Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Watch Cleaners for Cleaning Your Watches

Watches are a symbol of every man’s character. And no doubt it’s a style statement from the very long, for all of us.

These are sometimes also the perfect graduation gifts from our parents, which we love to treasure for a lifetime.

Watch Cleaning and Repairing
Watch Cleaning and Repairing: Are Sonic Cleaners Worth?

People who are conscious of the wealth of the time have got a great collection with them, which they keep on increasing.

Although quality watches that are waterproof come with longevity, it too needs good care.

Dust particles that accumulate inside the watch machine can seriously damage the sensitive parts and movements inside.

Moreover, if not taken care of, it leaves the watches useless over time.

Hence, it is clear that watches have to be kept clean at all times to ensure it operates at their optimum for a longer period of time.

It’s easier said than done!

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning for Watches?

A watch operates by a multitude of internal parts that are very fragile. Cleaning expensive watches can, therefore, be a daunting task.

Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Machine
Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Machine

Given the fact that if the wrong techniques are used, it can and will cause permanent damage to the gear itself.

And once your watch is worn away, it will never be as good as before.

Fortunately, Ultrasonic technology for watch cleaning comes in handy for tasks just like this. And it does work far better than compared to watch cleaning kits.

The machines available online can be used efficiently not only by professionals but also by common users at home.

Below we list down the five best machines you can consider for cleaning your watches at home or at a watch store.

Also, we have discussed a few additional tips and guides about these ultrasonic watch cleaning machines to know better how it proves useful.

Believe me; these can help you to make your watch cleaning just like a breeze!

5 Best Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machines

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The effectiveness of the ultrasonic clock cleaning machine is undoubted as the ultrasonic cleaning technology goes a long way in improving the accuracy of your watch, be it mechanical or a traditional quartz watch.

This is why most professional watch and clock repair stores use ultrasonic cleaners for watch parts cleaning.

Below we have listed down the five best sonic watch cleaner devices. You may choose one among them, no matter whether you require it for home or professional use.

1- iSonic® Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner

iSonic D3800A is one of the finest ultrasonic watch cleaning machines that can be considered if you are searching for a good automatic watch cleaning device for home use.

Known for its powerful cleaning iSonic ultrasonic cleaner cleans not only your watches but also various other items within a few minutes.

The best features of iSonic D3800A machine includes:

  • The 3-minute powerful cleaning cycle
  • Simple to use, operates quietly and auto shut-off
  • 600 ml of stainless steel tank for small as well as large objects
  • Uses plain tap water for regular cleaning or add detergent for enhanced cleaning
  • Comes with additional plastic tray and watchband holder

2- Magnasonic Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner

Magnasonic MGUC500 ultrasonic cleaner device is good to use for cleaning at home as well as for your jewelry and watch business.

The easy-to-use Professional Magnasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans the waterproof watches with control of the water level, and many try this for shaver cleaning as well.

Features of this Magnasonic MGUC500 machine includes:

  • Comes with a basket and a watch stand to perform the cleaning process without any damage
  • Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles
  • Auto-shutoff feature for additional safety
  • Stainless steel tank of 0.6L for easy cleaning of items

The good thing about this ultrasonic clock cleaner is you can use warm, plain tap water for effective cleaning results.

To get even better luster and cleaning results, you can use the jewelry cleaning concentrate that is available online.

However, before operating, it is essential to seal the tank to stop the leakage of liquid.

3- GT SONIC Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner

GT SONIC ultrasonic watch cleaner is a gentle yet powerful unit that cleans not only your watches but also other delicate items without damaging them.

This powerful GT SONIC cleaner comes with a detailed operation guide which includes all the cleaning tips.

The best unique features of the machine include:

  • 5-Mins ONE-KEY faster auto set up a timer
  • A watch stand and a basket for easy cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel tank with 600 ml capacity

Above all, the GT SONIC is one of the best watch cleaner devices that also comes with 60 days of money back & 18 months exchange warranty which makes your purchase completely risk-free.

4- Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner for Watch

Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner is yet another best brand that offers a highly reliable ultrasonic cleaning machine for all your cleaning tasks.

The brand offers a new, improved model of ultrasonic cleaner that comes with a powerful transducer that is effective enough for enhanced cleaning.

By using tap water, you not only can clean jewelry and watches but also many other items like metal tools, glasses, dirty tank parts, and much more.

A few unique features of Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner includes:

  • Generous 600ml (20 oz) capacity
  • Cleaning basket, wristwatch holder
  • 3 minutes auto shut off feature for safe use
  • Highly durable moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB

Above all, the machine is CE. FCC. RoHS testing is approved, making it very reliable and safe for home use and watch stores.

5- GemOro Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machine

The GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro is another great professional ultrasonic watch cleaning machine for you that gives you marvelous results.

The unit comes with quiet solid-state circuitry with bright blue LED light.

Besides cleaning watches, it can brilliantly clean all your jewelry pieces without any trouble.

