How Should You Clean Diamond, Sapphire Or Platinum Jewelry At Home?

You own lots of Platinum and Diamond jewelry and probably love to have more from time to time. Well there are certainly no constraints as far as you are able to spend, but these exquisite pieces do need special care so that you can preserve them and enjoy it for long.

Having expensive jewelry means you have to slightly go out of the way to make sure they are properly maintained.

You might be thinking that taking care of these fine pieces is no big deal. Well you are wrong here! Jewelry whether less expensive or more (whether gold, or diamond) are supposed to be attended with great care or else you not only lose its shine but also its value, with the passing time.

Diamond Platinum Jewelry

Most of the people who think about cleaning the expensive jewelry items at home have a question: Should you clean diamond or platinum jewelry at home or not?

Well, cleaning jewelry at home is no rocket science. You can clean your jewelry pieces at home with simple ingredients which are available at home only. You can also go for buying a best jewelry concentrate online which can help in cleaning your jewelry items professionally without the need of attending a jewelry shop.

Many jewelers also make use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for cleaning their jewelry pieces. You can also make use of these devices for cleaning your jewelry at home. However it will need proper care and certain instructions to be followed.

Cleaning Your Diamond, Sapphire And Platinum Jewelry at Home

A platinum ring fitted with a blue sapphire or a diamond, is all a lady can desire for her engagement. However it is important to know that diamond, sapphire and platinum jewelry gets easily smudged, dusty and soiled. Make-up, skin oils, sweat, soap and lot many things dulls your jewelry, reducing their brilliance.

Worry not, as with a bit of routine care you can keep them sparkling clean, as new as ever.

The purpose behind getting your expensive jewelry cleaned at home is you start valuing your precious things a lot which never comes with professional cleaning. Also, you will be able to clean them at your convenience.

As such, there are various methods such as cold water cleaning, detergent bath, quick dip method and ultrasonic cleaning methods through which you can clean your jewelry at home. Applying these methods and techniques you can clean your jewelry items at home to get the sparkling new shine once again without actually spending lots of money.

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Platinum Engagement Ring At Home

Engagement ring

Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring

The process described below will guide you on how to clean your diamond or sapphire platinum engagement ring to keep its beauty everlasting. You might like to clean it on a daily basis. Or just a thorough cleaning once in a while is also helpful.

Steps for Daily Cleaning

If you are using your sapphire or diamond platinum ring regularly on daily basis, you might need to clean it daily. Investing just few minutes daily can preserve its shine and brilliance. Here are quick steps that you can follow:

  • For regular cleaning  take a soft cloth of cotton
  • Soak it in warm water added with mild soap or jewelry cleaning solvent
  • Wipe the ring properly with the soaked piece of cotton
  • And finally wipe it with a piece of cotton soaked in fresh water
  • This will keep your ring gleaming always

Steps for Thorough Cleaning

There are lots of people who use their engagement ring made of platinum and sapphire occasionally. If you are one among them who use your expensive ring very often, then cleaning it thoroughly once in every six months is enough. This will be helpful in keeping intact its brilliance.

Steps followed for thoroughly cleaning your platinum and sapphire rings are:

  • Take some warm water in a bowl
  • Put a little amount of any soft, trusted soap (Your hand wash might serve the purpose)
  • Place the ring in the bowl and leave it for some time (around 15 minutes).
  • Take the ring out and scrub softly
  • You might take the help of a soft jewelry cleaning brush for this purpose
  • You should take care while scrubbing so that the brush should reach every nook and corner of the ring
  • Now wash it in clean mild warm water
  • And finally dry it up by soaking the excess water in a soft cotton strip
  • This will keep your ring sparkling

Hopefully these tips and cleaning advice will help you a lot and will make your engagement ring made up of platinum and sapphire shining just as new always.

Cleaning devices such as ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are also recommended by professional jewelers if you want to clean your expensive engagement ring at home without any trouble.

Some of the jewelers also use steam cleaners after using the ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning and shining the valuable rings. Article here will help you know more about these cleaning devices in detail.

Should You Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Diamonds, Sapphire or Platinum?

The reason to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaning for gemstones and platinum is, it’s less expensive compared to what you pay for the professional cleaning at the jewelry shops.

But as not all the sonic jewelry cleaners are good to be used for gemstones, diamond or platinum jewelry, we usually recommend checking with your manufacturer or an instruction manual provided with your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner so that you can confirm about it before using.

According to Gemological Institute of America’s Essential Colored Stone Reference Guide ultrasonic cleaning for corundum stones such as sapphire and rubies is safe to implement as far as your stones does not carry inclusions. Also you can use ultrasonic cleaning devices safely for gemstones that are not fractured from inside or have been not cavity filled.  

If you are pretty unsure about the jewelry type or gemstone you want to clean, it is best to avoid the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner completely for a while and use other recommended methods or products.

5 Best Products for Cleaning Platinum and Diamond Jewelry at Home

Besides using the ultrasonic cleaners for diamond jewelry cleaning, below are the top recommended products that are available for you to buy at Amazon store. As these are completely safe for all types of jewelry items (including gemstones) you can get them online risk free.

You may read the detailed reviews below to know which is the best suited items, for you to clean your jewels (including diamonds and platinum) at home. These will surely help you out in cleaning your jewelry like a PRO without investing much.

