How To Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Effective Cleaning?

Jewelry is woman’s best friend! Everyone of us who own expensive jewelry feels to be proud owner and would definitely want to grow up the collection overtime. However, if you own most valuable jewelry collection, then it is vital to keep your jewelry clean to enjoy its charm. Cleaning your jewelry once in a while is also important in order to pass over your jewelry collection to future generation.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Thanks to latest technology, we can now implement various methods at home to clean and care our jewelry pieces without wasting any time and money. We can avoid going out to professionals just for the sake of cleaning our jewelry which may sometimes cost much.

Ultrasonic cleaning provides meticulous cleaning in short time period without damaging the jewelry. And for this reason portable and handy ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is now available that helps to clean your jewelry pieces at home itself.

What Type of Items Can Be Cleaned with These Cleaners?

Without the second thought you can use these effective ultrasonic jewelry cleaners for cleaning your expensive metals such as gold, white gold and silver.

Even if you are looking for cleaning the most expensive platinum jewelry, then these digital ultrasonic cleaner are best for you.

However, while dealing with your expensive jewelry you should take certain precautions so that you do not experience any loss. Studies shows that sensitive metals, gem stones and soft stones can also be cleaned very precisely with these devices but with special care.

As a precaution softer gemstones such as opals, emeralds, turquoise, pearls, amber, coral, etc should not be cleaned as it can get damaged easily inside these machines.

Especially if your gemstone carries significant inclusions in it, ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided as it can damage the stone permanently.

How These Automatic Jewelry Cleaning Machines Work?

An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a small machine that operates using ultrasonic technology. The great part of ultrasonic cleaning of your jewelry is, it is affordable. Thus the machine is a great investment for all.

For people who are passionate about DIY jobs at home, find this machine useful. Below are the few steps and procedure to understand about how does an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner work.

The cleaner has two parts; a small motor and a cleaning tank. Cleaning tank need to be filled with water and a cleaning liquid (ultrasonic solution or solvent) at the time of cleaning your jewelry. Although plain water is much effective in cleaning your jewelry items, using the solvent is often recommended when the items are too much dirty or stubborn to get cleaned.

These machines comes with a powerful ultrasonic transducer that generates ultrasonic sound waves in the cleaning tank. This ultimately produces large amount of microscopic bubbles and vibrations inside the tank which acts vigorously on the surface of items to be cleaned. The vibrations and bubbles break down the dirt and grime deposited at the surface of the jewelry item leaving them shining and cleaned.

This is the basic working mechanism of wonderful ultrasonic cleaner machine.

How To Clean A Jewelry Using These Devices?

(5 Basic Steps Involved for Operation and Useful Tips)

As seen above use of Ultrasonic cleaners can make it easy for you to clean your jewelry at home without any risk. However you need to know about the basic steps involved when you are cleaning your jewels the first time with this machine. Any faulty behavior may risk your jewelry item and can result into permanent loss of your jewelry items.

To minimize the chances of any loss, you are advised to read the instruction manual carefully before using the machine. Here is a quick guide and steps on how to use your ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine effectively at home without wasting your time and money.

1- First of all place the machine on the flat surface (on the table or floor) and fill the cleaning tank with warm water. Add small amount of gentle cleaning liquid or a tablespoon of ammonia powder for advanced cleaning. Ensure to use a cleaning liquid that is devoid of bleach.

2- If you are using a cleaning powder or solvent, turn On and run your machine for 5-10 minutes (without any item) so as to ensure that the mixture mix well with the water.

3- Then place the jewelry to be cleaned in the cleaning basket present in the machine. It is better to place the items, one at a time so as to avoid them getting scratched with one another.

4- Switch ON your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The small microscopic bubbles that are produced in the machine will help get rid of dirt and filth from the jewelry in just few minutes.

5- Allow the jewelry to stay in the basket for five to ten more minutes so that the dirt and grime that is blown-off from your jewelry pieces gets deposited at the bottom of the tank. Then take your items back. Use a dry soft cloth (and a brush) to clean dry your jewelry. Before drying ensure to rinse off the items well with the plain water once again so that any left over detergent gets washed away.

The main purpose of using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine is that it removes small particles from the items that are impossible to remove by regular hand cleaning process.

Most of these machines comes with an auto shut off feature, making it easier for you to use it while doing your other core jobs at home.

Make sure that you use warm or hot water (not boiling water) in your cleaning machine for effective cleaning. People often use cold water in the tank which is not much effective and hence should be avoided.

It is best to choose an ultrasonic cleaner with built in heater. This will automatically heat up the water in the tank. Of course, you need to spend few extra bucks while buying these devices as it comes with an added cost.

How Often To Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry Cleaning?

As such there is no particular frequency for using your ultrasonic cleaner as it completely depends upon the jewelry cleaning demand. The more you use your jewerly the more it gets dirty and more often you need to clean them.

In general, the jewlery you wear daily will need to get cleaned once in a week or two so that you can get admired with the dazzling shine of your jewerly. However the jewelry you wear quite often may need the cleaning once or twice a year.

The good thing about the ultrasonic cleaning machines is that you can use them as per your requirement as long as your jewelry is good to bear the ultrasound waves.

Tips for Purchasing A Good Cleaner for Cleaning Your Jewelry At Home

Check These 5 Things Carefully When You Are Buying The Machine for The Very First Time

While purchasing an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner online, you have to look for certain features so that it fulfills your purpose well and good. You can check the real customer reviews to get an idea about it. Here are tips you should follow carefully:

1- First of all the tank of the cleaner should be made of stainless steel. This is because; only stainless steel can transmit ultrasonic frequencies properly into water and it is more durable too. The tank size and capacity must also be checked as you will need a proper size based on the size or volume of the things you need to get cleaned. Generally an ultrasonic cleaning machine with 2-3 L capacity would be more than sufficient for jewellery cleaning purpose. With this capacity most of the pieces can be cleaned in one go.

2- Next thing to see in the jewelry cleaner review is whether the cleaner has dish-and-drain facility. This has two advantages. One is easy cleansing of the apparatus after the jewelry cleaning is over. The second advantage is that if there is an extra dish at the bottom then the jewel would not be very close to the ultrasonic field. Getting close to the ultrasonic field may damage the delicate jewelry slowly and thus it protects them significantly.

3- The ultrasonic jewel cleaner with a timer and auto shut off feature is an ideal cleaner to use. This will help you to stay relaxed even while the machine is switched ON and working. There is no need to worry whether the jewel is inside the machine for extra time as the unit turns off automatically when the cleaning cycle is over.

4- There are some basic accessories that should come with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. These accessories may include tank cover, parts basket, sample of cleaning powder or liquid, etc. Check carefully about them and choose the cleaner that comes with this kit.

5- The last and the final most thing while checking Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner reviews is the brand or company which you are considering buying. There are many companies which offer best quality low cost cleaners. You should go for an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine that features at least 1 year warranty. Money back guarantee is a wise option to get if it’s available.

Below you can find some of the best cleaning machines for your jewelry pieces. Check them online at Amazon and get one now!

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