How to Make Homemade Ultrasonic Cleaner Solvent

An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning devise that helps to clean delicate and hard to clean items using ultrasonic cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cleaning is not only meant for industrial use but it is the most effective method of cleaning and can be easily incorporated into any home as well.

This cleaner is widely used for cleaning, fragile, delicate items like jewelry, watches as well as cleaning stubborn dirt. Portable ultrasonic cleaners are boon for home makers and cleaning which uses ultrasonic cleaner solution to clean the items effectively.

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to agitate the cleaning solvents. This in turn makes the ultrasonic cleaner solvent particles to clean dirt from the substances with a very high speed. Thus, even stubborn stains could be completely eliminated.

Ultrasonic cleaner solution How to Make Homemade Ultrasonic Cleaner Solvent

Preparation of Homemade Solvent

In order to get effective cleaning, ultrasonic cleaner solvent is very important. Without a cleaning fluid, cleaning will not be effective.

The cleaning solvent used in ultrasonic cleaners is expensive. However, you can make your own home made ultrasonic cleaner solvent with a few household ingredients.

Things you need are:

  • Two glasses of water
  • A teaspoon of plain household ammonia
  • Two tablespoon of mild detergent like dish washing soap.

While choosing the detergent, make sure that the detergent does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Detergents that contain bleach should not be used as it can dull or yellow the diamonds.


  • Add two glasses of water into the ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Add ammonia and the mild detergent.
  • Turn the devise and let the unit work for 10 minutes. We are doing this in order to blend the ingredients. The smell of ammonia is dissipated.

You can use this ultrasonic cleaner solution for the cleaners.

If you want to store, ultrasonic cleaner solvent, you have to mix it in a plastic container.  Mix 2 cups of distilled water and one cup of mild detergent in a plastic container.

You can store this solution and use it a little at a time. Using a wooden spoon, stir the solution. Avoid whipping as it would become sudsy mess. You have to blend the detergent gently with the water.

For ultrasonic brass cleaning also, you can make homemade ultrasonic brass cleaning solution.  In order to make ultrasonic brass cleaning solution, you need dish washing detergent, white vinegar and distilled water.

Important for women who loves shining jewelry

Every women loves gorgeous and stunning jewelry. They are most valuable possessions for anyone. Keeping them look clean and maintaining its appearance is therefore very important. Thanks to the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, by which the daunting cleaning task becomes effortless.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are affordable and a must have for those who wants to keep their valuable possessions as a legacy for future generations. The best part is it gives affordable cleaning of jewelry at home which also saves you time when you are rushing to an event.

Of course ultrasonic cleaners are a great way to clean jewelry without the risk of scratching. However, you should be cautious about the jewelry being cleaned.

Using ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Still, some jewelry should not be washed in an ultrasonic cleaner. They include pearls, opals, emeralds and coral.

Ensure to rinse off your jewelry after using homemade ultrasonic cleaning solvent to prevent a thin layer of detergent from developing on the stones as they dry.

Ultrasonic cleaning solvent is no doubt an important part of cleaning. And if you do not want to make all the hassle in making the cleaning solvent at home you can buy it online and save time. These factory made ultrasonic cleaning solvent are much effective and helps in cleaning the expensive items at home very easily.


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