1- Weiman Jewelry Cleaner, 7 fl oz

Weiman jewelry cleaner (7 fl oz) is a product that is meant for cleaning all your jewelry items at home very efficiently.

No matter whether you want to clean diamonds, platinum, precious gems or just your gold jewelry this is a best cleaner for you to purchase.

The cleaner is a mixture of surfactants, ammonia and chelating agent that helps in removing all the dirt and grime from your jewelry. By using this cleaner, you can restore your items to brilliant shine in just few minutes.

Although the Weiman jewelry cleaner is perfect for all the jewelry items, make sure that you do not use on coral, ivory, amber, malachite, pearls, jade or turquoise.

2- Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner, Precious, 8 oz

.Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner is another great cleaner for all your expensive jewelry items at home.

It specially works great with diamonds and other precious stones. And is therefore good fit for those who are unable to find a good cleaner for cleaning their expensive gemstone jewelry.

According to the customers who have used this cleaner before, it works for cleaning the platinum rings and even on white gold. The rhodium plating done on your jewelry do not get harmed when you clean it with this cleaner.

The package includes a cleaner with a cup and a brush which helps you in cleaning the items carefully without harming them. The package is sealed pack.

You can check the detailed review here along with the customer testimonial and ratings.

3- Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry Cleaner (Bring out the bling!) is yet another great product that leaves your jewelry sparkling bright as if new, within few minutes.

The dazzle stik uses a premium twist-to-dispense click pen to clean the diamonds using the specialized solution to a flow-thru brush.

The unique quality brush is designed for cleaning the diamonds and other precious stones (along with their mountings) easily at home.

Further the formula contains micro fine cleansers and polishing agents combined with polymer. This polymer fills-in the fine scratches on the jewelry setting which dramatically enhances the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds without getting them damaged. The polymer fill in also works greatly to reduce the amount of build-up dirt in future.

The easy to use flow thru brush is portable and made in USA. You can easily carry this in your makeup case, purse or while traveling.

Along with the jewelry cleaning feature, this Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik also serves as a perfect soothing emollient which is quiet gentle on your skin. Just make sure that you keep them away from your eyes and out of reach if children.

This jewelry cleaner stik is good for home as well as commercial usage and is available in the packing of 1, 2 or 6 stiks. You can buy them as per your need.

4- Brilliant® 8 Oz Jewelry Cleaner with Cleaning Basket and Brush

Brilliant ® jewelry cleaner is an ideal cleaning product for all types of jewelry including gold, platinum, and diamond.

Not only these, but you can also clean all types of jewelry and gem stones such as ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and many other non-porous precious and semi-precious gem.

The only item which is not recommended to clean is the jewellery made of pearls. As pearls are made up of very porous material this solution is not recommended to be used on pearls.

The included basket with this cleaner makes it easy for you in removing any pieces you want from jewellery for additional soaking in the solution.

Small bristle which is also included with this cleaner helps you in removing are large particles from the items to be cleaned.

Being one of the best reliable jewelery cleaner in the market this solution helps you in getting your jewellery sparkling clean at home.

So why not check this Brilliant ® jewellery cleaner out and avoid all your trips to the local jeweller store.

5- Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner 8 oz (Our Top Favorite and Bestselling in USA)

Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate 8 Oz is our top favourite and bestselling item to clean all your jewellery items at home.

Especially if you want to clean your items like a pro this is concentrated liquid cleaner that is just right for you. You just need to follow the directions of usage and just small quantity of this cleaner to get the sparkling clean jewelry items at home.

This specially formulated safe and non-toxic jewelry cleaner concentrate is mixed with water and can be used with all types of cleaning machines as well as ultrasonic jewellery cleaners.

Above all as this the cleaner is pleasant smelling it is easy to use and leaves back pleasant odor after the usage. The product is also safe for your eyes, hands, body and for your pets and children as it does not include any harmful chemicals.

The Blitz Concentrated Jewelry Cleaning Solution is made in the USA and can be used as a cleaner in machines, dip in or in a spray bottle. This is also helpful in removing certain types of stains from your clothing.

The cleaner is a brilliant choice for all types of jewelry items including gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and other non-porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry.

Besides using the above mentioned products for cleaning jewelry, taking good care of diamond and platinum jewelry, to prolong its prominence with time, is a great idea.

Care that you do not wear your diamond or platinum jewelry while doing house hold work such as washing, cleaning etc. Even though they are durable, any rough touch can chip it.

Also take care that you do not spray any type of perfume or deodorant on your expensive jewelry items which may harm, damage or discolour them.

Diamond or Platinum jewelry must be kept well-stored when they are not worn. You may get the jewelry case that divides your each jewelry item from one another to keep them individually separate. This will avoid scratching them with one another and with other valuable pieces.

Although platinum is very hard metal it is sometimes seen that rings made up of thin layer can get damaged if not handled properly. It is thus recommended that you never press your ring and other pieces too hard to break it up from the joints. Ensure that you handle it with care at instances when you take it off.

Last but not the least keep your platinum jewelry away from exposure to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals. Prolong exposure to direct sun light may affect the shine of the jewelry and harsh chemicals can easily damage you jewelry if not cared.

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