Ultrasonic cleaner is a profound cleaning equipment, that apply ultrasound energy for cleaning various items at a professional level.

With an ultrasonic cleaner such as Midmark cleaning device you can use only water for cleaning, however using a suitable solution is recommended as it improves cleaning and throws all soiling out easily. The entire cleaning hardly takes few minutes and the fragile item will look absolutely immaculate.



As there are many brand new ultrasonic cleaners to choose from thorough examination and research has to be done before choosing a machine that cleans your fragile items easily and professionally.

Midmark Ultrasonic cleaner is one of the famous brand new units and is known for sound performance and long term durability, especially when it comes to industrial and professional cleaning.

What Is Unique About Midmark Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Without any doubt ultrasonic cleaner is one of the fastest and safest method for cleaning various instruments and components professionally as well as at home.

The only disadvantage known about using these devices is its bit noisy and are not quiet while operating.

Midmark Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners are built keeping this in mind and are known for its consistent cleaning without emitting any noise. These are said to be the quietest yet powerful in healthcare industry.

These branded Soniclean cleaners are also ranked by independent national laboratory as the quietest ultrasonic cleaning devices among all the tested devices.

Noise can be a great problem in health care industry which can disturb the patients, staffs and doctors. But the problem is solved with these Midmark ultrasonic cleaning machines which operates noiselessly and this is one of the most impressive features which makes these cleaners popular.

Unlike other ultrasonic cleaners the transducers used are different in these machines which makes it more powerful and quiet. These Midmark Soniclean cleaners utilizes ultrasonic stack transducer that enables the device reaching 12-15 watt/sq. in as compared to other cleaners where it is only 2-3 watt/sq. in.

Along with above features these cleaners also are known for its superior acoustic pressure produced by the powerful transducers. This is integrated with the Overlapping Wave frequency (OWF) technology which generates powerful cavitation in the unit.

All this and more enables these cleaner to operate quicker and to produce efficient cleaning of all the instruments without any risk. These cleaners can also be integrated well with the Midmark Steri-Center Sterilization System for additional features and functionality.

Midmark Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices: Models Available and Buying Options

Midmark units comes with varied capacities such as 1-1/2 gallons, 2-1/2 gallons and 5-1/2 gallons. Industrial, durable 40 kHz transducers are used to make these models.

Best cleaning power and in-built sweep frequency that ensures uniform cleaning throughout the bath is added into the device. You can buy following popular models while searching for the best Midmark ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Midmark Soniclean M250 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Midmark Soniclean M550 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Midmark Soniclean M150 1.5 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Midmark Corporation M150-001 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1-1/2gal 12×16 1.5Gal Ea

These models are equipped with in-built drains and have tank drain kits, which add to the safety and convenience of operators. Midmark Ultrasonic cleaners include an automatic timer with ‘Hold’ option that lets easy and safe operation.

However, you have to analyze your requirements and then choose the most suitable unit from the available options at Midmark. Consider your budget, term of use and other factors when buying this branded ultrasonic cleaner.

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