How Does Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaners Help In Getting Crystal Clear View?

People with weak eyesight use their eyeglasses while performing various day to day tasks, such as while driving, while reading, working and so forth. With the passage of time these eyeglasses have evolved from conventional models to the trendy ones, even when it comes to reading eyeglasses range.


Cleaning eyeglass is essential for eyes safety

And due to the expensive nature of modern eyeglasses it becomes necessary that they are maintained appropriately for enjoying its long term benefits.

For those who wear eyeglasses on daily basis, it is required to keep them crystal clear for ideal viewing.

Every now and then visiting optician for regular clean up could turn out to be expensive. Investing in good eyeglasses cleaner device that offers your eyeglasses a thorough cleaning experience is therefore a good option.

Here in this article we will help you know various ways by which you can clean your eyeglasses effectively at home. Also you will find below some of the best and hi tech eyeglasses cleaning devices that can be readily used at home for ideal cleaning.

Why You Should Clean Your Eyeglasses Regularly?

Majority of the spectacle wearers often wonder how to keep their eyeglasses cleaned regularly.  Scratch filled, dusty, and dirty eye glasses not only makes your vision blurry but also affects your eyes making it strained and difficult. Certainly you do not want to affect your eyesight, overlooking the routine cleanliness of your eye glasses.

It only takes a moment for a greasy finger print to appear on your eye glasses. There is more to it, the dirt, dust and other germs that can easily cover your eye glasses.  Many of us would grab a tissue or a plain cloth to wipe of the germs.  However, this isn’t ideal for your eye glasses. What it needs is regular cleaning.

The most of the eye glasses wearer aren’t aware of the proper cleaning hence, they often complain about the smudge and blurred vision even though wearing their eye glasses. To have a routine clean up your eyeglasses it is important that you have a special cleaning cloth, cleaning spray and moistened towelettes that will clean your eyeglasses safely.

Few reasons to clean your eyeglasses regularly are:

  • It takes care of your eye sight well; after all it is serious when it comes to eye health.
  • It is perhaps the best way to keep it brand new.
  • It is less or no more affecting your eyesight.
  • It lessens your eye ratio with the passage of time.

Following basic eyeglasses cleaning routine will provide you with many benefits.

Best Way To Clean Eyeglasses At Home

Various Methods And Tips

Cleaning eyeglasses

Cleaning eyeglasses

You spend a lot of money and time in finding the right eyeglasses. You go out and buy the right frame, color and pattern their expresses you.

Aren’t you eager to do everything to make your eyeglasses last long? Here are below mentioned tips to clean your eyeglasses…

Rinsing: At least once a while in a day rinse your eyeglasses with water. There are chances that dirt and dust particles are not easily removed wiping through a piece of cloth.

Air Dry: Give enough of time to your eyeglasses to dry. This is another great way to increase the longevity of your eyeglasses. If you put them down to air dry than wiping once again with the dry cloth will do the better job.

Spraying: If you are using a cleaning spray, it is important to know that they are particularly sold for that purpose only. Do not use household sprays and cleaners to clean your eyeglasses it may damage your glasses to greater extent.

Using The Right Piece Of Cloth: Not every cloth is good for wiping your eyeglasses. The material of the cloth you are using should be soft and smooth to dry your lenses. Using tissues or paper towels is also recommendable. We recommend using the pre-moistened and alcohol free wipes for eyeglasses which works great. Just ensure that you do not put more pressure when wiping your eyeglasses.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: To get professional like cleaning, you can have your eyeglasses cleaned with an ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner device. These devices are now easily available and provide you with an amazing cleaning that your hand washing doesn’t offer.  It takes care of your eyeglasses providing thorough cleaning of all germs, dirt and dust particles.

Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners are popular today. Not only it helps clean your eyeglasses but also contact lens. It does simplify the process or at least makes it handy. These devices are hi-tech and create high frequency vibrations that rumble the dirt out of your eyeglasses in just seconds without any hassle.

Ultrasonic Cleaner for EyeGlasses

How These High Tech Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices Work?

Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners are small and portable devices which are been widely used by many house-holds for eyeglass cleaning purpose.

This device uses 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves to remove dust and dirt particles without harsh chemicals and manual scrubbing.

Cleaning eyeglasses at home with a device such as Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner (shown in picture) is a quick and gentle way to keep them clean as new.

This ultrasonic glasses cleaner may look small, but can hold 2 pair of eyeglasses and provides complete cleaning. The device has got stainless steel tank which is completely detachable and can be easily filled under the sink using the tap water.

Some of these cleaning machines comes with 5 types of power cleaning setting and three power cycles to choose from providing controlled cleaning from the most delicate and soiled area.