Here are some of the best features and benefits that are offered by this machine:

  • The optimum stainless steel tank size of 750ml for proper cleaning of materials
  • 5 cleaning cycles with auto shut off feature
  • Elegant design with chrome accents to beautify your place
  • Removable basket along with watch & bracelet holder is provided
  • 42000 waves per second cleaning power for powerful cleaning
  • 1 year limited replacement warranty by the manufacturer

Well, the above-mentioned are the best automatic watch cleaning machine brands you can find online.

Besides these machines, sonic clock cleaners such as Elma ultrasonic, Watchmaster ultrasonic, Bulova, L&R, etc., are also known for providing the best professional cleaning to your expensive watches and can be checked out.

Watch repairing shops and showrooms make use of these watch cleaner devices and ultrasonic cleaner solutions for watches and watch movements not only for cleaning the cheaper watch models but also the most expensive watch model brands like Omega, Rolex, Citizen, Rado, and many more.

These best watch cleaning machines can also be a perfect gift for anyone who loves collecting watches. You can gift them along with a beautiful watch on occasions such as Christmas, weddings, New Year, etc.

You can check out online to learn about the various manufacturers and suppliers who provide these devices at an affordable price.

How to Use Ultrasonic Machines for Cleaning Watches?

Ultrasonic cleaning for professional cleaning of watches has been used for the past few years by professionals in the field.

Today these automatic watch cleaning machines are also available in portable sizes which can be easily used by consumers in their homes.

The technique here is fairly simple.

Firstly, cleaning/repairing a watch requires you to disassemble the movement mechanism, so it has to be done with utmost care.

Once it is done, you can submerge all the sensitive watch parts (including the watch movement, band, and bracelet) in the ultrasonic watch cleaning solution placed in the device.

When the machine is switched ON, small micro-sized bubbles are created which seem to be froth-like structures.

The dirt or any chemicals clung to the watch/ watch parts are agitated and attracted by the bubbles, leaving the watch parts & clock movements cleaned and shining as new.

The complete cleaning process just takes around 5 to 10 minutes to clean a watch and is very professional.

In case you want to clean only the strap or a bracelet of the watch (without cleaning the inner watch parts), you can use a stand to submerge your watch partially in such a way that the watch head does not get into the water in a cleaning bath.

This way, you can remove all the dirt from the bracelet, leaving it shining new once again.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaner Safe For Watches and Watch Movements?

Cleaning watches in an ultrasonic cleaner is a completely automated process. When the machine is switched ON, the powerful motor produces ultrasound energy which transmits vibrating waves.

The cavitation process is initiated and the microbubbles are produced. These bubbles are multiplied fast so that it reaches all the small parts of the watch to be cleaned, thus removing the dirt from it.

Overall, the process is highly technological, very safe, and effective for the cleaning of all the waterproof watches at home (whether you have a cheap or an expensive one like Apple or Rolex).

However, if you want to clean the watches that are not waterproof, you can get the parts removed (like dial, straps, movements, gaskets, seals, etc.) and then wash them in the machine.

Few DONT’s

❌ If your watch has damaskeened or two-tone finishes, avoid ultrasonic cleaning as it may dull the finish or clean off the paint on the movement.

❌ If your watch is made up of (or embedded with) items like ceramic, gold, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, fabric, titanium, rose gold plated, etc., we do not recommend using an automatic ultrasonic watch cleaning device.

❌ Also, if you want to clean the most expensive watches like Rado, Rolex, Apple, and others, do check with the manufacturer (or the buyer’s manual) before you put them in these devices.

As the powerful cavitation inside the machine can damage these watches, their internal movements, and plating, it is best to get it serviced at a professional watch service shop.

Also, while using your ultrasonic cleaner for watches, care that you do not put more than one watch at a time as the watches may then get damaged, or the cleaning results may not be effective.

clean watch parts

How to Clean Your Watch Without An Automatic Watch Cleaning Machine?

One of the major parts of maintaining the look and functionality of your watch is its periodic cleaning.

Here are the ways to clean your watch (without a cleaning machine) to help it maintain its shine and avoid any possible damage to it in the long term.

The steps to clean your watch are as follows:

Step # 1 Wipe it out:

Begin by wiping the strap of the watch as well as a dial with a microfiber cloth to remove dust, dirt, and grime.

Step # 2 Dip the watch in soap water:

Fill a sink or a bowl with lukewarm water and pour some anti-bacterial soap. It will help you remove debris and oil from the stainless steel.

If your watch isn’t water-resistant, then carefully just dip the strap in the water.

Step # 3 Scrub the stainless steel bracelet calmly:

With the help of a clean toothbrush, rub the crevices of the bracelet. Do not apply too much pressure, or it may lead to unwanted scratches.

Step # 4 Rinse with warm water:

Dip the watch in warm water and rinse the soap.

Step # 5 Wipe it with a clean cloth:

Pat dry the watch or use a hairdryer to clean dry the watch quickly.

Step # 6 Add shine and luster:

Spray some glass cleaner on a piece of cloth and wipe the watch, case, and chain to bring shine to it.

