How To Clean Your Gun and Its Parts Effectively At Home?

To have the shooting hobby is good, but it does require regular maintenance of the gun and firearms you use so that you’re shooting hobby goes smooth. It is the most important thing to see that your gun is routinely cleaned for smooth operation whenever required.

Clean Your Gun

Gun cleaning at home

For some gun owners it might be difficult to clean their guns at home, but actually it is possible to get it professionally cleaned and that too without much of hassles.

Any firearm owner knows how precious is to own a gun. This means to treasure the piece it requires good cleaning inside out. For any novice, it may feel to be an intimidating task. But if followed the cleaning steps appropriately, the gun can be effectively cleaned without any trouble.

When you fire or shoot a gun the residue of the gun powder remains in the barrel. Though the receiver and the chamber are clean, if you run a brush from the muzzle end you will found the gun powder and dirt particles hiding. And it is no doubt that if you do not remove these minute particles it makes the gun working problematic.

Perhaps this is the major cause of the gun case being stuck or get into the problems with lever actions, loading and while shooting as well. Cleaning your gun at regular intervals is the only solution to this.

How To Clean Your Gun After Shooting It?

Before going ahead with the cleaning process it is important to keep certain checklists in mind such as:

Getting Hold Of A Cleaning Kit: There are pre-assembled cleaning kits that specifically satisfy the needs to clean a gun. These gun cleaning kits are already available in the market. You can get hold of one such kit from sporting goods store.

Another method by which you can turn to cleaning a gun is by getting the required components separately. The components required to clean a gun are as follows:

  • Cleaning Solvent
  • Gun Oil
  • Cleaning Brush and a patch holder
  • Flashlight
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Fibre clothes that are polishing friendly

Strip Your Gun: Before going ahead with the cleaning process it is important to ensure that your gun is completely unloaded. Unloading a gun is important to ensure that no cartridge or round is left to remain inside the gun. No gun can be considered unloaded if the barrel on which round is loaded is not checked. Cartridge should be checked on the same side through which it’s loaded

Disassemble: Dissembling a gun is the method by which gun and its associate part are removed.

  • Make sure to remove only those components that manufacture suggests. Do not entirely disassemble and then struggle to re assemble them making them unusable.
  • Components such as barrel, slide, magazine, and frame in a gun need to be separated.

Alternately there are some guns in market that need not be disassembled at all to clean them except the chamber.

How To Use A Gun Cleaning Kit?

Gun cleaning kit is a most essential and useful item for you when you are in need to clean your gun, rifles, pistols at home in a DIY way. The most basic things which are contained in the kit are:

  • Gun cleaning rod
  • Gun cleaning brushes
  • Gun cleaning swab and patches

While using a gun cleaning kit you need to first use the cleaning patch. Put few dabs of recommended gun cleaning oil on the patch and put the patch in the rod. Now pass this patch and rod in to the barrel few times so that the burned gun powder gets loosen up and cleaned easily. Once you have done this step, use the brush with bristles and clean the barrel. Depending upon the gun type you can also use old tooth brush for initial clean up instead of rod, brush and patch.

Now use a clean swab of cotton to swap out all the dirty crap present in the barrel. If required you may use another clean patch with a drop of oil to clean and oil the barrel. This process will help you clean your gun at home and you can make it ready for next shooting session.

How To Clean Your Gun Without A Kit?

Cleaning your gun is important after shooting so that you keep it safe in working condition for your next use. However using a gun cleaning kit makes your job easier, you can also clean your gun without a kit if you want.

For people who don’t use their rifles, guns or pistols too much, do not want to invest much money into a gun cleaning kit.It may also be due to you being a new gun user. Or you may have misplaced your cleaning kit and want to get it cleaned urgently without a kit.

The main purpose however lies in cleaning their guns so that it functions smoothly whenever required. the main aim should not be to make it look good or shiny!

Some of the basic things you’ll need are: soft t-shirt or a paper towel (in place of cleaning rag), knife or scissors, long rod type item such as stick or hanger (in pace of gun cleaning rod).

