Importance of Watch Cleaning and How Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Helps?

Watches are a symbol of every man’s character. And no doubt its a style statement from the very long, for all of us. These are sometimes also the perfect graduation gifts from our parents which we love to treasure for lifetime.

Watch Cleaning and Repairing

Watch Cleaning and Repairing

People who are conscious of wealth of the time have got great collection with them which they keep on increasing.

Although quality watches comes with longevity, it too needs good care.

Dust particles that accumulate inside the watch machine can seriously damage the sensitive parts and movements inside.

Moreover if not taken care, it leaves the watches useless over time. Hence, it is clear that watches have to be kept clean at all times to ensure it operates at its optimum for a longer period of time.

It’s easier said than done!

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning for Watches?

A watch operates by a multitude of internal parts that are very fragile. Cleaning expensive watches can therefore be a daunting task.

Given the fact that if the wrong techniques are used, it can and will cause permanent damages to the device itself. Fortunately, Ultrasonic technology for watch cleaning comes in handy for tasks just like this and the machines available can be used efficiently not only by professionals but also by common users at home.

Below we discuss few more details about these ultrasonic watch cleaning machines and how it proves useful. Also we list down the 10 best machines you can consider for cleaning your watches at home. This can really help you to make your watch cleaning just like a breeze!

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How To Use Ultrasonic Machines for Cleaning Watches?

Ultrasonic cleaning for professional cleaning of watches have been used from past few years by the professionals in the field. Today these automatic watch cleaning machines are also available in portable sizes which can be easily used by consumers at their home.

Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Machine

Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Machine

The technique here is simple. Firstly, cleaning/repairing of a watch requires one to disassemble the movement mechanism; so it has to be done with utmost care.

Once it is done, one can submerge all the sensitive watch parts (including watch movement, band, bracelet) in the ultrasonic watch cleaner solution placed in the device.

When the machine is switched ON small micro sized bubbles are created which seems to be froth like structures.

The dirt or any chemicals clinged to the watch/ watch parts are agitated and attracted by the bubbles, leaving the watch parts & movements cleaned and shining as new.

The complete cleaning process just takes around 5 to 10 minutes to clean a watch and is very professional.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaner Safe For Watches and Watch Movements?

Cleaning watch in ultrasonic cleaner is a completely automated process. When the machine is switched ON the powerful motor produces ultrasound energy which transmits vibrating waves.

The cavitation process is initiated and the micro bubbles are produced. These bubbles are multiplied fast so that it reaches all the small parts of the watch to be cleaned, thus removing the dirt from it.

Overall, the process is highly technological and is very safe and effective for the cleaning of watches at home (whether a cheap or an expensive one). It is not advised to put more than one watch at the time as the cleaning may not be effective.

10 Best Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machines to Check Before Buying

The effectiveness of the ultrasonic clock cleaner machine is undoubted as the ultrasonic cleaning technology goes a long way in improving the accuracy of your watch, be it mechanical or a traditional quartz watch. This is the reason why most of the professional watch repair stores make use of ultrasonic cleaner for watch parts cleaning.

Below we have listed down the 10 best sonic watch cleaner device. You may choose one among them, no matter whether you require for home or professional use.

1- iSonic® Digital Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Machine (Model D3800A)

iSonic digital ultrasonic watch cleaning machine D3800A is one of the best ultrasonic watch cleaning machine that can be considered if you are searching for a good automatic watch cleaning device for home use.

Known for its powerful cleaning it not only cleans your watches but also various other items within few minutes. The best features of this machine includes:

  • 3 minute powerful cleaning cycle
  • Simple to use quiet operating machine with auto shut off feature
  • 600 ml of stainless steel tank for small as well as large objects
  • Uses plain tap water for regular cleaning or add detergent for enhanced cleaning
  • Comes with additional plastic tray and watch band holder

2- Ivation Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner IVUC96S

Ivation IVUC96S Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Adjustable Power & Removable 170 Ounce Stainless Steel Tank is another powerful device which is worth considering for cleaning your watches and other valuables at home.

This powerful ultrasonic cleaner for watch movements, band and bracelet comes with three different energy levels which can be used as per the type of items you are cleaning. Where on one hand more delicate items can be well cleaned with lower energy level the less delicate items can be cleaned with higher energy levels on the other hand.

The best features of the machine includes:

  • Digital settings with 5 cleaning time periods (set up as per your required cleaning task)
  • Includes removable water tank, detachable cover and handle for easy carrying while filling and emptying the tank
  • Large 17 Oz stainless steel tank for small as well as large (and wide) objects
  • Powerful machine which is easy to operate and compact size
  • Just use warm or cold tap water without the need of harmful chemicals
  • Additional basket, watch and earing holder and CD/DVD stand for comfortable cleaning

Besides watch and jewelry cleaning, this ultrasonic cleaner can also be used for making Liposomal Vitamin C easily. So if you are looking for a device that makes the liposomal vitamin c easily at home, you can just consider this device.

3- Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner MGUC500

This device is good to use at home and for your jewelry and watch business.

The easy to use Professional Magnasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans the waterproof watches with a control of the water level and many try this for shaver cleaning as well. Features of the machine includes:

  • Comes with a basket and a watch stand to perform the cleaning process without any damage
  • Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles
  • Auto-shut off feature for additional safety
  • Stainless steel tank of 0.6L for easy cleaning of items

Use warm plain tap water for effective cleaning. However for getting even better lustor and cleaning results you can use the jewelry cleaning concentrate that is available online. It is essential to seal the tank to stop the leakage of liquid.

