How Does Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Helps In Cleaning Lenses?

Millions of people around the world are today wearing contact lenses; though it is not at all easy to make-out just by looking at them.

For most of the years you might be wearing glasses, but with changing trend you too are keen to wear contact lenses.

Well, there is nothing harm in it! In fact you should just go for it and make yourself look more beautiful, in case you are still wearing those traditional looking heavy spectacles.

However before you opt for the contact lens, you need to know certain important things along with the maintenance tips so that you can make best use of them.

What Is A Contact Lens?

Using contact lens

Using contact lens

Contact lenses are the small silicone or plastic disc shaped thin lens meant to correct the refractive errors. These lenses are thin transparent plastic/silicon disc that sits on the cornea.

These are completely harmless to wear and are medically recommended and often worn as for cosmetic reasons.

After testing your vision, your doctor will be prescribing the right type of contact lens for you for the corrective refractive errors like Myopia – near sightedness and Hyperopia – farsightedness.

With these lenses the eye doesn’t focus light directly on the retina as it should lead to blurry vision.

There are different types of contact lenses available which are often categorized according to their wear schedule, primary function and material. These include:

  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses
  • Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses

The soft contact lens when worn on the eyes stay in place by sticking to the layer of the tear fluid that floats on the surface of the eye. The eyelid pressure holds them in place, as the eye blinks it provides lubrication and helps flush away the impurities that may have stuck to the lenses.

The contact lenses can correct the near/far sightedness very effectively. Also it is widely used by the people who have cataract surgery done. Majority of people use contact lenses because of the convenience. Especially people who are into sports and wear eye glasses, feels it unsafe and inconvenient, now choose contact lenses over eye glasses.

Importance of Cleaning Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are delicate in nature. And it suffers from various kind of wear and tear as you use them daily. After wearing contact lens the whole day, their texture becomes dry. This may develop critical problems and possibly attract dust particles.

Not taking appropriate care will not only cost you money but complications to your eyes as well. Therefore cleaning your contact lenses daily, is something that you shouldn’t overlook.

How To Clean and Care Your Contact Lenses At Home?

Contact lens care

Following the below mentioned tips daily, you can have a clean and hygienic contact lenses for your precious eyes.

First of all wash your hands thoroughly (with soap and clean water) before handling your contact lenses to avoid any hygienic issues.

Now add a small amount of solution which is meant for contact lenses in the contact lens case which carries your lenses.

The most important is to use a good quality saline contact lens solution (Check Here for recommended Clear Care cleaning solution) which is clinically proven to clean all types of contact lenses.

Now remove your lenses and place them in the lens case with a solution. Leave the lenses in the solution case for about 3-5 minutes to get them completely cleaned and sanitized.

Although above steps sounds to be easy and affordable for any contact lens wearer, we cannot guarantee about the quality of cleaning you get from this.

How Ultrasonic Cleaner Proves Useful?

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner comes in handy to solve your problem. It is easy, effective and time saving way to get through cleaning. Just within two minutes, you can get your lenses thorough clean using an ultrasonic contact lens cleaner.

Contact Lens

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in ophthalmology. Ultrasonic lens cleaning machine is used by ophthalmologists, opticians and their patients.

Using automatic contact lens cleaner, the need for manual scrubbing is avoided and the benefit of a thoroughly clean product with minimal effort can be enjoyed.

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner machine have made life easier and are widely used in everyday life in many homes and industries. Contact lens cleaning using an ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is simple and the results one get are just amazing.

Using ultrasonic cleaners, not only one can clean many household products safely and thoroughly but also in a very affordable manner.

Basic Procedure to Use The Sonic Contact Lens Cleaner Machine

      • Fill the tanker of the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner with the cleaning solution
      • Place your contact lenses in the basket of the unit
      • Shut the lid and turn on the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner
      • Run for 2 minutes and you can remove them
      • That’s all

When the ultrasonic cleaner is turned On, tiny bubbles that are created by ultrasonic vibrations releases high energy and cleaning power by which you get completely clean and hygienic contact lenses.

Using ultrasonic cleaners, you can easily remove protein and other contaminants that build up on your lenses in just two minutes. It is undoubtedly a quick, comfortable, clean and beneficial way to make lenses last longer.

