Ultrasonic Cleaner For DIY Liposomal Vitamin C: Does It Really Work?

Vitamin C is one among the widely used antioxidants in the world. It is an important supplement that goes in the process of donating an electron to restore peace and harmony to human body along with defusing free radicals.

White blood cells in the body depend on Vitamin C to withstand and survive the attack of free radicals and pathogens. Thus Vitamin C supplement plays a major role in the functioning and overall health of immune cells.

Researches reveal that one of the most practical methods to supplement human diet with vitamin C is with liposomal Vitamin C. Studies also revealed that when taken in liposomal form it is absorbed in the body much rapidly than as compared to when taken in the form of pills or intravenously.

Wondering about what is liposome! Lets discuss in detail about it below and how it helps…

What Is Liposome and Liposome Technology?


A liposome is basically a spherical vesicle which consists of at least one lipid bilayer.

These are generally used for delivering the required nutrients and drugs inside the body. Liposomes are usually prepared by disrupting biological membranes (like done by sonication)

Liposome technology is thus a method by which nutritious ingredients molecules or drugs are delivered directly into the body cells located inside the body through liposomal micro spheres or vesicles.

These are made just like microscopic bubbles which are completely sealed.

The best thing about these liposomes is its completely safe and healthy.

Due to its unique size as well as composition it helps the digestive system of the body to completely absorb the required active ingredients deep into the bloodstream without causing any side effects.

What Is Liposomal Vitamin C and What It Is Good For?

Liposomal Vitamin C is the latest technological penetrate in the nutrient absorption and it offers lots of incredible health benefits to the user. Especially the nutrient when taken daily helps in enhancing the immune system of the body. And for this reason families prefer including the supplement in their daily diet.

Liposomal Vitamin C has advantages over the traditional oral C or non-liposomal supplements. With this technology the phospholipids (that are present in the capsule) creates liposomes. The liposomes are then formed in the stomach when the capsules get mixed with the water.

It has been proved that the movement of water is enough to create some liposomes which helps in getting nutrient entry across the human gut membrane. Hence, the liposomal vitamin c leads to an increased absorption rate.

Vitamin C (taken in the form of liposomal vitamin C) serves as a major role in producing collagen; which is the major component of bones, discs, ligaments, skin and tendons. The high dose of vitamin C (in certain cases) also improves the healing of sprains, broken bones, burns and cuts.

The liposomal vitamin C also acts as an antihistamine and lessens the inflammations that are associated with fevers, allergies, flu and colds. Daily absorption of liposomal vitamin C stops cataracts in humans. It is effective and safe for cancer patients, also it reduces heart disease to a great extent.

Where Can I Buy Liposomal Vitamin C?

Liposomal Vitamin C is now available across the world. It is advisable to check for websites that provide quality liposomal Vitamin C at an affordable rate. Check for the various websites or options to buy, compare them and find a better deal for you for keeping yourself healthy and fit.

Due to its expensive nature and quality concerns many people consider making liposomal vitamin c at home. You can make it in a DIY way by using ultrasonic cleaner which is meant for making liposomal vitamin c.

Although it can be also be made without using an ultrasonic cleaner device, we strongly recommend using the machine as it delivers the best quality in lesser time.

Recommended Dosage

It is always better to take one to two grams of liposomal vitamin C tablets for people who are in good health. Athletes or individual who are with major health challenges can consume about 4-6 grams.

And in case of people who have extreme disease like cancer and other stage infections or heart disease can consume about 8.12 grams of liposomal vitamin C.

The ideal carrier of liposomal vitamin C is the phosphatidylcholines that helps in holding the liposomes together. Care has to be taken that you consume the liposomal vitamin C tablets within one year of its purchase. Also ensure that the quality or brand of liposomal vitamin c you choose, is quality tested at FDA for the safety concerns.

Using Ultrasonic Cleaner To Make DIY Liposomal Vitamin C

Making liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C (and also Glutathione) at home is now easy with the usage of ultrasonic cleaner. Although there are ways by which we can make it without using an ultrasonic cleaner device, it is recommended to use the device as it makes the task super easy and effective.

As the main aim of the device here is not cleaning (but using ultrasonic cavitation for encapsulating ascorbic acid within liposomes), you need to ensure that you use the best ultrasonic cleaner for making liposomal vitamin c which is best suited for the purpose.

