Hornady Ultrasonic Cleaner Review: A Brand That Is Deadly And Dependable

If you are looking for some popular re-loading supplies, cleaning devices and cleaner liquids, then there is one prominent name that builds the trust of its customers since year’s i.e. Hornady ultrasonic cleaner.

The company offers an extensive range of reloading supplies, cleaning equipment and solutions. Some of them also includes unframed cases; reloading presses, shell preparation tools, reloading bullets, case trimmers and other important ultrasonic cleaners.



Reloading, also known as hand loading, is the process of loading firearm cartridges or shotgun cells. The process of reloading is easy, since it involves assembling individual components like shot shell or brass, bullet/shot and powder.

Once the user understand the basics about the process it becomes easy to buy the quality supplies from trusted brands like Hornady.

Through many years, the industry has been using many reloading equipment brands, depending upon the direct application of what is being loaded.

The only thing in those reloading efforts were that a beam scale is used to check the powder load weights and a tumbler to the spent brass.

Hornady ultrasonic gun cleaner is meant for your complete brass case care at home. You need not hire the professional services for cleaning all your gun parts and brass cases when you use the cleaning devices such as Hornady ultrasonic case cleaner at home for cleaning.

Best Hornady Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners: Top Recommendation for Users

Under Hornady brand there are ultrasonic cleaners available for the customer to choose as per their requirements. Hornady started launching their ultrasonic cleaners back in year 2009. These sonic cleaners have capability to clean your volumes of the spent brass to a newer level and with less of efforts.

The process involves ultrasonic frequency energy waves, conducting through cleaner liquid to break down and carry away the surface debris from whatever the user is cleaning.

The ultrasonic cleaners from Hornady come with the combination of intense cleaning action along with a unique formula of cleaning liquid. This is extremely efficient and effective method to get rid of carbon residue and other alien elements from the entire case.

The thorough cleaning process of Hornady ultrasonic cleaner is really effective and the cases are cleaned fantastically inside out without any noise. If you require having a significant amount of cleaning frequently, then this is the range of products that deserves a close call.

1- Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner Review

Hornady that cleans all your gun parts efficiently has taken cartridge case cleaning to the next level.

The brand introduced the most advanced and all new model known as Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner that utilizes the combination of intense cleaning action and cleaning solution to give you powerful cleaning.

These cleaners come with complete user manual which helps in operating the unit in most effective way.

One can check the Hornady ultrasonic cleaner reviews online which helps in knowing about the cleaner and its operation in a better way.

One Shot Sonic Clean provides the users effective and efficient method that removes carbon residue and other foreign materials from the entire case.

Unlike the tumblers, these sonic cleaner along with Hornady ultrasonic cleaner solution quickly cleans the inside of the case as well as primer pockets. The unit is most efficient and can hold up to two hundred .223 cases and one hundred .308 cases.

No other cleaning tool comes even close to Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner. Thus it is one of the top recommendations for anyone who is wishing to buy one.

The Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner ll (110 Volt) is also available model which is best efficient for sports person and shooters who needs to clean the handgun and cartridges regularly. You can opt for this device for cleaning all your small gun parts along with the brass.

2- Hornady Lock n’ Load Stainless Steel Sonic Cleaner (110 Volt) Review

With an ideal cleaning device such as Hornady Lock n’ Load Stainless Steel Sonic Cleaner (110V) you can easily clean all your brass inside out and get carbon get carbon coated gun parts like muzzle brakes, muzzle loader breech plugs, AR bolts etc.

The Hornady Lock n’ Load Magnum stainless steel sonic is said to be the powerhouse of the ultrasonic cleaners and is an ultimate ultrasonic machine available at the reasonable price.

It takes the cartridge cleaning to the next level and cleanses your gun parts without any scratching or scrubbing. Designed with the re-loaders in the mind, this sonic cleaner provides an ultimate cleaning to your metal gun parts, cartridge cases, pistol barrels.

The equipment features with 2 transducers that is the reason behind the superior cleaning you get. The adjustable heating element of the device let the user to set the right temperature without risking your gun parts within.

The stainless steel is extremely durable and easy to clean that comes with the tighter mesh basket that can accommodate extra smaller parts as well.

The Reasons Why Hornady Lock n Load Stainless Steel Sonic Cleaner Is A Most Preferred Device are:

  • It provides superior cleaning of gun parts and cartridge cleaning
  • It has 2 transducers
  • It is durable, less maintenance and easy to use
  • It has 110 volt built up machine within

The device is widely sold online as well as at nearby stores where you can check for the Hornady brand sonic cleaners. It is one time investment which is worth every penny you spend.

3- Hornady Lock N Load Hot Tub for Sonic Cleaners 9L Review

Hornady Hot Tub Ultrasonic Cleaner 9L is known for cleaning cartridge cases inside and out in a very efficient manner.

With the sufficient 25.5″ X 7″ X 4″ Interior Dimensions and 9 liter tank capacity the cleaner is convenient and long enough to clean 16” AR upper.

The cleaning device comes with 5 temperature settings (from 100-140 degrees F) and an integrated drain pans. The high power 4 transducers and heating element are meant to enhance the cleaning action for gun parts.

When you purchase this Lock N Load Hot Tub sonic cleaner there comes a One 1.7 qt inner tank with the unit which can be used in the main tank for easy cleaning in smaller batches or for using different solutions simultaneously. Inner tanks can also be purchased separately and are easily available online.

There are also the hanging cords which are integrated with the unit to allow large items cleaner efficiently with the help of ultrasonic energy.

4- Hornady Lock-N-Load 7L 110 VT Sonic Cleaner (Red) Review

This Hornady LNL Sonic Cleaner 7L 110V utilize up to 7L of high frequencies ultrasonic action which helps in cleaning all the carbon residue and accumulated debris from your cartridge cases, gun parts and many other metal equipment.

A 1.6 liter small parts tank is good enough to accommodate all your empty brass cases and other small metal parts in one go. An extra tank can be bought separately which can be used to clean the items simultaneously in small batches.

This cleaning device is effective enough and comes with additional features such as Adjust and monitor time, solution temperature, de-gas, ultrasonic and heat functions.

5- Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II (110 Volt) Review

Hornady 2L ultrasonic cleaner is another great device for cleaning your gun parts as well as brass inside and out. The unit can well accommodate up to three hundred .223 cases or one hundred fifty .308 cases at a time.

This Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner with 2L stainless steel tank comes with 80 watt ceramic heater to enhance the cleaning action. You just need to choose the most appropriate cycle time (from 5 to 30 minute timer) for cleaning your parts

When combined with One Shot Sonic Clean solution, the microjet action of This 2L Hornady gun cleaning device removes all the carbon residue and other debris from cartridge cases, primer pockets, small gun parts and other small metal equipment.

Overall, Ultrasonic gun cleaners are great devices for the gun guys. Rather than cleaning weapons at home with a traditional ways, which doesn’t give a thorough cleaning and makes a mess, cleaners such as Hornady ultrasonic gun cleaner seems to be the best device for the same.

Why not make a small investment to safeguard and clean your expensive investment? You can surely make the best use of your weapons for long this way.

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