As such there are various manufacturers and suppliers who supplies best cleaners for consumers. Brands such as Cody, Bogue, Kowellsonic, JIEKANG, Jeken, Generic, LenSoClean, Shining Image, Sharpertek, Aphrodite and many more offers the best lens cleaners in industry. You can read various other automatic contact lens cleaner reviews online before deciding to make a purchase.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaners for Contact Lens Cleaning

The most amazing part of ultrasonic contact lens cleaner for cleaning contact lenses is its cleaning action which is very gentle and comprehensive. It has the capacity to clean even the most intricate items which is very hard to clean by hand. This is because the liquid which is used in it for cleaning purpose penetrates even into very small crevices.

Here we are discussing about the 3 best ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning contact lens at home. These not only makes your task easy but also helps in saving lots of time and money.

Kowellsonic CE-3200 Mini Cleaner Review

Kowellsonic CE-3200 is no doubt a mini ultrasonic contact lens cleaner kit which makes your daily care and cleaning of contact lens easy and affordable. This contact lens cleaning machine works with ultrasonic technology which produces 46 kHz frequency sound waves to clean the deposits of protein, minerals, calcium, germs and bacteria on the lenses.

The best thing about using this device is that you do not need to soak your lenses overnight. As this cleaner is made to do the task in just few minutes you save lots of time in cleaning your lenses every day.

The unit comes with bactericidal function to strong clean the microbes and bacteria very effectively. You can try out bactericidal cleaning once in a week. No touching of lenses is required while cleaning which prevents the infection. The device uses physiological saline and purified water for operating which makes it easy to use.

The pack of unit contains all the items needed for cleaning your contact lenses without any trouble. This include: 1 piece of contact lens cleaner, 1 plug adaptor, 1 empty saline solution bottle, 1 plastic tweezers for holding your lenses and 1 lens basket.

You can buy this amazing cleaner at Amazon where it is available at an attractive discount offer. I am pretty sure that you will not regret for buying this machine.

It should be noted that the same model is available at store with different brand names like Anself, OriGlam, BestFire®, JIEKANG, Healthy Care, etc. But as per the consumer reviews and ratings Kowellsonic is one of the most popular, oldest and reliable brand among all. You should therefore go with them for getting the best device for cleaning your contact lenses.

The brand has also introduced a newer model Kowellsonic CE-4200 USB. This is a mini ultrasonic contact lens cleaner kit which is effective for daily care and fast cleaning of your lenses.

Bogue Systems (BJC-1259 / CD-2800) Review

The BJC-1259 / CD-2800 ultrasonic cleaner by Bogue Systems is worth to check out when you are in need to clean various home items and not only the contact lenses. With this machine in your home you can professionally clean various items such as eyeglass, spectacles, jewelry, CDs. DVDs, retainers, dentures, electric shaver heads, fountain pen and nibs, etc.

You simply need to fill the stainless steel tank with ordinary tap water. You can add the solution (as per the product you are cleaning) into the water.

Then turn on the machine to get powerful 42000 cycle ultra sonic waves which facilitates the cleaning procedure. The machine is automatic and creates millions of microscopic bubbles for cleansing the items. After the 3 minute cleaning cycle the machine’s auto shut feature shuts off the unit automatically.

The device is powerful enough to clean all your items to make them look new once again. The bright shine you get without using the harsh chemicals or scrubbing action is just remarkable. You will simply love the machine and its easy operation.

Check the detailed review with pricing details here to buy the machine online at Amazon.

CD-2900 Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Review

With this CD-2900 ultrasonic contact lens cleaner you need not soak your lenses overnight for getting clean and clean lenses. This unit employ the method of ultrasonic technology for cleaning the lenses by producing high frequency 150K Hz. The deposits such as protein, germs, bacteria, etc gets removed easily within 2 minutes.

Daily cleansing of about 2 minutes is suggested for caring your lenses at home. And you can use the strengthening 6 minutes strong cleaning action once in a week for enhancing the life of your lenses.

Use of purified water is suggested in the unit. But if you use lens care solution or physiological saline solution it shows much better results.

The machine is well built for home usage and operates at AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz (Universal Voltage). The machine comes with an AC power adaptor for DC 12V output.

