Top 3 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaners For Cleaning Your Dentures At Home

What are dentures? Dentures are the false teeth – a cosmetic replacement for the missing teeth that can be taken out and put back for use. Today’s dentures are more natural looking and comfortable to wear when compared to earlier ones.

The advancement in the dentistry has made it possible to have improved dentures that are natural looking and convenient to wear.

Wearing dentures is no more a problem now as the newer technology material has allowed great improvements. Now a day, the dentists suggest the dentures that fit comfortably and most important help you look younger and beautiful.

Denture Cleaning


Dentures may feel strange for many as usual activities like eating, speaking, etc feels to be bit different.

However the dentists helps you adjust it finely inside your mouth to avoid the discomfort yo may feel. However while wearing these dentures it is recommended that you should not consume too hot liquids or food.

Dentures are tailor made in the dental laboratory from the impression taken of your mouth. The dentist will be determining it and will be placing the dentures accordingly. With the passage of time, the dentures need to be relined due to normal wear.

Relining dentures means to have a new base with the existing denture teeth. The individual may feel discomfort initially with the new dentures, but with the time one gets used to it. If the individual still have irritation, contacting the dentist that will help to cure the pain and discomfort.

What Are The Common Types Of Dentures?

Basically there are 2 types of dentures which can be partial or complete. The partial dentures will be replacing few or one teeth whereas the complete dentures will cover your lower or upper jaw.

Partial Dentures: The partial denture is opted to replace the missing tooth problem. The partial denture comprises of plastic teeth and gum areas with the metal framework. The frame comes with the clasp and other kinds of attachments that hold the dentures in place.

Complete/Full Dentures: The complete or full dentures are the replacement of the total replacement of the teeth for upper or lower jaw and in some cases both. The make of these dentures is similar to that of partial dentures.

Use Of Dentures and Associated Risks

Poor oral hygiene is the real reason which leads to the increasing number of people who are forced to use dentures these days.

The major task with this crowd that needs to be accomplished is to motivate them to visit regularly to the dental clinic for routine checkups and for getting their dentures cleaned regularly.

Ultrasonic denture cleaner

It is a real fact that thorough cleaning of dentures lays on the bottom of the priority lists for the people using dentures.

For these people, a quick brushing and occasionally 5 minute soaking is all included in a denture care, though convincing these patients to adopt more stringent routine for denture cleaning is an arduous battle.

But no worries now! With the advent of denture cleaning ultrasonic machine the routine cleaning of dentures has been simplified so much that this task can be easily accomplished at home without any professional help.

You can always own this tiny denture cleaning device and do the cleaning of your dentures at your own convenience.

Cleaning your dentures in best ultrasonic denture cleaner is time saving as well as much affordable.

3 Best Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner Reviews

It is a great convenience for anyone who uses dentures because this is a device which hardly takes your time and cleans your dentures effortlessly.

But as there are number of brands and models available when it comes to best ultrasonic denture cleaner, it is often hard to choose the one which is most effective and convenient to use.

So, if you are worrying about which one to purchase for cleaning your dentures, we have just simplified your task. Below is a list of best ultrasonic cleaner for toothbrush and denture. Just check out these denture cleaner reviews before you make up your mind.

1- iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards  Review

The reason to choose iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards (100-120V)is not just because it is the best device available in the market.

But it has actually proved its customers that this product works well when it comes to cleaning the dentures at home.

The device is manufactured by the company iSonic Inc. which is founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

This ultrasonic teeth cleaner sparkle clean your dentures in minutes and is exclusively designed for the denture cleaning at home. One can also use denture cleaning tablets with this device for enhanced cleaning. And there is no requirement to prior brush the dentures.

The iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards uses sound waves which targets crevices and cavities to remove particulates from the dentures.

The tank of this Sonic denture cleaner device is made up of stainless steel which makes it long lasting and easy to clean and refill. There is a perforated tray which has been installed inside the tank. This holds the object which has to be cleaned.

When you check online to find the sonic denture cleaner reviews, you will find a lot of happy reviews from the consumers who have purchased this device before.

This ultrasonic denture cleaner is offered at amazing price at Amazon and comes with one year of warranty for the parts. It is compact and light weighted so that you can easily carry with you in a luggage/bag while traveling.

2- Dental Spa Interoral Sonic & UV Cleaner Review

Dental Spa Interoral Sonic & UV Cleaner by Violight is the only denture cleaner that comes with UV technology. This cleaning device uses germicidal UV light and sonic technology to provide you thorough cleaning of dentures at home.

The Violight Dental Spa device is widely used in numerous dental clinics. Dentists also recommend using this denture cleaning device at home to get professionally cleaned dentures within no time.

The cleaning device is quick and efficient in cleaning dentures, retainers, mouthguards, orthodontic devices, whitening trays. Most importantly it also kills nearly 100% H1N1 (Swine) Virus which are found on toothbrushes.