First of all when you want to clean your gun without a kit and you are prepared for it, just ensure that the gun is not loaded. Then dissemble your gun (make sure you know the process as every gun need to be dissembled differently) properly and keep all the parts at a safe place where you can clean it properly without any disturbance.

Now take your cleaning rag (a t-shirt or towel) and cut it into few small squares. These should be small enough so that it fits down into your gun barrel.

Take a small rag and dab a bit of oil. Grab the dirty dissembled bolts and wipe them off for cleaning. Make sure that you remove all the carbon and dirt material so as to make it shining once again. Also ensure that you clean the firing pin properly which is located inside the bolt.

Now hold the gun part in such a way that it has chamber and barrel both. This will ensure that all the dirt and carbon residues does not go into the chamber (but goes out of the barrel) while cleaning. Now get one of those cu down rag and with a bit of oil on it place it on the chamber. Take the rod type item and force down the rag into the barrel with it. Get it down and up few times so that the barrel is cleaned properly.

Also clean the chamber with your small soft cloth to make sure that all the residual oil, carbon, and other foreign particles are removed. Until this step you may be seeing the nice shine on your gun and its parts.

Now after this basic cleaning, reassemble your gun carefully. Without loading it perform a “functions check” by dry-firing your gun. This will ensure that your gun is assembled properly and is ready for next use.

The above methods and tips may also prove useful for cleaning your BB guns, air guns, pellet rifles, automatic or semi automatic guns, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, you can also consider buying an ultrasonic gun cleaner for cleaning the guns and its parts at home.

The ultrasonic gun cleaner is a powerful device that creates tiny bubbles in the tank with the pressure that gets the gun parts thoroughly cleaned. These are excellent devices that gives you professional gun cleaning in minutes. These ultrasonic gun cleaners are widely available in the market and you can choose brands such as Hornady, Kendal, Lyman and many more that are as per your gun cleaning requirements.

Things To Take Care While Cleaning Your Gun and Firearms

The things you need to take care while cleaning your gun effectively at home are:

Careful About Not To Rub The Bore: All firearms records their history, this is the reason why most people look down the barrel of the gun. Any experienced eye can tell the number of the shots, and the maintenance applied to the firearm.

Several marks are caused by the careless gun owners who were not good at cleaning and let the rod rub inside the barrel. Make sure of not to repeat this mistake, it just not only looks bad, but also creates hassles while firing.

Use Cleaned Patch Surface Every Time Unloading The Barrel: This is very much like to mop the surface and rinsing and moping out. So, while cleaning the gun every time you will get the abrasive dirt in the muzzle hence, ensure the patch you are using is clean.

The patch dip in the solvent will clean out the dirt, so if you are using the same patch again the same dirt will be accumulated in the neck and the chamber. This is certainly the wrong cleaning.

No Brushing In The Barrel First: This is exactly the wrong direction to clean and can damage your weapon or the firearm. The brush will be picking up the powder residue, moisture and dirt deposits into the receiver or chamber. The solvent dipped brush will drop every minute thing on the way out, so try not cleaning that way.

Use Few Drops Of Solvent: This is the common misunderstanding that if you use more solvent the better cleanliness it will provide. This damages the inside of the gun and never use the solvent directly to your firearm. Always use some patch so that it absorbs the extra solvent.

Proper Ventilation: It is a fact that most of you keep guns inside a closet that are not easily accessible to anyone other than close family members. This is done to ensure that secrecy remains and your gun is not misused in any way. While cleaning a gun make sure to allow yourself a proper ventilated space. They are important for the following reasons:

  • Solvents used in cleaning a gun are mostly noxious and can result in you getting sick after cleaning.
  • The solvent and oil might let out a foul smell that might become unbearable.
  • Always cover your face while cleaning a gun.
  • Clean your gun on a bright and dry day.

Once all the cleaning process is over make sure that your gun or a pistol is reassembled and kept in storage keeping in mind the safety criteria.

A gun is always supposed to be kept in a space that does not absorb moisture. Buy a safe or gun cabinet that’s specifically designed for the purpose of safeguarding your hard earned possession.

To sum up, whatever the lifestyle you are in, make sure that you take time out from your busy schedule to clean your gun so that it stays good for use always.

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