Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews: Bestselling Models

Branson Ultrasonics is one of the top brands that manufacture a range of quality products related to industrial cleaning and electronics.

The products they offer are developed with self-adaptive technology that offers you an industry-leading cleaning quality that is not offered anywhere else.

Packed up with much power and all digital controls these cleaners prove best to be used at homes or at commercial levels.

When searching for the high-quality ultrasonic cleaner machines, Branson Ultrasonics (headquartered in the USA) is the one-stop solution to all your cleaning needs pertaining to sensitive items.

As the company manufactures a range of different products and models to suit different needs, it is best to look in detail at the various popular and best selling models so that you can choose the one that is best suitable for you.

Best Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews

Here we review some of the bestselling and most popular models that are manufactured by Branson Ultrasonics.

Check them out in detail before making your final buying decision.

1- Branson B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Branson Ultrasonics offers a “Branson Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120V” which is known to provide great cleaning results at home and at shops.

The machine operates on 110-120V AC, 50-60 Hz and includes a built-in 5-minute timer.

The unit is compact sized and is very competitively priced with no overheads.

The functional aspect of the design is showcased by user-friendly controls mounted on an accessible control panel over and on the back of the cleaning tank.

The housing is built of physically toughened and molded plastic which is totally sealed and protected. The tank capacity of this cleaner is 15oz and it comes with a cover and a basket for convenient cleaning.

This easy to use Branson Optical cleaner B200 utilizes ultrasonic energy 55 kHz so that each and every object which is placed inside the machine gets microscopically clean within no time.

Items such as clock parts, small geological samples, metal and plastic machine parts, small-sized electrical and electronic components, and much more can be easily cleaned through this Branson B200 ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

2- Branson 2510 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner Model 2510 is another great unit that is offered by Branson for commercial and industrial usage.

The model comes with a mechanical timer and heater with an option to purchase in 117V or 230V.

The powerful industrial transducers (40KHz) makes the device an ideal machine for industrial usage. The machine is coupled with sweep frequency capability which is best to provide effective unmatched cleaning every time you use the machine.

The heated unit comes with the heating sensor which shuts off the machine when the temperature exceeds 70-degrees Celsius.

Furthermore this digital Branson ultrasonic cleaner model 2510 comes with 1/2 gal and 3/4 gal capacity which is enhanced with a convenient built-in pour drains.

3- Branson 1510 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Branson cleaner 1510 is another top-selling model which is most popular. The machine has an accommodating chamber to conveniently hold the valuables to be made sparkling clean.

The Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner offers efficient cleaning which is assured consistently for a prolonged duration. It is energy efficient and ergonomically designed with an aesthetic touch.

The unit can be procured with a string of additional choices such as digital control, mechanical timer with plus heat, etc.

Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner

Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner comes with a dimension of 10″L x 12″W x 11-1/2″D. Each unit is backed up by a robust guarantee extending up to two years.

The production of Branson ultrasonic jewelry cleaner units is executed in optimal business environments that comply with the ISO 9002 quality standards and meet the requirements set down by CSA, CE, and FCC.

The unit weighs about seven pounds and operates on a frequency of 40 kHz.

Service improvements are driven across all strata of manufacture based on customer feedback which leaves no scope of any discrepancy creeping in.

Few Unique Features:

Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner is an industrial type cleaning device which comes amalgamated with sweep frequency ability that lends the potential to score sparkling cleanliness in each cleaning effort all through the tank.

A temperature sensor works in combination with the heater unit which triggers it to be shut down automatically once the temperature crosses over 70-degrees Celsius.

The digital unit with its crisp screen provides a sharp display of the entire parameter set. The unit also features a handy built-in pour drain with a shut-off valve in place.

Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner comes with three control options. One may opt for a ninety-nine minutes digital timer through which temperature can be set within 20 to 60 degrees range.

Otherwise one may prefer between a sixty minutes mechanical timer with heater switch or simply the mechanical timer with continuous hold. Every unit is equipped with a cover. The unit adds character to the appliances it clean.

Above all the B200 model by Branson Ultrasonics comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and it meets with all the FCC, CE and CSA standards which makes the machine completely safe and reliable to use.

Other Popular Models By Branson Ultrasonics

Besides the above most popular Branson ultrasonic benchtop cleaner models there are many others that are manufactured by the company.

You can check and opt for models such as 3210, 3510, 5510, 8510, etc. which are available online at various stores such as eBay and Amazon.

Care has to be taken that you read the complete reviews and check the features before you buy any of the Branson ultrasonicator devices for your cleaning needs.

Also, make sure that you read the Instruction manual completely which is provided with the unit so that you can operate the machine well and good.

Overall, Branson ultrasonic cleaner is a perfect cleaner for every industry (whether large or small) and can be considered when you are looking for a great ultrasonic cleaner as your helping hand.

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