Lyman is a well-known and one of the most reliable name when it comes to ultrasonic cleaners. Not just powerful ultrasonic cleaners for personal and industrial use, they are also the leading producer of tools and accessories used by shooters and reloaders.

Infact Lyman is a pioneering brand that have used digital technology in building high quality reloading tools, calibers and bullet moulds.

Although they offers some of the best products in the market, the brand is continuously working on improving and innovating the tools for today’s digital age generation for making the life easier for them.

According to them, just getting the job done is not a thing they want to achieve with their tools and devices. Rather they work hard for delivering value and best performance by making use of most advanced technology.

Simply saying, they are dedicated towards listening to the needs of today’s shooters and reloaders who actually want something extra than just – the performance.

And they make it possible by making Lyman stand on the very top of:  “Brands That Perform”

Lyman: A Short History and Popular Products

Hard to believe, but the proud history of Lyman Products began in late 1800’s. It was when an enthusiastic outdoorsman and inventor – named William Lyman – created a product that sorted out the problem of gun sight.

Carrying forward the legacy of William Lyman, Lyman and family continued building reloading products which proved exceptionally useful for shooters and reloaders.

Lyman handbooks are today known as the “bible” of reloading as it served as a most trusted source for data among shooters for gaining the knowledge about reloading.

Their Lyman Turbo Tumbler, which was introduced as a vibratory case polisher in early 1980s, was the revolutionary way of cleaning fired cases. After being a leader in many such products (including reloading kits, presses and dies) they are now known for producing best ultrasonic cleaners for case cleaning.

5 Best Lyman Ultrasonic Cleaner Reviews

Lyman ultrasonic cleaners offers some of the bestselling cleaning devices in industry. They pride themselves as a brand which listen to their customers and provide them the best as per their requirement to make shooting and reloading easier, safer and entertaining.

In case you are interested in buying one among these world class cleaners for shooters, here we can help you out. Below are the bestselling Lyman ultrasonic cleaners on the market. You may check them out in detail to pick the best one as per your need.

1- Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner

Lyman’s new Turbo Sonic is made to deliver best ultrasonic cleaning to clean cases inside and out. Reloaders can now get their fired cases cleaned up within minutes by using this excellent device at their home.

This Lyman sonic case cleaning device delivers great cleaning results and superior ultrasonic performance with its heated tank and plastic basket.

Accurate cleaning is made possible by this cleaner as it gets into each nook and corner of the cases and primer pockets without fail. Using Lyman’s specially formulated case cleaning solution is highly recommended for getting most advanced cleaning results.

2- Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner

Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 ultrasonic case cleaner comes with 6.3 quart tank that can easily be utilized for cleaning handgun or multiple pistol frames. The tank also includes a built-in drain and hose that makes changing of solution very easy.

The Lyman ultrasonic cleaner 6000 device is powered with two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers and 5 timed cleaning cycles that provides high class cleaning in just few minutes.

A large plastic parts basket for easy cleaning and handles for convenience are also provided with the machine to make your cleaning experience a breeze.

3- Lyman Products Turbo Sonic Power Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Lyman Power Pro ultrasonic cleaner is a well-designed powerful cleaning system for high volume ultrasonic cleaning of your items.

With its extra-long heated tank and ten built-in powerful industrial grade transducers it enables the gunsmiths, armorers and shooters to clean all the metal items with ease.

Not only this Lyman Power Pro device clean the items aggressively but also it degreases the items both inside and out. If you are a professional who need to clean multiple handguns and cases at a time, this is essentially a device for you.

4- Lyman Products 1200 Turbo Sonic Case and Parts Cleaner

Lyman Products 1200 Turbo Sonic Case and Parts Cleaner is yet another great device which comes with mid-size tank (to accommodate up to 350 9mm cases) to make your cleaning task comfortable.

This TurboSonic 1200 Lyman ultrasonic cleaner 115 volt comes with easy-to use and easy-to-see touch-screen control panel, powerful transducer and a well-designed cleaning basket which all together delivers superior cleaning results within just few minutes. Also the unit includes sturdy molded handles for lifting and pouring the solution easily while changing.

In addition to cleaning all your cases and primer pockets, it can also help to clean and lubricate stainless steel items. You can do this by utilizing Lyman’s TurboSonic Steel Cleaning Solutions and Lubricant which are available online at a very low cost.

5- Lyman Turbo Sonic 700 Small Part Cleaner

Lyman Turbo Sonic 700 ultrasonic cleaner is an ideal device for cleaning small batches of firearm parts and cases (up to 100 9mm cases). It features 2 color LED display, 5 timed cleaning cycles and easy digital controls for superior cleaning results.

It also features a stainless tank and a plastic basket to accommodate parts like dies, mould blocks, cylinders, magazines, etc. Furthermore with its watch stand and CD holder you can also utilize the device to clean items such as watches and CDs without any hassle.

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