How Ultrasonic Cleaner and Bath Sonicator Help Cleaning Dental Instruments?

Ultrasonic cleaner and bath sonicator is one of the most important devices for any dental clinic. These devices are an ultimate solution for taking care of all your cleaning needs pertaining to your dental instruments in a dental lab.

Dentist using dental instrument in clinic

Dentist using dental instrument in clinic

Dental tools and instruments which are used by the dentists regularly comes in contact with tissues, blood, saliva and other contaminants.

These medical tools and instruments are therefore important to get cleaned in an efficient way so that it does not pass any infection to the patients.

And here comes the need of ultrasonic cleaner for dental instruments cleaning which is one of the most trusted and highly recommended method for cleaning removing tissue, saliva, blood and other contaminants from the reusable dental instruments.

Importance of Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners for Dentistry

Work of a dentist includes usage of various medical instruments, equipment and tools. Most common dental instruments found in dental offices include Explorers, Tweezers, Cheatle forceps, Swab holding forceps and towel clips. These instruments are often used on patients for various different dental tasks and treatment and thus require proper cleaning and sterilization before it can be used for next patient.

The dental picks, spatulas, carvers, scrapers and teasing needles that are used during dental treatment are thoroughly cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners which amazingly removes all contaminants in just 10 minute.

To remove the blood stains and contamination from the used dental instruments with hand scrub is a tedious task. Moreover this is not a way to clean and sterilize the dental instruments in an effective way.

Fortunately there are ultrasonic cleaners available for dentists that help to clean these stains from dental instruments in no time.

How To Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dental Instruments Cleaning?

Digital ultrasonic cleaners used for cleaning dental instruments are high quality cleaning equipment that uses high frequency sound waves.

It create tiny microscopic bubbles within a bath, which expands and collapse rapidly with the surface of an item to be cleaned. Furthermore, the cavitation process creates the effective scrubbing action and acts tremendously on the immersed parts of the dental tools to help them clean and sterilize effectively.

While using ultrasonic cleaner in a dental lab, water or other ultrasonic cleaning solvents can be used in a bath tank. Care has to be taken that the item you are wishing to clean is dirt free and wiped off before it is ready for the cleaning in digital ultrasonic cleaner.

Apart from the usage in dentistry and medical field for cleaning surgical instruments it is also used in home for various cleaning purposes. These ultrasonic cleaner for dental office not only serves the purpose for dental instruments but it can be effectively used in cleaning items such as jewelry, lenses, watches, old rusted tools, coins, etc. and are thus a good investment to make.

5 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dental Instruments

Here we discuss the best 3 ultrasonic cleaning machines that can be used by dentists in the dental labs and clinics. You may check the detailed reviews online before buying one for your lab and for the safety of your patients.

1. Digital Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner 0.6 Liters for Hospital and Dental Clinics / Biology Labs

Equipped with a complete stainless steel tank this portable cleaner is a best one for small scale dentists who does not require commercial grade cleaners. Within a affordable range dentists can now clean their dental instruments in their clinics by owning this device.

The tank of the cleaner has a capacity of 600ml which is pretty good for frequent cleaning of tools. This high quality cleaner comes with a plastic basket and the digital LCD display shows all the working well and good.

Additional Features That Makes The Machine A Good Option For Professionals are:

  • Powerful transducers that helps in providing good cleaning effect
  • Large capacity tank which is helpful for professional cleaning of the tools
  • 5 Cycles adjustment with an attractive digital display
  • The lid is transparent which also has blue lights for viewing all the cleaning process while working
  • The circuit design is made secure and moisture proof with latest technology
  • The memory feature for the accidental power failures and radiators for long run

This machine is sold by ACM Global at Amazon where you can buy it at a great price.

With all the best features, this machine (check the pricing details here) is most suitable for use in hospitals and dental clinics. Not only in biological labs and clinics but the machine is also suitable for use in optical stores, jewellery stores, tattoo makers, etc.

2. Kendal Industrial Grade 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner with Degas Function

If you are in search for a dental ultrasonic cleaner which can clean long dental equipment and tools easily, this is a cleaner for you. With the tank capacity of about 5.29 pints (2.5 l) and tank size of 9.6 this cleaning machine is good enough for cleaning all types of dental equipment.

This digitally programmed cleaning device by Kendal can be used for cleaning of the items with different cycles. You can choose from 90, 180, 280, 380, 480 seconds of cycles which makes the operation easy and automated.

