How to Easily Remove Chrome Plating with Ultrasonic Technology?

Chrome plating is a very narrow layer of nickel and chromium components that are put onto a metal or a plastic surface through electroplating or electrolysis procedure.

In this method the metal object is put into an extremely toxic, explosive and carcinogenic solution of sulfuric acid and chromic acid to which a negative electric energy transits the object to draw the positive energy moving through the solution.

Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating (also referred to as chromium plating or simply as chrome) is done for different purposes such as decorative, tarnish resistant, corrosion and for durability.

This is also used in automotive industry for plating the car headlights and other parts such as rims, aluminum wheels, bumpers, etc.

Most of the times chromium plating is done for useful purposes, but at times when the product becomes tarnished or the plating gets damaged, it is required to remove the plating from the product.

Chrome plating is often times hard and cannot be removed efficiently without a professional help.

Fortunately, there is a simple method which involves using ultrasonic technology that removes chrome plating easily and efficiently.

Known as ultrasonic stripping, the process includes dissolving chrome plating using a cleaning solution, ‘super clean tough task cleaner-degreaser’.

Removing Chrome Plating with Ultrasonic Cleaning Device and Tehcnology

There are many ultrasonic cleaning techniques and ultrasonic cleaning machines for removing chrome plating. Different kinds of models, makes, sizes, energy types and prices of cleaning equipment to choose from are available and one needs to choose the most suitable for the specific requirement they have.

Some cleaning equipment feature short running timer, which shows that the unit can’t run longer due to overheating and will break down, if run constantly.

So, you have to check and ensure the runtime of the timer, particularly if you want the cleaner to do tasks that will take long time to remove chrome plating.

There are units including steady set timers that indicate they can be used constantly and highly durable than other units. If you want to remove more than one part at one time, then choose rectangular baskets as they are best for model parts and will prevent the parts from pushing together while cleaning.

Ensure that you choose an ultrasonic cleaning unit that has appropriate size and fits your model parts that need chrome removal. It should be also deep enough to do absolute submersion of the parts.

If your motorcycle or truck part will benefit from an absolute restoration of its chromed parts, then you have to fully remove the chrome plating before you go for the next layer. Ultrasonic technology is known to achieve this effectively without using any corrosive contents and solvents.

While operating the cleaner for cleaning chrome plating removal, you will need to put a powerful degreasing solution to the water in the ultrasonic cleaner tank. The solvents are biodegradable and affect the coating only. You have to handle them with great care because they can harm your skin.

When you put the parts to remove chrome plating, the ultrasonic waves will begin oscillation and cavitation and within 5 minutes the task will be accomplished to give you clean surface free from chrome plating.

Other Methods That May Be Used for Removing Chrome Plating At Home

Task of removing chrome plating (on surfaces such as plastic or metal) can also be accomplished by using strong chemical solutions such as Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid or Sodium Hydroxide.

But as these solutions are highly volatile, toxic, and even carcinogenic, care has to be taken while employing this method. One should also be much careful while cleaning with these chemicals as these can even damage the product.

A weak or fake chrome plating can also be removed by using household products such as homemade abrasive, an oven cleaner, a household bleach, an automotive break fluid, etc.

Proper handling and care is much needed while utilizing these methods and products as these are toxic in nature and can harm your body or product that need to be free from chromed.

Besides all the above, methods such as abrasive blasting, sand blasting, bead blasting, etc. can be utilized which can help you to remove chrome plating from the required product. Fine grain medium is used in this process for blasting the chrome so that there the underlying metal do not get any damage.

Although all the above processes are easy to do, this cannot be done without the professional help. It is therefore important that one should take proper care and get professional help (if needed) to get the job done. This will safeguard your body as well as protect your product from getting damaged.

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