How To Clean Seiko Kinetic Watches?

The kinetic watch is an integration of automatic and quartz watches.

It uses a movement called an automatic-quartz movement, which is a combination of the best elements of both.

The kinetic watch takes its name from the term kinetic energy, which is the energy in motion.

Similarly, a kinetic watch obtains its energy to function efficiently by gaining energy from everyday motion.

The energy is generated in the form of simple everyday motions such as handshakes, gestures, swinging of arms, or turning your car steering while driving; all of these generate energy.

Seiko kinetic watch
Seiko watch

This energy is then captured and stored for the watch to function.

Once the energy is captured, it results in an oscillation of weight inside the watch, and the energy is transferred to be stored in the capacitor.

The capacitor then discharges the energy saved so that the watch functions effectively.

The kinetic watch provides its users with various benefits and also possesses great features which might be lacking in an automatic watch.

In fact, some of the most recent models of kinetic watches possess the capability to save energy for several months. It also contains indicators to instruct users regarding the amount of energy saved in the watch.

Also, the built-in sensors inside the watch indicate if the watch is inactive and automatically steps into sleep mode.

This feature ensures that energy inside the watch is saved, making the watch energy efficient.

Why Clean Your Seiko Watch?

Seiko watches were the first to introduce kinetic watches in 1986.

The most important feature of kinetic watches is they convert kinetic energy into electrical energy.

And this mechanism is used for the working of the watch.

The most important thing to know while owning and using these watches is it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to run accurately.

Although these watches are environment-friendly and do not need batteries to operate, they should be cleaned every 2-3 years.

This will help you to keep these watches free from any possible breakdowns. Besides regular cleaning and tune-up, you also require to get checked all its parts.

According to watch repairmen and experts dealing in kinetic watches, the capacitor of the kinetic watch gets weak after a few years and should be thus replaced to get an accurate time.

Cleaning the watch from the outside is not very much complicated and can be done at home easily.

However, when you want to clean your expensive mechanical watch and its parts from the inside, you should take it to a professional watchmaker or repairman. This will ensure the safety of your watch.

Cleaning Seiko Watches require some special care as compared to the other watches.

And if you are one of those passionate DIYs, you can do the cleaning yourself at home following some effective techniques.

Seiko provides you with some of the essentials for caring for your watch. You can learn some of the best techniques from here, which you can very well do by yourself without seeking others’ help.

How To Dismantle Seiko Watch?

There are various steps to be followed properly for cleaning your Seiko Kinetic watch safely.

The first step is to remove all the screws from the watch with the help of high-quality watch screwdrivers.

Once the screws are removed, keep the wristband safe aside. Now you have to turn down the dial side of your watch, and you can find a black metal plate.

You can easily remove the black plate by rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction.

After removing the metal plate, you have to remove the gasket and other small machinery inside. And this can be done easily with the help of tweezers.

After removing this, you can slowly remove the hour and minute hand with the help of tweezers. You have to remove all the parts slowly and with much care.

Make sure you don’t misplace any screws or pins and keep them safe aside. Once the dismantling process is over, half of your work is over.

From the starting process, you must be very careful while dismantling your kinetic watch. Now the next part is the cleaning of your watch and spare parts.

How to Clean Your Seiko Watch Properly?

Today you can find splendid varieties of best watch cleaners online, manufactured by various brands.

To make the cleaning process easier, you can choose these sonic watch cleaners and cleaning solutions online to clean your watch.

Just make sure that they are of superior quality and are specially meant for cleaning the expensive mechanical watches.

Normally ultrasonic watch cleaners (meant for cleaning jewelry and watches) and ultrasonic watch cleaning solutions are much preferred for Seiko kinetic watch cleaning.

You need to take your ultrasonic watch cleaning solution, dilute it well with filtered water, and soak the parts of the watch in it.

Once all the parts are soaked in an ultrasonic watch cleaning solution, you can soak the parts in naphtha, which is very helpful to remove the oil stains and grease stains.

Once the cleaning procedure gets over, you can take all the parts out and keep them on a paper sheet and allow them to dry well. You must dry all the parts properly, which may require about 3-4 hours.


Although Seiko kinetic watches are not as popular as they were before, the company is still making few watches as per the demand.

And the technology used (ESU or kinetic energy storage unit) in kinetic watches is still used in Seiko kinetic watches.

Typically, the life span of Seiko Kinetic watches depends on how last their batteries or capacitor last. Seiko claims that their upgraded capacitors can last up to 10-15 years.

Since Seiko’s kinetic watch battery (referred to as a capacitor) is replaceable, these watches can be fixed easily.

However, you mustn’t try repairing or replacing them at home.

Get in touch with an Authorized Seiko Service Centre or a Seiko-appointed dealer for all your watch repairing work.