One can use plain water (without the need of any chemicals) to get cleaned, germ free dentures in just five minutes. The device is battery operated and has auto shut off functionality which is an added benefit.

This DIY ultrasonic teeth cleaner has feathery weight and can be carried anywhere in the baggage with you when you are traveling. Nothing fancy, it just requires three AAA batteries to operate.

3- DTMCare Dental Cleaner UV Ultrasonic Sterilization for Denture Review

DTMCare Dental Cleaner UV Ultrasonic Sterilization manufactured by DTMCare is an excellent denture cleaning device for Denture, Toothbrush, Retainer, Invisalign, Mouth Guard and Snore Guard Sleep Retainer.

This UV denture cleaner device has been designed perfectly for commercial as well as residential use. The device is FDA Registered and CE Medical Approved.

The UV Light deodorize and sterilizes, the harmful microorganisms and bacteria with its powerful Ultrasonic vibration. The vibrating waves reaches up to 17000 per minute to remove germs, stains and other sorts of bacteria from the dentures. With this ultrasonic device, there is no need to add any liquid solution, just plain tap water.

This DTM care dental cleaner device comes in-built with energy saving function that automatically turns off after twenty minutes of use. This state of art ultrasonic device for dentures will be a useful and a long term investment. It is portable hence, no hassles to take up with you when you are traveling.

Few Additional Tips To Take Proper Denture Care At Home

Caring for your dentures is equally important for you, besides cleaning. Here are few tips that can help you take proper care of your false teeth in an effective manner.

Handle with Care: We all know that dentures are very delicate in nature and even a simple fall can crack or break them out. Manual cleaning increases the denture’s falling chances many folds. They may slip out from your hands while scrubbing or when you are pulling them from the solution.

In order to protect dentures from such falls, dentures should be cleaned over folded towels using the ultrasonic teeth cleaners that are safe and effective. You can even clean them over the water filled bowl so that it can be saved, just in case if accidentally dropped.

Clean Properly Using Soft Brushes: Ensure that you brush your denture teeth and gums using soft toothbrush. Also clean your gums properly and give it a good massage using fingers. If you have hard toothbrush, change it as soon as possible or you can run it under water to make them soft. You can even use fingers wrapped in clean, damp cloth to clean and massage your gums and dentures.

Cleaning your mouth from time to time is also important. You should gently brush them twice a day. Regular practice of cleaning your oral cavity will not only keep your denture clean but also helps in keeping your mouth fresh.

Soak Them In Denture Cleanser Overnight: Keeping your dentures clean at home is most important task for you which cannot be ignored. For this purpose special cleanser is made that can be mixed in equal quantity of warm water and vinegar.

If your denture has attached metal clasps, make sure you only clean it using warm water for the purpose of soaking. Soaking dentures in water helps in loosening tarter and plaque that has got collected over dentures. This way, it will come off more easily while brushing.

Just because implants stick to bone, it can naturally act like natural tooth. Since they are not as strong, they need proper brushing and flossing on daily basis to make them last longer. But make sure you perform them in a gentle manner.

Store Them Properly And Remove While Sleeping: Storing your dentures at a proper place is important, when not in use. Your false teeth may get out of shape or discolored if you do not store them properly. Do not forget to remove them every night while going to sleep.

Avoid placing them in hot water or keeping them too dry as it is harmful and can damage them. Best is to place them in the cleaning solutions (recommended by dentists) or in plain water.

Also it is a good practice to remove your dentures while going to sleep. This will avoid them to shape out. Also it helps your gums to relax a bit before they again uses these dentures the next day. 🙂

Why Ultrasonic Cleaners are Important for Denture Users?

For people who are quite busy and want to whiten their dentures fast at home safely and naturally, can try ultrasonic cleaner for false teeth which are quite popular and affordable.

Since it is multi-functional, it can be used for cleaning other items too (like jewelry, watch, electronics, metals, etc) and is a must have for everyone who uses dentures.

Additionally, when you observe – manually cleaned dentures under an electron microscope, you will notice that a lot more can be done.

You will find that through routine manual cleaning, you fail to get rid of several micro-organisms that stick to the surface of denture.

Remember that dentures are just like your natural teeth and they are prone to build up dirt, plaque, tarter which needs regular cleaning.

Like we clean our teeth every day, dentures have to be cleaned regularly to make it free from the presence of any unwanted objects like viruses and other contaminants.

Careful complete denture and partial denture care can help in keeping your teeth stay healthy for longer period of time. It is therefore important to take care of your dentures just like your own natural teeth to make them long lasting and to keep them looking natural teeth.

Well, with the availability of such high technological ultrasonic denture cleaning devices, there is no need to go for professional denture cleaning. You can have one of these at your home to get clean your dentures at your convenience.

DO not forget to determine your denture cleaning requirements, and choose from the above three that are today’s best ultrasonic denture cleaning devices available in the market.

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