Bogue Systems Ultrasonic Cleaner Review: Clean Delicate Items Like Pro

Have you ever thought of cleaning your favorite jewelry or other delicate items at home to get the new look and shine like before?

If not you can now feel the ease to perform the jewelry cleaning action with the use of advanced machinery available online!

We are here talking about the range of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning devices that are offered by Bogue Systems to make your task easier than ever before.

Bogue Systems Inc. is providing the range of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners (and contact lens cleaner) since 1892 and is therefore much reliable to use at home or at the jewelry shop.

Let us check out the two most popular models which are effective in cleaning all sort of items.

1- Bogue Systems Professional Grade Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 2800 Review

Every person who is very much concerned about their jewelry maintenance and care can now opt for Bogue Systems Environmentally Friendly Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner.

Bogue Systems ultrasonic cleaner is one of the best in performing the cleaning task on delicate jewelry items without any damage caused to them.

As the unit is environmentally friendly it gives a gentle and deep cleaning of the items in just minutes by generating nearly 40,000 HZ of the ultrasonic waves with the use of high-frequency vibration that suits the cleaning process.

The unit comes with 2 Blitz (8oz) concentrated gem & jewelry cleaning solutions, with a bonus cleaning cloth. You need not add any harmful chemicals or detergents while using this device; just adding plain water can clean your jewelry items to turn them as new.

The Bogue Systems Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner device works by creating millions of microscopic bubbles.

It offers 3 minutes of the automatic cleaning cycle (five timed cycles) and an auto shut off feature which makes the unit safe for use. It has the tank capacity of 600ml which is ideal for cleaning spectacles, jewelry, dentures, braces, dental tools, watches and many more

A uniquely designed watch hanger and an eyeglass basket are included with this versatile ultrasonic cleaning machine. This helps in keeping the items organized while performing the cleaning task.

Many use it for professional cleaning of wedding rings, clock and watches, diamonds, necklaces, studs and every small thing (like a contact lens) which is difficult to clean manually.

With this Bogue Systems cleaner machine you can simply get the dazzling results within few minutes without performing any manual scrubbing action.

2- Bogue Systems – Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner (BJC-1259 / CD-2800) Review

Clean your Jewelry, Optics, Eyeglasses and Other Items Like a Pro

Bogue Systems Professional Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner (BJC-1259 / CD-2800) is another great device for cleaning your jewelry and other expensive items.

Manufactured and marketed by Bogue Systems the device removes the grime and dirt settled on the jewelry and other items (like optics, eyeglasses, etc.) in minutes as per the set time for the cleaning process.

The stainless steel cleaning chamber comes with a 16-ounce capacity with this Bogue ultrasonic cleaner. Like the other Bogue Systems cleaner model, you can simply use plain tap water for getting the astonishing results with this cleaning device also.

For getting even better results you can use Blitz Gem cleaner. This jewelry cleaner concentrate completely mixes with the water and leaves back the pleasant smell on the items after cleaning.

The use of highly powerful sonic waves makes sure that the jewelry does not sustain any damage when you clean your items in this Bogue Systems Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner (BJC-1259 / CD-2800).

If you are looking to clean the eyeglasses then you can adjust the timer and use home detergent to get a clean look and make it free from all the settled grease in tiny holes.

Well, the main advantage of this ultrasonic cleaner is it works like a human-computer and gives a beautiful and exclusive look to every item after the cleaning process as well.

Overall, With these brilliant devices (for home or commercial use) you can never go wrong, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Just ensure that you follow all the instructions and guidelines (provided by the manufacturer) properly while doing the cleaning task. This will help you get the best results that are long-lasting and admirable.

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