Few other features of the machine which makes the device unique are:

  • Powerful transducers (40 KHz and 165 W of total wattage, transducer – 65 watts and a heater – 100 watts) which provides the remarkable results in cleaning.
  • Safe Heating feature which makes the working reliable and safe up to the temperature of 60 degree Celsius.
  • Degas feature is provided for enhanced cleaning of the items.
  • Circuit protector for extra protection of the unit which gives enhanced life to the device.
  • Radiator fan is provided to protect the parts, especially when operated for longer time.
  • Wet proof PCB is provided which is good for usage in labs.
  • It comes with one year warranty

The detailed guide is provided with the machine for understanding all the operations easily. Machine is CE certified and the power cord is UL certified which makes the machine well suited for cleaning the equipment in dental labs, clinics and hospitals.

This Kendal industrial grade ultrasonic cleaning device is made available at Amazon by New Shining Image and is priced bit higher than other portable devices for personal usage.

But at present it is offered at a steep discount which makes the item much affordable for commercial as well as personal users. You can check the detailed review and pricing detail of the machine at before buying one for your usage.

3. Commercial Grade 3 Liter Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental by Kendal

This is another great cleaner for dental labs that helps in cleaning all the dental instruments and tools efficiently within minutes.

This commercial grade heated ultrasonic cleaner is specially meant for hospitals and clinics which needs cleaning of more advanced tools in larger quantity. The powerful transducers and larger tank capacity makes it a best cleaner for professional cleaning.

This device is completely digital and automatically operated which makes the operation much easier. According to the condition of an item and its quantity (you want to clean), you can choose the working cycle.

Due to larger 3 liter capacity it is one good device for dental labs and also for jewellery stores and professionals who want to clean the jewelry with ease. This top branded device by Kendal is sold by BJZ Green Products on Amazon and it has gained much popularity as a high grade industrial cleaner.

This professional ultrasonic cleaning device can also be used in scientific labs, tattoo shops, opticians, watchmakers, antique dealers, electronic workshops, golf club, etc.

Being a commercial grade dental ultrasonic cleaner the price of the product is bit higher than compared to other portable ultrasonic cleaners. But if you purchase it at Amazon it is offered at more than 40% discount which makes it much affordable.

Thus you get an opportunity to buy this advanced professional cleaner for home usage as well for cleaning the items such as expensive jewelry, sunglasses, contact lenses, optical lenses, combs, toothbrushes, electronic shaver head, razors, dining appliance, pen-heads, printer-heads, signature chops, watch parts, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles, small silverware, and much more

The device has got 3.6 stars rating out of 5 which shows that the products works very well as compared to other device in the same price range. And the machine comes with 12 months of service warranty from the manufacturer.

4. VEVOR 3L Heated Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Commercial Grade VEVOR Ultrasonic Cleaner is another great device which is most suitable for dental labs and offices. This 3 Liters capacity ultrasonic cleaner comes with a large tank which is suitable for long equipment and tubes.

The 100 watts heater (with temperature setting 0-80 degrees Celsius) functions powerfully to make the temperature reach to optimum levels quickly. Furthermore timer is provided with the device which enables you to set the time cycle between 1 – 30 minutes.

This VEVOR ultrasonic cleaning device is made up of high quality stainless steel which is highly durable and last for long. Stainless steel tight fitting lid is provided with a handle to prevent water heat from diffusing.

Stainless steel cleaning basket comes with the device which can be utilized for cleaning certain small objects that need less friction. Using basket can actually reduce the friction between small objects and the tank making the machine works more safely, efficiently and powerfully.

5. HappyBuy Large Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

HappyBuy ultrasonic cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled device that uses ultrasonic or high frequency sound waves to efficiently clean all the dental instruments and other delicate items without any risk.

The Microscopic bubbles that are caused by high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signals in fluid, rapidly collapse with the surface of object being cleaned. Thus leaving the objects clean and shining. The bubbles generated are small enough so that it reaches every microscopic crevices to clean and sterilize the instruments effectively.

This large capacity HappyBuy Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner is build up with a 304 stainless steel which makes the machine highly durable. This CE, FCC and RoHS Approved device comes in varied capacities (2L, 3L, 6L, 10L, 15L, and 30L) so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for your cleaning requirement.

This ultrasonic cleaner comes with 250W heating power and 240W ultrasonic power. Furthermore LED digital timer is provided to control the time (1 to 30 minutes) and temperature (0 to 80 degrees Celsius) precisely.

Overall, this easy to operate commercial ultrasonic cleaning device can not only be considered for cleaning dental & surgical instruments but also for objects such as lenses, jewellery, watches, industrial parts and tools, coins, window blinds, musical instruments, firearms, electronics, etc.

Sensitive dental instruments and tools in the dental clinic are prone to damages or being host to bacteria, fungus and other microscopic debris which may in the long run cause infections, if subjected to unhygienic and gross cleaning instruments. Cleaning by ultrasonic bath dental cleaners is thus highly beneficial and should not be ignored.


Why not opt for a high quality ultrasonic cleaner to give your patients the best they deserve by providing the complete hygienic way to dental care.

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