10 Best GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Jewelry At Home

GemOro Powerful Ultrasonics is a division of Sy. Kessler Sales Inc., engaged in manufacturing of high quality personal ultrasonic cleaner, steamer and solutions for jewelry cleaning industry.

In addition they also manufacture range of other products that are helpful for professionals in Jewellery industry.

GemOro ultrasonic cleaner has been branded as the most powerful cleaner of a highly professional grade right for those having discriminating taste for haute couture jewellery.

Those looking for a high quality jewelry cleaners at home can also make use of these machines for getting most effective long lasting results.

The array of jewellery cleaning products and machines manufactured by them are made available through Kessler’s worldwide network of authorized distributors and dealers.

You can also find the range of GemOro products at world renowned shopping site like Amazon where these are available at an affordable price tag.

Why GemOro: Exclusive Features and Ease of Use

With these best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners you will be able to clean your expensive jewellery in a better and faster way.

Believe me, blowing away the dirt and grime from even the minute corners of intricately designed jewellery in a matter of seconds is now a breeze these high quality GemOro cleaning devices.

GemOro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner are designed not only to help cleaning, but also to add sparkle to the items (including diamond jewelry) through digital systems that are advanced and are easily controlled.

The company has made extensive research before introducing these jewellery cleaners which are Eco-friendly.

These devices can even help in cleaning large number of jewellery items in quick time while retaining their value and properties.

->GemOro is unique in characteristics as they provides the cleaners that have a combination of steam and ultrasonic cleaning system which adds to the advantage of cleaning and drying jewellery in a better and faster way.

->To make the cleaning faster, you have the option of choosing the dual cleaning modes for power and turbo sweeping.

->LED indicator lights showing the time of steaming and illuminating the jewellery during the process of steam cleaning. Users have the advantage to know exactly how much cleaning has been done and whether all the nook and crannies have been accessed.

->These are ETL listed and are safe to use with no health hazards to either the person using them or to those nearby the system.

->The body cabinets are made durable with ABS long life which helps in the process of cleaning for long, in a cost effective way.

->These machines create millions of bubbles for microscopic cleansing which ensures that the item is cleaned thoroughly leaving no dirt or hand soil inside even the tiniest spaces within.

->What’s more amazing is the fact, you can just use tap water for cleaning. However you also have the choice of using quality cleaning solution to be put inside the tank for achieving even better results.

Above all, the GemOro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is easy to handle with auto shut off feature making it useful for saving cleaning material and time.

10 Best GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines To Choose From

Now when you have decided to buy a new GemOro ultrasonic machine for cleaning all your jewelry items, there are many options in the market which may get you confused.

To avoid any hassle and to save your time, we have listed some of the best options for you. You may check these out, compare and choose the best that suits your requirement perfectly.

1- GemOro 1.2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOro 1.2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOro 1.2 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner

Equipped with the attributes of durable ABS, GemOro 1.2 Quart ultrasonic cleaner appeals potential customers with an appealing, European design.

It has perfect capacity of 1.2 quarts available at affordable cost, which makes buying the ultrasonic cleaner a wise decision.

Water and home-made soap solution are recommended to be used with this ultrasonic cleaner.

Let’s look at some of the important features of this great ultrasonic cleaner machine:

  • Digital control timer
  • Removable big size basket
  • Advanced digital control system
  • Well performing transducers
  • Evaporation resistant tight-close cover
  • Stainless steel 1.2 quart size tank

2- GemOro 1783 Sparkle Spa Personal Ultrasonic Metallic Silver Machine with 3 Minute Timer

GemOro 1780 Sparkle Spa Personal Ultrasonic Machine

GemOro 1780 Sparkle Spa Personal Ultrasonic Machine

Effectively, the Sparkle Spa gets the grudge off the stuff. Tap water and little drops of dish washing detergent/ soap (denture tablets also work well) make a mighty sparkling of the stuff; quickly – in the timer set 3 minutes and quietly.

If dirt is more, you may soak the stuff, scrub with tooth brush and then put it in the GemOro sparkle spa ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, for better results.

Gems and gold, silver and even diamond/ solitaire jewelry are made to shine to the showroom condition (the Spa is not meant for costume jewelry, though).

This fantastic and powerful Gemoro ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for spectacles and watches also. You may enjoy warranty also. Right Machine at the right price cleans “wrong” materials rightly, within the right time.

3- GemOro Sparkle Pak Cleaning Solution Kit Box of 12

GemOro Sparkle Pak Cleaning Solution Kit

GemOro Sparkle Pak Cleaning Solution Kit

Sparkle Pak is an innovative user friendly solution without any ammonia content for ultrasonic cleaning; it is non flammable; its not-toxic nature enables an easy use of the same.

The special formulation of the Sparkle Pak surpasses the competing products in the ultrasound cleaning segment.

You need not undergo the trouble of measuring and mixing; the measure has already been predetermined and just emptying the contents into the water in the ultrasonic tank will do. The solution will take care of quick cleaning the jewels to the sparkling degree.

It can clean any type of dirt – grease, oxides, rogue, Tripoli and puffing compounds. Another advantage of this Gemoro cleaner is that the solution may be reused one another time to have the same shining effect.

4- GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro Personal Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro

GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro

This Gemoro sonic cleaning machine is an altogether different professional grade compact ultrasonic jewelry cleaner in the top notch category.

The powerful ultrasonic sound waves of this cleaning machine scrubs the fine jewelry of gold or silver and also costly loose stones like diamonds, sapphires, citrine, rubies, amethyst, etc. Just follow the instructions exactly as given in the brochure.

