Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner Review, Tips and Buying Guide

Crest ultrasonics is one of the leading ultrasonic companies in the world. The products have been used in commercial, industrial and biomedical applications.

Before discussing more on the high-quality Crest ultrasonic cleaners, let us know briefly about the company and how it became so popular.

Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner

Crest ultrasonic ( is a private concern which is involved in the manufacture of the ultrasonic cleaners, transducers, etc.

The concern is based in Trenton, New Jersey and also has its manufacturing units in Penang, Malaysia.

The company was started in the year 1961. Under the effective leadership of Mr. J. Micheal Goodson, the company is now successfully established as one of the leading industries in the ultrasonic cleaning systems and chemistries in the world.

As the company provides its service to customers all around the world it is very beneficial for many organizations.

The company has its name for its best service and strategic placement in the global services network in the name of Crest ultrasonic cleaner.

With more than 960 employees working around the world for the Crest ultrasonic company, the company is able to cover more than $100MM each year even at the time of economic ups and downs.

The company is proud to say that with more than 1000s of customers around the world, not even a single competitor is able to beat them down from its leading position in the global market.

Along with its other successful development in the industries, Crest has also become the member of various international professional societies such as Ultrasonic Industry Association (UIA), the Alliance for Cleaning Technologies (ACT) and International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics (ISHM), International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (IDDEMA).

Crest ultrasonic cleaners are most popular and are among the top-selling cleaning equipment in the market especially for the use in big industries.

You should definitely not forget to look for these cleaners if you are considering buying a new sonic cleaning machine for your industry.

Why Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices?

Crest ultrasonics manufactures the cleaning units that are known for its high quality.

Crest ultrasonic parts cleaner uses biodegradable detergents and the chemicals that are used in ultrasonic cleaning devices to enhance the cleaning power are light and harmless.

In addition to Crest ultrasonic cleaners, other Crest’s products include industrial cleaners, submersible transducers, power sonic benchtop cleaners, crest ultrasonic gun cleaner, Crest ultrasonic cleaning solution, etc.

Crest ultrasonic cleaning device comes with a mechanical or digital timer along with a built-in heater for enhanced cleaning. All models of Crest ultrasonics also have sweep frequency capacity and they come with two years warranty.

The appealing feature of the digital model Crest ultrasonic cleaner is it’s degassing function. It is used for degassing new cleaning solutions and HPLC solvents.

By degassing the cleaning solution, the cleaning activity of the bubbles with cavitation is enhanced.

Benefits of Using Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Scientifically designed Crest ultrasonic cleaner works using the all exclusive Powersonic technology which helps to provide uniform cleaning throughout the tank.

The main advantage of using Crest cleaners is its consistent best quality which is offered at the price of an ordinary bench-top cleaner.

The company offers various options and sizes of cleaning machines (ranging from 1.75 to 26 liters) for the varied demand of users.

These machines come with powerful immersible industrial stack transducers which are much larger than regular wafer-type transducers, used in models of other popular brands.

Ultrasonic gun cleaners manufactured by Crest ultrasonics are useful for cleaning and lubricating all parts of the gun that are hard to clean by using hands.

After a rigorous cleaning session with a Crest ultrasonic cleaner for rifles, guns, and cases, all the carbon deposition can be eliminated easily making your firearms look just like new once again.

Analog model with timer is also available which comes with an adjustable thermostatically controlled heater. The digital model with timer is available with heater, power controls and degas function.

Whichever model you choose, a cover is included with all the units for safety and convenience. While one year warranty is provided on the parts and labor, you get a lifetime warranty on the heater of the unit.

Another basic advantage of using Crest ultrasonic cleaner is that they are water-based fluid cleaners. The Crest cleaners, solutions, lubricants and solvents being biodegradable media, they are Eco-friendly too. These are also non-hazardous and nearly odorless.

Overall, Crest ultrasonic cleaning systems have various advantages over mechanical cleaning devices. These are cost-effective, time-saving and easy means to get sparkling cleaning objects.

The continuous satisfied customer service is the highlight of their services.

Bestselling Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner Models For Sale Online

If you are keen enough to add better productivity, strength, and performance to your manufacturing industry, Crest ultrasonic cleaning devices are there to help.

You can search online for the best Crest ultrasonic benchtop cleaner models along with accessories such as basket and tank. In case you have a lower budget for your commercial use you can also find used crest ultrasonic cleaner online at an affordable price.

Models such as CP500D, CP500HT, CP1800HT, CP200HT, CP230-HT, and 275HTA are most popular.

You may check them out and buy one as per your requirement at stores such as Amazon. Replacement parts and manuals can be availed at their official site

For your reference and ease of buying, we have provided below a few Crest ultrasonic cleaner for sale models. Be sure to check out their configurations and consumer reviews when you buy them online.

This will ensure that you get the best product which is completely suitable for your needs.

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