Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner for Expensive Records and LPs

Record Albums, LP (Long Play), Turntable, Microgroove Vinyl Record, Compact Discs, DVDs, etc. are today not very common in use as it were before. But if you are one among them who loves collecting great music (especially old music) and prefer adding great vinyl record collections, this is not something extraordinary for you.

lp and records

LPs and records are expensive to preserve

Collecting old vinyl records, LPs and musical albums is a great hobby for many; however it may need lots of care and maintenance for them to preserve.

Ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner is the one stop solution to wipe off stubborn stains and ingrained dirt from sensitive items like vinyl records and LPs.

These vinyl record cleaning machines have an upper edge over manual cleaning which is normally done using the vinyl record cleaning kit as it does not allow any damage to set-in due to mishandling.

Also these high-tech DIY record cleaning machine functions speedily and effectively than compared to any other traditional cleaning methods.

5 Best Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine Reviews

Ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning system are competitively priced and energy efficient. Most of these vinyl record cleaner machines are sturdily built and are durable in nature.

Below we list down some of the best vinyl record cleaning machines (including ultrasonic record cleaner). You may choose one among them to clean your records effortlessly at your home.

1- Spin Clean Record Washer Review

Spin Clean Record Washer is a best record cleaning machine for the money that will let your vinyl records stay out of dust always. Also it provides you with the convenience of cleaning them at your space in your desired timings.

Cleaning kit: A Spin Clean Record Washer System includes the following items:

  • Washer Basin and Lid
  • Fluid to be used for cleaning purposes
  • A pair of brushes and rollers
  • Drying clothes

Procedure: The Spin-Clean Starter Kit Record Washer System Mk2 is an efficient device for cleaning your old albums and vinyl records efficiently at a professional level.

The system is completely manual and requires no power for operating. You only need to rotate the record (3-4 times) in one direction while dipping it in the solution. Turn it back again and then rotate the record again the same number of rotations.

Brushes that come along with the kit cleanses both sides of the record and rollers are used to keep them against damage of any kind. The fluid is used to remove any kind of dust and dirt stuck on the record.

Safety factors: Ensure that you always make use of the fluid that serves the purpose of cleaning record. This will eliminate your worry about harmful substances sticking to record.

An advantage of using Spin clean record washer system for cleaning your vinyl records is that they provide an effective cleaning system without any risk. Your old music albums will play with more clarity and sound when you wash the records using this vinyl cleaning machine.

So next time you think about cleaning your vinyl record just make sure to use this spin clean record washer system as you will be saved with lots of money that you might need to spend for getting your records cleaned by a professional record cleaner company/service provider outside.

2- Record Doctor – V – Review

Record Doctor is an ideal vinyl record cleaning machine that works professionally to help clean the records brilliantly.

Getting your records and LP cleaned with this machine, you can hear your favorite music that you’ve been missing from years.

This Record Doctor – V – Record Cleaning Machine safely remove all the dust, dirt and grime that has deposited in the record groves and are hard to remove manually.

By removing and cleaning all these unwanted deposits from your records you can easily prolong the life of LPs and vinyl records which helps in maintaining their value for ages.

Precision roller bearing is provided with this Record Doctor V – Record cleaning machine so that you can make spin your records easily while cleaning. Also it consist of the handy storage tank which removes and stores all the cleaning fluids after the cleaning. This machine also include:

  • a 4 oz fluid applicator bottle
  • an applicator brush, and
  • an illustrated cleaning instructions

Vacuum cleaning your records with an efficient Record Doctor Machine offers you with number of benefits.

Record Doctor V comes with the most powerful high performance vacuum motor which comes only in the most expensive vinyl record cleaning machines. All it requires is a manual action to turn your records by hand and you get your records cleaner within few minutes.

3- Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner Review

Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner is a stunning vinyl record cleaning machine that works very efficiently to clean your records within minutes.

The machine comes with an interlocking heavy aluminum alloy chassis that looks gorgeous. It does not warp or degrade like the other wood models.

The stable platter, which comes with Music Hall Record Cleaning Machine, supports the record while cleaning and makes the cleaning process easy. The machine includes:

  • A record cleaning brush,
  • A rubber seal record clamp and
  • A removable power cable

This Music Hall WCS-2 Record Cleaner offers the high powered vacuum cycles and cleaning system that sucks the dirt and grime from the grooves of the vinyl record in just one rotation. The process not only helps in saving the cleaning time but also helps in reducing the static exposure to your records during the cleaning process.

4- Ultrasonic Vinyl Record and LP Cleaner Machine (by AUDIO Desk) Review

LP (Long Play) or 33 13 rpm microgroove vinyl record is an analog sound storage medium which is introduced by Columbia Records in 1948.