You may set the timer to any of the 5 pre-determined standard cycles. After automatic shut off by the system, rinse off with water to remove any residual sticking grime/ dirt.

Be cautious not to try for cleaning the stones with many inclusions like emerald because of the risks of developing cracks during the process. You may clean you bracelets/ watches too, through a removable basket/ holder.

5- GemOro Sparkle Spa Personal Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner 1780 – SILVER

GemOro Sparkle Spa Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOro Sparkle Spa Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner

A professional cleaning in your house itself at an economical cost is made possible from the above metallic silver Mini Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This mini jewelry cleaning machine puts the jewelry back to the original luster within a short duration of 3 minutes, once you put the same in the water or any optional solution this machine.

It removes all the dirt and grimes from rings, jewelry, bracelets, watch bands made of metal and also specs and small instruments. You need not scrub or polish those items.

The silent 42000 Hz sound waves per second, producing energy will ensure the sparkling of the pieces put in the mini cleaner.

6- GemOro 0377 UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic and Steamer Jewelry Cleaner

GemOro 0377 UltraSpa

GemOro 0377 UltraSpa

It is the world’s sole professional quality cleaning machine performing the twin functions of ultrasonic cleaning and high pressure steaming.

The work is so simple i.e. pour water, add Sparkle Pak, put and forget the jewelry of silver, gold, platinum and also metal watch bands, within minutes.

This GemOro ultraspa combination ultrasonic and steam jewelry cleaner have a six minutes timer which automatically shuts off when the cleaning is over. Surprised over the sparkling in your face – it is the reflection of the regained sparkling on the jewelry you put just before in the unique cleaner.

The 42000 Hz scrubbing sound waves per second in the tap water and the subsequent steaming process have made the dirt and residual particles even in extremely difficult-to-reach parts of the jewelry vanish away.

The cost of the machine, along with certain accessories and warranty is also highly convincing.

7- GemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer

GemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer

GemOro UltraSpa Combination Ultrasonic & Steamer

This sturdy, light weighted and wonderful combo machine does impressive cleaning of the jewelry placed in it, provided you “obey” the instructions given in the manual and given through the video/ Youtube. You take care of the unit; reciprocally, it will take care of your jewels.

The results will tempt you to use the machine often at regular intervals to make the jewelry retain the uniqueness and luster at all time, resembling a perfect clean by a professional jeweler.

But, take care to avoid emeralds, onyx, pearls, opals, jade and the like softer gems and also glued stone and silver items.

This ultrasonic and steamer system by GemOro is most useful in jewelry stores. The system requires only water but no other detergent/soap. Yet the cost, with accessories/ free material and warranty, will be worth paying.

8- GemOro 0361 Brilliant Spa Personal White Steamer, 12-Ounce

GemOro 0361 Brilliant Spa Personal White Steamer

GemOro 0361 Brilliant Spa Personal White Steamer

This steam (at 35 PSI) cleaner does a sparkly cleaning of the grime, body oil, makeup and other dirt settled on the jewelry, comparatively better than any ultrasonic cleaner.

The only problem is that steam creates a little bit of mess and you have to lay a cloth underneath.

Besides the main purpose of jewelry cleaning, this machine has found an alternative use in a dental clinic to steam/ sterilize certain small items there. The cleaning process and its completion are indicated by LED indicators – blue and green respectively.

The price of this Gemoro device is reasonable and worth it. The unit comes with 2 years warranty (limited replacement). Safety and durability are promised.

9- GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro Ultrasonic Machine with 5 Cleaning Cycles and Black Digital Timer

GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro Ultrasonic Machine

GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro Ultrasonic Machine

This unit is bestowed many advanced professional features like good modern European contoured design, auto opening cover evaporation free, digital meter and auto shut off for five cleaning cycles.

It safely cleans all jewelry, watch bands of metal, wedding rings and pendants at a high cleaning power of 42000 Hz waves per second. And according to consumer reviews online this is one of the best machines for regular use in homes.

This GemOro machine comes with removable basket or holder for watch/ bracelet. Just tap water will do; you may add some soft detergent/ soap.

However, for best results, GemOro Sparkle Pak Plus is to be mixed in the water. The price is reasonable with limited replacement warranty of one year.

10- Gemoro 1791 Sparkle Spa Pro Advanced Personal Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner (Slate Gray)

Gemoro Sparkle Spa Pro Advanced

Gemoro Sparkle Spa Pro Advanced

It is the Prestige Series Personal Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and is the very best of its kind. It is engineered with many advances professional features.

Pompous individuals inclined to wear jewelry in a day to day use with a show-off of sparkling bright are highly interested to own this unit in their homes due to the fact that this ultimate jewelry cleaner is efficient enough to clean any costly materials like gold, diamond, platinum bling and silver to the expected levels.

Normal tap water will give sparkly clean. But, addition of detergent or Sparkle Pak Plus will escalate the shining still further.

This machine contains transparent auto opening, about 750 ml capacity stainless steel tank, LED in bright blue, detachable basket and watch/ bracelet holder. It also has a warranty of one year with limited replacement.

With these ultrasonic jewellery cleaner manufactured by a leading brand, you can find the difference in the cleanliness and shine the jewellery items will exhibit. There can be no other user friendly way for cleaning jewellery than using the GemOro ultrasonic cleaner.

So why not choose one of the best machines from above list and save your time, next time when you want to clean your jewelry items.

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