4- Optima 350i Ultrasonic Watch Jewelry Cleaner

Optima 350i ultrasonic watch cleaner is a gentle yet powerful unit that cleans all the delicate items without damaging them.

You can easily clean numerous items with this machine at home within few minutes. The best features of the machine include:

  • Digitally programed 5 working cycles
  • Two different chambers for cleaning separate items
  • Removable trays for cleaning small items
  • On/Off switch light indicator button

Above all the unit comes with a FREE cleaning concentrate powder for easily and effective cleaning of the items.

5- Optima 550 (CD-4820) Industrial Ultrasonic Jewelry Watch Cleaner

Optima 550 (CD-4820) is an industrial grade ultrasonic watch and jewellery cleaner that is perfectly suitable for industries or commercial use.

The large tank capacity of this ultrasonic clock cleaner is ideal for powerful cleaning of larger items/parts.

The strengthened transducer makes the unit powerful to provide the remarkable cleaning results that shine. The best features of this machine includes:

  • 5 cycle cleaner with digital timer
  • Large stainless steel tank for industrial use
  • Built in heater which is safe and reliable for enhanced cleaning
  • Comes with the free cleaning concentrate powder

6- Kendal Large Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry Watches DVD

Kendal large digital ultrasonic watch and jewerly cleaner is efficient in cleaning the larger parts as it includes large stainless steel cleaning tank.

The powerful cleaner comes with a detailed operation guide which includes all the cleaning tips. The best unique features of the machine includes:

  • 5 working cycles to choose (90, 180, 280, 380, 480 seconds)
  • Large digital display timer for controlling the cleaning time easily
  • CD/DVD holder for cleaning all types of discs without getting them scratched
  • Cleaning basket and wristwatch adapter also included

This Kendal ultrasonic cleaning machine is efficient for cleaning various items other than watches and jewelry. You can even use it in your kitchen for cleaning fruits like strawberry and blueberry.

7- Kendal PRO Large 60 W 1.4 Liter Ultrasonic Watch Jewelry Cleaner

Kendal is one of the best brands that offers highly reliable ultrasonic cleaning machine for all your cleaning tasks.

The brand offers a new improved model of ultrasonic cleaner PRO large 60 W & 1.4 L with the powerful transducer which is effective enough for enhanced cleaning.

You not only can clean jewelry and watches but also the CD/DVD/VCD and other gaming discs such as XBOX, Sony Playstation systems, etc.

Other unique features of Kendal PRO large cleaner includes:

  • Large stainless steel tank with 1400ml capacity
  • 5” deep tank to place all the large items easily for cleaning
  • 6 working cycles with digital program. You can choose from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes
  • Comes with cleaning basket, wristwatch adapter and CD holder

8- GemOro Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machine 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro

GemOro 1790 Sparkle Spa Pro is another great professional ultrasonic watch cleaning machine for you which gives you marvellous results.

The unit comes with quiet solid-state circuitry with bright blue LED light.

Besides cleaning watches it can brilliantly clean all your jewellery pieces without any trouble. Here are some of the best features and benefits that are offered by this machine:

  • Optimum stainless steel tank size of 750ml for proper cleaning of materials
  • 5 cleaning cycles with auto shut off feature
  • Elegant design with chrome accents to beautify your place
  • Removable basket along with watch & bracelet holder is provided
  • 42000 waves per second cleaning power for powerful cleaning
  • 1 year limited replacement warranty by the manufacturer

9- BlackHillsGoldSource Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner Model 890

BlackHillsGoldSource Model 890 is great professional ultrasonic watch cleaner that can be used for cleaning watches and other items such as jewerly, dentures, toothbrushes, body piercings, and much more.

The unit utilizes 42,000 Hz of high frequency sound waves for gently cleaning the dust particles from your valuables without any harm caused to them. Some of the best features and benefits of the device include:

  • 18 pre-set cleaning cycles from 90 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Clear readable display with auto shut off feature
  • Ideal device for steeping, liposomal vitamin c and other e-liquids
  • Easy to store, quiet, light and portable
  • 600ml of stainless steel tank with basket and watch stand is provided
  • CE & RoHS Certified, safe and ecologically friendly
  • Comes with 90 day warranty period from the manufacturer

10- W. J. Hagerty Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry and Watch Cleaner

W. J. Hagerty Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry and Watch Cleaner is an advanced multipurpose cleaner which can be easily used for cleaning of the watches at home or at professional level.

More importantly you can also use this machine for steeping eJuices or diy e-liquids. The unit, as like other devices, uses the process of cavitation (which alternates between high and low pressure) for effective cleaning. The unit comes with these best features:

  • Multiple timer options are provided for enhanced cleaning of various items
  • Two units of Hagerty jewel clean concentrate sachets are included with the device
  • Comes with a watch stand, a basket and a jewelery cleaning brush

Well, Above mentioned are the best automatic watch cleaning machine brands you can find online.

Besides these machines, cleaners such as Elma ultrasonic, Watchmaster ultrasonic, Bulova, L&R, etc are also known for providing the best professional cleaning to your expensive watches and can be checked out.

Watch repairing shops and showrooms make use of these watch cleaner devices and ultrasonic cleaner solution for watches and watch movements not only for cleaning the cheaper watch models but also the most expensive watch model brands like Omega, Rolex, Citizen, and many more.

These cleaning machines can also be a perfect gift for anyone who loves collecting watches. One can gift it along with a beautiful watch on occasions such as Christmas, wedding, New Year, etc. One can check out online to know about the various manufacturers and suppliers who provide these devices at affordable price.

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