These Ultrasonic cleaner for eyeglasses use force to clean the delicate and fragile parts of your eyeglasses. The forces produced by this device are in the form of rapid vibrations that efficiently and effectively cleans the dirt that has stuck to the deepest corners of your eyeglasses. This helps loosening the stubborn dirt which doesn’t usually cleans up with simple cleaning. This method overall helps prolonged your eyeglass longevity.

The process of ultrasonic cleaning certainly makes difference to your eyeglasses. The entire cleaning process is whisper quiet because its solid state circuitry prevents noise, also this device is suitable for cleaning coins, gems and jewelry.

5 Best Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner Reviews

The professional ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners such as manufactured by the brands Generic, Ivation, Optima, Sonic Wave, Magnasonic, and many more comes handy for fulfilling all your requirements.

These are not at all expensive and are widely sold online as well as locally at any gadget shop. Buying online at reliable shopping sites such as Amazon be good option as you might find a lucrative discount deal which will save you money along with getting a smart cleaning device for your eyeglasses.

For your help we have listed down 5 best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner machines. You can check the consumer reviews and features in detail before buying one for your personal use.

1- Famili Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner Machine Review

The Famili Ultrasonic Polishing Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is perfect for cleaning eyeglasses, jewelry pieces, watches and rings.

This Famili automatic eyeglass cleaner can effectively clean the dirty or tarnished jewelry, watches, utensils, eyeglasses and more in just a few minutes.

The device generates the 42,000Hz of power for effective cleaning with the ultrasonic technology. The display is far easier to read and you may choose among 5 presets like 90, 180, 300, 480 and 600 seconds. There is auto-shut off mechanism whereby the machine will shut off after the passage of time. Anyone can operate the cleaner since the device has easy mechanisms.

This sonic eyeglass cleaner comes equipped with the jewelry cleaning basket and a watch holder. And this is an ideal ultrasonic machine to clean effectively every trace of dirt, grease, dust and grime from the utensils, jewelry and eyeglasses. The capacity of tank is 20oz and the machine is RoHS and CE certified. It is ecologically safe and not confusing at all to operate.

This Famili ultrasonic cleaner is backed by the warranty of 180 days by Famili. The ultrasonic technology makes cleaning of every object breeze easy. The valuables get restored to the original state where you cannot differentiate between old and new one.

2- Flexzion Digital Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner Review

Looking to clean your fine jewelry, dentures, tattoo equipment, eye glasses, watches and other such things?

Flexzion Digital Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner is the powerful cleaning system which works fantastically to remove the traces of dirt, dust and grime from prized objects.

Watches, eyeglasses and jewelry can become brand new in no time with this automatic diy eyeglass cleaner.

The 3 minutes of cleaning cycle time and the auto shut off feature to make the mechanism breeze easy is provided. Press the button ‘On’ to start the cleaning procedure. The product features a quiet operation and there is solid state circuitry to ensure consistent cleaning results.

The product comes equipped with the 16oz of stainless steel cleaning tank where you can submerge the large and small jewelry piece easily for thorough cleaning. You can just use the tap water for cleaning the items.And you will see that the objects submerged in the basket shine brightly without any use of the chemical solution.

Flexzion Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner offers professional cleaning results much to the delight of everyone. The device is good for both domestic and commercial usage and may be acquired from various online stores at affordable rates.

It cleans a variety of items like bracelets, combs, toothbrushes, shaver heads, waterproof watches and eyeglasses. It is iron gray color device, having capacity of 600ml and the output power is 35 W. Overall dimension of the cleaner is 7.9”x5.5”x4.9”.

3- BlackHillsGoldSource Model 890 Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner for Glass Review

BlackHillsGoldSource ultrasonic cleaner is one of the best eyeglass cleaner that you can find in the market.

The device uses the powerful 42000Hz frequency of sound waves to lift and agitate the dust particles from the valuable without causing any harm to them.

The device can loosen up the caked dirt and grime and make the jewelry and other items sparkling clean. The maximum tank capacity of the equipment is 600ml which is equivalent to 20.288 ounces of fluid or 2.53 cups.

It comes equipped with watch stand, basket and the lid may be opened for larger items. For effective cleaning, one needs to use only the hot tap water. However, 1tsp of detergent can be added for stronger cleaning or effervescent tablets may be poured for cleaning the dentures.

It may be plugged into the 120 volt wall receptacle and there is no need of battery. The 30 minutes timer has an easy to read display with 18 cleaning cycles from 90 seconds-30 minutes. There is 30 minutes limit time here with auto shut off so that you do the core jobs and then come back.

Now keep all your cherished items ultra clean with the this powerful eyeglass cleaning device. The tank is totally sealed to prevent the leakage. This ultrasonic cleaner is RoHS certified, CE certified and is extremely safe to use.

4- Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Eyeglasses (MGUC500) Review

The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner cleans tarnished and dirty eyeglasses along with jewelry pieces, utensils and watches easily.

Merely with the tap water, the items get cleaned within few minutes. It generates 42,000Hz ultrasonic sound waves for powerful cleaning of the items.

Featuring the digital display of 5 cleaning cycles, you are free to choose among 90,180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds. The device is easy to operate and there is an auto shut off mechanism in it.

This diy eyeglass cleaner has a generous capacity of 600 ml or 20oz. It is unbelievable how the items shine with the use of clean water. See professional cleaning results by pouring 600 ml of water and insert the items. For enhanced cleaning, add a bit of detergent soap or cleaning solution. A thorough cleaning is done with the water since it powerfully penetrates the difficult areas.

Ultrasonic waves within this eyeglass lens cleaner can clean the items without causing any damage to the pieces. The digital ultrasonic technology does all the wonder where you simply have to push the ‘on’ button to start the cleaning process.

5- FoodKing Ultrasonic Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner Industrial (1.3 Liter) Review

The Foodking’s microprocessor controlled ultrasonic jewelry and eyeglasses cleaner is the revolutionary product using high frequency sound waves and ultrasonic technology to clean the items inserted within a few minutes.

The FoodKing Ultrasonic Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner is fantastic for watches, jewelry, and dentures also.

The device is extremely easy to operate and makes use of only tap water. As soon as one dips the items and pushes the ‘on’ button, microscopic bubbles are generated that collapse to cause a cavitation effect.

This results in effective cleaning of the items since the bubbles are small enough to penetrate the most difficult areas. The build-in-transducer strengthens the ultrasonic power to give superior cleaning outcome.

Featuring 304 stainless steel tank, having the capacity of 1.3 L capacity, the cleaner is RoHS, FCC and CE approved. The heating power is 50w, 60w and the ultrasonic wave generated here is 40kHz which cleans valuable without harming the precious items.

The LED digital display for the timer control is there for clear readings. Set the cleaning time between 1 and 30 minutes or the temperature range between 0 and 80 degrees as per the cleaning need.

How to Clean your Eyeglass Immediately when You are Not at Home?

This is like a first aid suggestion for many people who come across this situation often. When people are outside they may not be having the lens cleaning liquid and soft cloth.

To avoid these situations it is better to buy wipes that are indulged and containing the necessary wetness and ingredients in it to clean the eyeglass. Buy these kind of ready-made eyeglass cleaning wipes and keep it in your handbag or purse or carry case for immediate cleaning.

Apart from the lens or eyeglass, one need to remove the dust particles that accumulate on the rim, earpiece, frames and nose pad as well. One can use small brush with soft bristles to brush away the dust particles, but while brushing make sure it does not touch the lens or eyeglasses.

Never forget to keep the hands always clean. Always use a wet cloth to clean because dry cloth can damage the eyeglass. Never apply too much pressure when cleaning the eyeglass.

It is important to buy and use a lens cleaning liquid that is free from ammonia. Eyeglass Lens cleaner containing ammonia can damage the protective layer on the lens. Never use the general glass cleansing liquid that we use to clean the glass doors and windows as it contains harmful chemical substances.

Always use a soft wiping cloth that comes with the designer eyeglasses and never make use of any other cloth material like tissue paper, shirt, towel etc as it may develop scratches on the lens.

Important precautions for the longevity of eye glasses

  • Always use both hands to wear and remove the eyeglasses. Otherwise the position of the frame may look little bit tilted to one side.
  • Never keep the eyeglasses or lens down as the chances of getting scratch or broken are high when one steps on it by mistake. Always keep it in an eyeglass case that is sturdy but light-weight wrapped with a soft cloth.
  • Get suggestions from the optometrist on how to clean, which cleaning liquid to use, how to handle the eyeglasses etc.
  • Buy a quality eyeglass cleaning and tool-kit for use. Clean the eyeglasses daily with a wiping cloth. Once in a week do a complete cleaning as it will suffice and give a clean and fresh look to your eyeglasses and eyes always.

Things not to do

  • Never rough handle your eyeglasses as you are on the verge of damaging it. Never take your eyeglasses by touching the lens as it may leave fingerprints on it.
  • Dry cleaning of glasses is not good as they leads to scratch on the lens.
  • Clean not only the lens, but also the rim, frames etc. as they too tend to get dirt.

Have a clear vision always in your eyes and mind. Cleaning glasses and keeping it safe will not only increase the longevity of the glass, but also the look of your glass and your eyes too. No need of buying another glass or spending more money on buying a new one. One can save a lot of money too.

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