Non GMO lecithin powder (for lipid) and ascorbic acid (for vitamin c) are the main ingredients that are used in the recipe. These are dissolved separately in the distilled water and later thoroughly mixed in a blender. The mixture is then processed in an ultrasonic cleaner device for certain length of time.

The detailed recipe and step-by-step process for making DIY liposomal Vitamin C at home can be checked over here. Care that when you have completed the steps and have made your blend, empty it into an air tight glass jar or container.

Ensure that you spend few minutes in cleaning your ultrasonic device thoroughly, as per the instructions given by your manufacturer. This will make your device ready for the next usage.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For Liposomal Vitamin C

Today there are number of websites and stores available, where you buy a best device for making DIY liposomal vitamin c, glutathione and other e-liquids. However we recommend checking at Amazon store which is one of the most reputed and reliable worldwide.

Below are the ultrasonic cleaner models that are top rated at Amazon and re worth considering for making liposomal vitamin c at home.

1- iSonic P4810 + BHK01A Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

iSonic P4810 is one of the best recommended and widely used ultrasonic cleaners for making liposomal vitamin c and glutathione.

The device, along with BHK01A beaker (500 ml), works as a great combination for mixing liposomal vitamin C or herb extraction. If you want to prepare large quantity of liposomal vitamin c at a time you can opt for BHK03A 1000 ml glass beaker in place of 500 ml beaker.

The device comes with a highly powerful industrial grade ultrasonic transducer which is far better than those small personal models. iSonic P4810 unit includes a square tank which is designed specifically to provide uniform ultrasonic energy throughout the tank.

This ultrasonic cleaner also includes a 30-minute timer which makes applications such as liposomal vitamin C mixing or herb extractions easier. Suspended beaker with a cover and holder is provided for delivering you the optimum performance while you are making liposomal vitamin c at home.

An individual glass beaker proves much beneficial as you do not require cleaning an ultrasonic cleaner completely. You just need to clean a beaker after making the liposomal vitamin C, which is much convenient.

Heater is provided, just in case you want to use the device for cleaning items such as jewelry, coins, dentures, watches, etc.

2- BlackHillsGoldSource Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner (Model 890) Review

BlackHillsGoldSource Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Model 890 is another great device which can be used easily for steeping smaller amounts of liposomal vitamin c and other e-liquids. The device is compact & light weight and is therefore easy to store. It’s safe, ecologically friendly and CE & RoHS Certified.

The device comes with a 30 minute digital timer and easy to read display. It has 18 pre-set cleaning cycles that can be used from 90 seconds up to 30 minutes. Make sure that you do not run the unit continuously for hours. You need to cool it down after every 30 minutes, before starting it again.

The auto shut off feature is provided so that the unit powers off automatically after the set time. This means, you can walk away and perform your other core jobs while the ultrasonic cleaner is doing its job.

Powerful 42,000 Hz high frequency sound waves are produced inside the unit which helps in cleaning various items (like eyeglasses, watches, baby pacifiers, jewelry, dentures, tootbrush, etc) at home.

Although both the units mentioned above works brilliantly, we recommend buying iSonic P4810. Especially if you’re main purpose is to make liposomal vitamin c at home, it works very conveniently and is easier to clean.

Important Things To Check Before Buying

Investing in an ultrasonic cleaner for making liposomal vitamin c needs thorough research. As the main goal here is to encapsulate the vitamin C with liposomes (rather than cleaning objects) it is important that you check for certain points before buying the device.

First most important thing to remember is you do not invest high in an equipment which comes with an in-built heater. As you need not require heating the mixture here, there is no sense in getting a costlier device. However if you want to use the device later as a jewelry cleaner, you can go for a model which comes with a heater.

Similar to above, degasing function is not an essential thing to get when you want a good ultrasonic cleaner for liposomal C. This may prove useful in the overall process but is not an essential factor so if you are on a tight budget you can consider buying a unit without this function.

Next you should check for the ultrasonic power (to perform the cavitation process efficiently) and frequency that is most suitable for your purpose. Studies reveal that an average power of 50 to 100 watts per gallon along with a frequency range of 35 kHz can do your job well and good.

In case you want to make liposomal encapsulated vitamin C for a large family or want to store it for few days, you may require a device with higher power. For this you can get in contact with a manufacturer to decide the best suited device as per your need.

One most important thing to get with your device is a – timer. The device with a timer comes with an auto shut off feature which shuts off the unit automatically, once the processing time is complete.

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