What are Anilox Rollers? With the advance developments in the field of technology and printing Anilox rollers have gained a lot of popularity than a transfer roller which is used in laser printing.

Anilo roller

Anilox Rollers

Anilox roller is basically a versatile tool in coating and decorative applications and right now it is being used to create prominent capacity whites and foundation coats, mainly for the stretchy packing, applying coatings, adhesives for the cold foil, coatings for the images varnishes and other decorative purposes.

Anillox roller is a ceramic roller or an engraved metal roller mainly brought into use for the printing press to transfer the ink from the roller to the printing plate.

Its main purpose is to pick the ink from the roller or from any of the configurations and deliver a uniform amount of it to the rubber plate for the printing process.

It is mainly designed for most favorable ink release as a surface and it is laser fixed to reduce the porosity of cell wall and is strengthened by its ceramic subsurface, which benefits the printing quality, optimized cell profiles, improved consistency and more volumes of screen definition.

Anilox Rollers: Useful for Printing Task for Good Impression On The Material

In printing task, Anilox plays a major role to provide the required amount of the ink to a flexo printing plate.

This hard cylinder shaped roller contains millions of fine dimples referred as dells and are semi submerged in the fountain of ink to make a thick layer of it on the roll. After that, a doctor blade is applied to scrape the extra ink from the roller surface to have the measured amount of ink in the dimples.

After this, the roller is rotated in contact with the printing plate on which the ink from the cells get transferred on the material for the required impression. This provides better performance and offers cost effective solutions to the customers.

After the use of this metallic roller, there is no need of any hot foil units to complete the task. Just select your type of roller and let it do proper work with special care.

Why Regular Anilox Roll Cleaning and Maintenance Is Required?

Due to the regular use of anilox rollers for printing work chances become high that these start delivering the low quality printing. Proper maintenance and cleaning is thus essential to give it durability and longevity and to get the ideal printing results.

It is quite essential to keep your anilox roll clean so as to deliver more volumes of fine printing work which involves the interaction of multiple colors of ink as per the requirement of the customer. To compete in the market, it is more vital to maintain a good anilox roller which is the most effective thing to develop business and production.

Tips for Cleaning Dirty Rollers Using Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaners

Ultrasonic anilox roll cleaner is the most efficient device and method for anilox roll cleaning. This is a tested and proven method for cleaning most of the components which are tough to be cleaned in a normal way.

As ultrasonic cleaning technique is a fastest method that cleans up to 90% of the product, this is widely used strategy all around the world. Additionally there is no need to let the people watch the cleaning process as the ultrasonic anilox roller cleaning device which is employed for the task, handles it allĀ  on its own and provides labour saving benefits.

An ultrasonic anilox cleaning machine reaches to the depth of the roller and clears any residues of the ink or liquid from the holes, cervices, internal chambers which is nearly impossible to be cleaned efficiently with any other device.

The waves of ultrasonic go through the microscopic cell openings disturbing the cleaning liquid deep in the cavities of the cell to remove the settled and dried ink from every bottom corner of the roller.

To get the best cleaning results, it is recommended to make use of a heated cleaning solution in an ultrasonic anilox cleaner which is specifically formulated for the cleaning task at a specific temperature, recommended by the industry experts.

As ultrasonic anilox roll cleaner are mainly designed for anilox rollers, proper care need to be taken to prevent any damages.

These cleaners provides a pre -determined frequency operated on its own with low voltage supply which maintains a stable distribution split from a line fluctuation which results in a hot spot being shifted up and down to prevent the damage due to the concentration of the power at one point on the roller.

Other Few Methods for Anilox Roll Cleaning

Besides using ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning machines you can use some of the basic methods for cleaning the rolls. These can be basically tried out when the rolls are not much dirty and requires basic cleaning for enhancing the printing results.

Cleaning the anilox rolls start with following of few essential tips and guidelines. Not following which may lead to rolls becoming even more dirty which are too much time consuming and difficult for cleaning. Here are few tips and guidelines for you to follow:

-> As soon as the rolls are taken out, ensure that you wipe them out and clean them with a high quality cleaner solution. If the ink (especially water based inks) is allowed to dry and deposit on the cells, it becomes too hard to remove.

-> You should not remove the rollers out if there is ink remaining in the system. Also check guard the air movements over the anilox.

Anilox Roll Cleaning Using Brushes and Tools

If you love the DIY tasks and want to handle anilox roll cleaning manually, it is recommended to use the high quality anilox roll cleaning brushes and tools which clears the minute cells in the roller in a better and safer way.

Brushes made of brass, stainless steel and horsehair (or nylon) are basically available for cleaning the anilox rolls and can be purchased online at a low cost.

Choosing and using high quality and recommended brushes are essential so that anilox roll cleaning can be achieved without damaging the sensitive parts that are more important to perform the printing work on the plate.

This can be achieved by contacting your anilox roll manufacturer for getting an idea about the best type of brushes and tools that can be used for your specific roll type.

Cleaning Anilox Rollers with Baking Soda

Cleaning anilox rolls can also be done using a technique that involves blasting of anilox surface with baking soda. Fine particles of baking soda are air blasted on the rotating roller surface.

The fine particles which are smaller than the cell openings reaches deep into the surface and fights with the unwanted deposit materials.

A vacuum is used further for cleaning the surface from baking soda and removed material. This technique works great for rollers that employ usage of water based ink. You may use this technique once to see if it works well for you.

For those of you who are not an expert and are not passionate about DIY cleaning, can also opt for hiring professional anilox cleaners and cleaning companies which can help provide you great services to get your rollers cleaned in an easy and hassle free way.

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