Mettler Cavitator® Ultrasonic Cleaner Review: Best Device For Commercial Usage

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a deep cleaning technique that uses ultrasonic waves. These waves produce thousands of small bubbles through the process of Cavitations. Hence fitting the name Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner (by Mettler Electronics Corp.).

Mettler Ultrasonic Cleaners

Mettler Ultrasonic Cleaners

Mettler Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner is one of the best to look at for commercial usage when you want to purchase one for your commercial use.

These are the cleaners that suit the demand for everyone as it is high in quality and is very much effective in cleaning the toughest industrial parts.

The tiny bubbles gently polish and clean almost any surface that is introduced to it; going deep in them and cleaning even the most unreachable parts to ensure that all of the dust and debris are completely dislodged.

All one has to do is fill the container with water and take some amount of the Cavitator detergent depending upon the item that one wants to clean and then set the automated timer accordingly.

A Word About The Company

In 1957 Mettler Electronics Corp. (introduced and founded by Hal Mettler) revolutionized the therapeutic ultrasound industry by the launch of Sonicator®.

This was the first of its kind device which made the company popular within no time. And with their excellent products and customer services the company has now reached newer heights.

Besides manufacturing high-quality ultrasonic cleaning devices for commercial use, they also manufacture parts such as cleaning baskets, covers for cleaning devices, detergents and chemicals for cleaning, etc.

Also, they are known for providing the best Ultrasound Accessories, Stimulator Accessories, Diathermy Accessories, Massage Accessories, and much more. You can know more about the company and its history here.

Mettler Electronics Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mettler Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed perfectly for all your cleaning needs and are available in five different sizes. It also eliminates or reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents.

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner by Mettler Electronics

Cavitator Ultrasonic Cleaner by Mettler Electronics

These cleaners work without damaging the items in any way and quickly restoring them to their brand new state.

Since every Mettler Cavitator ultrasonic cleaner comes with an automatic timer, it ensures that you do not overdo the cleaning process.

Cavitator ultrasonic cleaner can be used for a multitude of purposes that range anywhere from cleaning glassware, jewelry, watches, and even medical and surgical equipment.

It’s a totally tried and tested mechanism that ensures the safety of these utilities along with visible results.

The gentle cleaning action of these ultrasonic cleaners is ideal for cleaning all types of delicate items at home or at industries.

Above all, Cavitator ultrasonic cleaners by Mettler Electronics are built from high-quality steel, making them last longer and more durable.

How The Device Works and Where To Buy?

Mettler ultrasonic cleaner is simple to operate. You can just fill up the tank of the cleaning device, add little of Cavi-Clean detergent, and set the timer up.

You will find that your items get cleaned effectively within just a few minutes to get back that original lustrous finish without any trouble.

Cleaning is done effectively by powerful transducers that are attached to the machine which helps in the creation of the vibrations which enhances the system performance.

High-frequency sound waves are produced which manipulate the system resulting in the production of minute cavities or bubbles. This allows the solution to reach every nook and corner of the space available and a perfect cleaning process is carried out.

Mettler ultrasonic cleaners are best available at their official site. You can choose from models such as 4.6 Quart – Model 4.6 – ME 2.1ME 4.6 or 5.5 Gallon- Model 5.5S – ME 2.1ME 5.5S which are affordable to buy for use in industries.

If you want, you can also check a few of the top-selling models of Mettler cavitator ultrasonic cleaners at your favorite online stores like Amazon and eBay.

As these are available in a variety of different tank sizes choose the right size based on the item you require cleaning.

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