If the cleaning is left, then clean the crevices of the watch with a soft brush dipped in the glass cleaner.

If you want, you can remove the bracelet & case and clean the watch from the inside. Make sure you wipe it with a dry cloth once you are done.

Watch Cleaning and Repairing: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I Clean My Watch?

A. No, you should never try to do so on your own!

I know you may be tempted by the thought that your watch just needs a bit of oil. And you can do this very easily.

But be aware it’s much like overhauling your own car engine without any mechanical skills and with a lack of the right tools.

Most of the time, when you need to repair or clean a watch, it’s a speck of dirt that is causing the real problem. And to remove that, you need to disassemble and clean the watch properly before oiling.

Also, when oiling, it’s important to pick the right kind of watch oil and the right quantity you put. If you oil too much, your watch may get worse.

Another reason you should not try to clean/repair your watch is that it contains many small parts that can easily get lost when disassembling. This can be frustrating.

And for this reason, getting your watch repaired may seem easier, but it’s not. It requires a great deal of skill and knowledge.

Q. What Type of Watches Can Be Cleaned?

A. In general, you can get cleaned or repair any type of watch.

But the reason many watches are not being repaired is due to the fact that the cost of repairing is higher than of replacing them.

This is especially true for severely damaged watches (like with rust) or for those low-cost quartz watches that come assembled with Chinese quartz movements.

Surprisingly many watchmakers only repair antique or mechanical watches (of the 1930s) but not the newer ones like quartz watches (made after the 1990s).

Practically these newer watches do not carry any replaceable parts that can be repaired or changed. Many of them include replacement parts that are hard to find and are expensive to change.

Q. How Can I Clean A Nylon Watch Band?

A. Nylon watch bands or NATO straps are extremely easy to clean. Make a mild solution of warm water and laundry detergent.

Soak your straps in this soapy water for 2-3 hours. Then using a soft toothbrush, scrub the strap with soapy water.

If there are stains on the straps, you can apply a bit of your preferred stain remover. Now again, scrub the strap with soapy water.

Then rinse it with clean water and let it dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the strap as it can damage the nylon.

Q. Can I Clean Stainless Steel Watch with Alcohol?

A. Using alcohol is a safe method for cleaning your watch surface.

Make sure you use it for cleaning away the dirt only from bracelets, watch bands, or the gaps between the watch and a watch band.

Since alcohol can negatively impact the inner parts as well as waterproofing gaskets on your watch, make sure that you use only a few drops of it.

Also, avoid using it on watch bands or watches that have gold or silver plating.

Using toothpaste is another way to clean your watch, provided you make use of it to clean only the outer surface and not any inner parts.

For cleaning, squeeze a bit onto your watch surface and rub it gently using your finger. After waiting for a few minutes gently clean the paste using a soft cotton cloth.

Q. How Often Should You Clean Your Watch?

A. If you are an everyday watch wearer, then you should deep clean it every month. The most ardent watch wearers will clean their watch daily.

It is more or less like washing your face and brushing your teeth before going to bed. You can give your watch a quick clean by wiping it down.

Make use of a soft cloth the clean down the band inside as well as the front and back of the case.

It will help you remove all the excess moisture and soapy lotion, which is wiped against your skin on the watch all through the day.

Deep cleaning of your watch, in addition to regular maintenance, is equally important. Every once in a while, it is important to carry your watch for professional cleaning and servicing.

An expert will polish the dents away that your toothbrush cannot. They will also do periodic tune-ups to make sure your watch is in perfect working order.

Q. What If My Watch Is Gaining or Losing Some Time?

A. If your watch is losing or gaining time, it may generally be due to hairspring coils that get magnetized.

This causes the coils to stick together, which may be causing the problem.

Magnetism can also be the reason for stopping the watch. You should, therefore, avoid exposing your watch to powerful magnetic fields or near magnets.

If magnetized, your watch can be de-magnetized and restored to normal by taking it to a nearby watchmaker or a watch service center.

Another reason for your watch getting slow or fast is the accumulation of dirt inside the movement.

Dust in the watch acts like an abrasive, which grinds away the metal. This causes increased friction in the gears or the parts of a watch.

To fix this issue, you again need the watch to get cleaned and repaired by a professional watchmaker.

Q. Should I Invest in Watch Cleaning Service Even When My Watch is Not in Use?

A. Yes, you should.

Expensive watches like Rolex and many others are used to be heirlooms.

Traditionally these were often handed down to the child by their parents or grandparents when they became adults.

If you own such a watch that holds some sentimental value, I highly recommend getting them maintained, even if you do not use them right now.

It’s worth repairing such a watch, even if the repair cost is much higher.

Wrapping Up

A well-cleaned and oiled watch are less likely to get corrosion or rust due to environmental factors. For this reason, it’s important that you get your watch serviced on a regular basis.

If you really want your expensive watch to remain in tip-top working condition, do not wait for it to stop working.

Follow the regular cleaning guidelines mentioned above and get them serviced at least once a year.