Cleaning of these LP records is essential to preserve its value. If you are serious enough to preserve your old collection of music, you surely need to take proper care of your vinyl records and LPs.

For that you are provided with an easy to use Ultrasonic vinyl record and LP cleaner.

This is the right choice for comfortable and careful cleaning of your expensive musical albums and LPs.

The cleaning of your vinyl records is important to maintain excellent sound quality every time you want to enjoy your classic music. And for that the machine can be effectively used to keep the record free from dirt which may create various sound disturbances. It’s provided to you in the form of a washing machine that works automatically.

No matter whether you are a beginner in the record collecting field, a passionate record collector or a pure audiophile you will find this ultrasonic record cleaner – groove clean very useful.

The counter rotating micro fiber cleaning barrels and the ultrasonic waves remove the dirt particles softly without any damage to the disc. The machine in the working condition filters the cleaning fluid used for the purpose of next time usage.

This fully automatic DIY ultrasonic record cleaning machine meticulously cleans your prized records, music albums, LPs and much more at just a push of button. With this excellent ultrasonic record cleaning machine you need not do any hand rubbing or hand buffing. This is a complete No Mess system which you will love to use for cleaning your records.

5- Ultrasonic V8 Record Cleaning Machine Review

This is one of the less used record cleaning machines which has been popular in recent years.

The Ultrasonic V-8 ultrasonic record cleaning machine is developed by David Ratcliff and it comes with a square stainless steel vat or tank.

For getting your records cleaned the tank needs to be filled with distilled water with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and Photoflo.

This awesome machine for professionals can clean up to eight records at a time which should be placed in an ultrasonic record cleaning solution. In about 30- 45 minutes your records are brilliantly cleaned and are ready to play again just as new.

The most advantageous thing about the Dave’s v8 ultrasonic record cleaner machine is it’s reasonably priced and is one of the most essential things for stores and professionals who sell vinyl records and LPs.

The only disadvantage of using this machine is its overall cleaning time (about 45 minutes – before your records get ready for playing). For more information about the machine you can check here.

Besides above powerful vinyl record cleaning machines, there are other popular names such as Audiogon, Amari, Jeken, Groove Clean, VPI, Kuzma, Loricraft, Klaudio ultrasonic record cleaner with dryer which can be used for cleaning your records.

Why And How to Use Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner?

Just like any other instruments, Gramophone records are also prone to dust and dirt. And the toughest part of owning vinyl records is the maintenance associated with it.

One way by which a vinyl can be cleaned is by using brush, solution and a vinyl cleaning kit. But this is not always a good option as they may not entirely remove dirt and dust particles from vinyl records.

Ultrasonic cleaner for vinyl records is a professional machine which lets you do the task of cleaning in a much sophisticated and professional way. It comes with a stainless steel tank wherein water is to be filled and subsequently agitated by passing ultrasonic waves.

While choosing a record cleaning machine care that the depth of the tank is sufficient to accommodate partial dipping of the record in a manner that the label stays away from getting wet.

Care has to be taken that the water filled in the tank is pure distilled so as to make the cleaning task effective. Distilled water is devoid of immanent impurities or minerals which is a guarantee that no residual matter will be deposited over the record during and after the cleaning.

But as distilled water can potentially carry trapped gases which may impair its efficaciousness, the cleaner needs to be degassed before using. For this, the record or a turntable cleaner may be turned On for approximately ten minutes to have the water degassed. The record is to be then dipped into the ultrasonic cleaning solution poured in the tank of ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner.

A pencil or pen is to be run along the hole at the center to have the record centered. The pen is to be rested across the top portion of the cleansing tank. Once this is done, the cleaner is to be switched On and the record is to be allowed to stay for nearly two minutes.

The record is to be then rotated for the next section to be immersed and kept in for about two minutes again. The same procedure is to be continued until the entire circumference of the record is cleaned. The vinyl record is to be then removed from the tank and allowed to be drip dried within a clean dish rack.

The record cleansed through DIY ultrasonic LP cleaner should be carefully placed in a discrete slot of the dish rack for the distilled water to be evaporated off the record without leaving behind any residual trace. The edge of the record is to be touched when it is rotated in the cleaning solution or else fingerprints will settle on it.

Overall, ultrasonic cleaner for LP records is a cleaning marvel for sensitive records and LPs. You should definitely have one for fast and effective cleaning of your musical albums.

Most of the ultrasonic record cleaner for sale are available at shops such as Amazon.com and eBay.

Do your best research and compare some of the best models so that you end up buying the best ultrasonic record cleaner for ideal cleaning.

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