Useful Tips

Check here for useful tips on operation, maintenance, care and manufacturing of ultrasonic cleaning devices. The information here you find will prove useful.

Cleaning Ink Cartridges Made Easy with Ultrasonic Cleaners

If you work with the IT department or if you own a printer at home you would have definitely seen the print heads clogged. The clogging can happen either of two ways –the printer was not in use for quite some time or the print cartridge was empty for a while. Continue reading

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Musical Instrument by Cleaning Them with Ultrasonic Technology

If you are a musician by profession or run a band instrument repair business you are already aware of the pain of repairing and cleaning of the instruments. Even for a non-professional individual who love playing musical instrument in their free time, it is important to keep their musical instruments safe, clean and tidy so as to get the best quality sound and music they desire.… Continue reading

How To Clean Old Gold Coins Safely Without Damaging Them?

Gold and silver coins are expensive investment for anyone! Have you just opened up your lockers and found that the coin that you are planning to give away as a gift to someone dear, is no more new? Gold Coin You may be quiet depressed to find that It is completely Continue reading

Ultrasonic Cleaner For Baby Pacifiers and Feeding Bottles

In the initial months, a child’s immune system is at a very delicate stage and is prone to attacks from different disease causing germs. So it is your first duty to make sure that the milk and water bottle (as well as all the pacifiers) you are using to feed your baby does not become a source of disease at all. First step is to regular… Continue reading

How To Clean PCB And Electronic Parts Effectively With Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Dirt and dust can heavily affect the routine of printed circuit boards (PCB) which are majorly found and used in various electronic devices such as cell phones, multi-functional devices, electronic parts, etc. Since many years there are many queries regarding their cleaning issues since, being a delicate part you cannot expect to clean it manually. Thus it… Continue reading