrasonic cleaners for personal and industrial use, they are also the leading producer of tools and accessories used by shooters and reloaders. In fact, Lyman is a pioneering brand that has used digital technology in building high-quality reloading tools, calibers, and bullet moulds. Although they offer some of the best…
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3 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers & Invisalign Trays

Using ultrasonic cleaner is the safest way to clean your dentures and retainers at home. Check here for some best buying options and tips to use the device, in this detailed guide below… What are dentures? Dentures are the false teeth – a cosmetic replacement for the missing teeth that can be taken out and put back for use as and when required. The advancement in dentistry has made it…
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Ultrasonic Cleaner For DIY Liposomal Vitamin C: Does It Really Work?

liposomal vitamin c

Ultrasonic cleaners are not meant only for cleaning. These can also be a good tool to make DIY liposomal vitamin c at home. Check our detailed guide below to know how you can do this and what are the few best buying options when it comes to liposomal machine… Vitamin C is one of the widely used antioxidants in the world. It is an important supplement that goes into the……
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3 Best Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaners For Cleaning Contacts At Home

contact lens cleaner

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is a useful device for cleaning lenses at home. Let’s check more about these devices and few best options to buy, in a detailed guide below… What Is A Contact Lens? Contact lens is basically a small silicone or plastic disc-shaped thin lens meant to correct refractive errors. Contact lens These lenses are thin transparent plastic/silicon disc that sits on the cornea. Being… Continue reading

10 Best Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner [Tips, Reviews & Buying Guide]


Carburetor, as we all know, is the heart of any automotive engine. It works by blending the air and fuel together for an internal combustion engine. In other simple words, it is a major automotive part which when work, burns the fuel to make the vehicle go forward. Made up of lightweight alloy or aluminum carburetors are common on small as well as large engines like cars, motorcycles, lawn-mowers, rototillers,…
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How To Clean Golf Clubs Using Ultrasonic Golf-Club Cleaner?


The shots you desire to have, may not be possible with a dirty golf club. You, therefore, need to care and clean your golf clubs on a regular basis. Cleaning your golf club may seem to be an easy task but it’s actually not! You need to be extra careful while choosing the best cleaning tools and equipment as the wrong ones can really damage them instead of getting them…
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How To Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Dental Instruments?

dental instrument cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaner or bath sonicator is an essential most device for any dental office or clinic. Dentist using the dental instrument in a clinic Reusable dental tools and instruments, often used by dentists on a regular basis – comes in contact with tissues, blood, saliva, and other contaminants. As many of these tools also penetrate deep into the patient’s soft tissues, these… Continue reading

Ultrasonic Cleaner Vs Autoclave: Which is A Better Option for Sterilization?

Ultrasonic Cleaner Vs Autoclave

Today, in this advanced generation, effective and highly efficient cleaning is required to maintain the condition and longevity of the equipment in industrial and medical fields. Most of the medical professionals and scientists look for the devices which fight with settled germs on the tools to avoid degradation in performance. Well, most of the surgical, mechanical and tattooing equipment need to be cleaned through the mechanism that remains under control…
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Bogue Systems Ultrasonic Cleaner Review: Clean Delicate Items Like Pro

Bogue Systems Ultrasonic Cleaner

Have you ever thought of cleaning your favorite jewelry or other delicate items at home to get the new look and shine like before? If not you can now feel the ease to perform the jewelry cleaning action with the use of advanced machinery available online! We are here talking about the range of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning devices that are offered by Bogue Systems to make your task easier than…
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