To check more about the product and its price you can click here.

Contact Lens Cleaner Reviews: Best Cleaning Kit, Solutions and Tablets

It has been seen that number of users (specially seniors) find it hard to use the above mentioned automatic contact lens cleaner machines.

If you are one among them and want to have your favorite traditional methods for cleaning the lenses, here we list down some of the best options available for you.

With these best lens cleaning products, you will find cleaning your contact lenses at home pretty easy.

Contact Companion: A Complete Contact Lens Kit

Contact CompanionTM is a complete contact lens care kit designed for users who want to carry their contacts everywhere they go.

This is a stylish compact and easy to use kit for travel and you can even gift it to someone who uses the contact lenses.

It is portable and compact enough so that you can carry it in your pocket, purse or in briefcase. Use it at home, at school, at office, sporting events, beaches or just anywhere you want.

This contact lens kit is made up of high quality medical grade plastic (Registered with FDA 510K). It also contains a mirror which makes changing of lenses easy for you. There are molded partitions inside the plastic container which makes sure that all the items remains intact at their place. This avoids damaging of lenses while you are on the go. The opening and closing of the case is made secure by adding a locking clasp to the kit.

This kit also contains two empty bottles of cleaning solution which means you need not carry all those big bottles of contact solution when you are traveling. The tweezers are also provided for easy handling of the contacts.

The product is completely safe to use and you will not love to miss this out if you want to keep your contacts safe and secure.

Boston Advance Comfort for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Boston Advance Comfort Formula is one of the best suited lens cleaner for those who loves traveling.

This travel pack of Boston advance cleaner comes with conditioning solution and Boston lens case which makes it a perfect cleaner for Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses.

The pack contains:

      • 30 mL bottle Boston Advance Comfort Formula conditioning solution which facilitates maximum disinfection, cushioning and wetting for long term wearing comfort.
      • 10 mL bottle Boston Advance cleaner, visibly tinted for daily rinsing and removing the deposits of lipids and proteins
      • Boston contact lens case for easy cleaning and rinsing of RGP contacts

The formula is easy to use and leaves back clean and clear lenses upon cleaning. Your eyes are important for you and cant experiment with just any brand when it comes to cleaning your lenses. And as RGP lenses are different than other types it is recommended to use the best solution that is meant for them.

Read all the instructions carefully (provided on the pack) before using the formula for the first time.

Clear Care 3% Hydrogen peroxide Triple Action Cleaning for Lenses

Clear Care Triple Action 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is a great solution for cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses at home or even while you are traveling. You can buy this 16 oz bottle which lasts for about 5 weeks when used daily at nights.

The clear care solution is no doubt a great option for those who want to deep clean their lenses at home without any hassle. The solution is effective enough to loosen all the dirt and protein that is deposited on the lenses after the whole day use. It is good for all types of soft and RGP contact lenses.

The pack shown here includes 2x 16 FL OZ sterile solution along with 3 FL OZ travel size solution bottle. The pack also include 2 lens cases with neutralizing discs.

Instructions on using the solution is provided on the pack. You are advised to check and read them before using the cleaner for the first time.

Unizyme Enzymatic Lens Cleaner Tablets

Unizyme Enzymatic Cleaner Tablets works very well in removing all the protein deposits from your contact lenses.

These protein remover tablets for contact lenses are easy to use and efficient enough in removing the protein material in less than 10 minutes.

1 tablet is needed for cleaning of both your lenses and are effective for cleaning soft (hydrophilic) lenses as well.

You can use these tablets with AOSEPT, Clear Care, Aquify, or other sterile saline solutions or hydrogen peroxide solution at home.

No separate cases are needed for cleaning as you can do the task of cleaning in your own lens case or cup.

The pack contains 12 week’s supply. You are recommended to use 1 tablet per week for 12 consecutive weeks.

Further instructions on how to use these contact lens cleaning tablets are provided on the pack and its advised to read them before usage.

Overall, contact lenses are amazing eyesight improvement product which requires taking care on regular basis. The more you show awareness in cleaning your contact lenses the better they serve and protect your eyes.

However, if you are unable to do so you could potentially cause the injury to your eyesight. So, Why put your vision in jeopardize when you can easily and hassle free take care of it without spending huge bucks on it?

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