How To Clean Your Expensive and Antique Jewelry At Home The DIY Way?

Cleaning expensive jewelry at home is not a difficult or expensive task, as it sound to be. In fact you will find several cleaning items at home or at nearest grocery store that can help clean your expensive jewelry in an efficient way.

If you are an avid person who owns expensive jewelry, cleaning them on regular basis and keeping them crystal shining is most important for you.

Expensive Jewelry

Expensive Jewelry

Why Jewelry cleaning?

While wearing jewelry they undergo many wear and tear including sweat, make-up, dust particles, perfume spray, heat, sun, clothes friction, etc.

Expensive jewelry (like your antique pieces) is not something that you can buy everyday hence, looking after them will need special care.

To keep it clean, safe and shining like new they need routine cleaning care so that they continue to add elegance to your personality.

So, how you are going to take care and clean your expensive jewelry at home? Let us take a look at some of the easy steps and tips for cleaning.

First of All Guard It from Scratches: Expensive jewelry is bound to have scratches easily. Hence, to avoid this it is important that you keep your expensive pieces in individual boxes so that the pieces do not rub up against each other and avoid getting scratched.

Whenever you travel with them, make sure that you do not put them in one box. This way it will keep the luster intact and makes it easy to clean them when you are back home.

DIY Home Cleaning Instructions for Expensive Jewellery

DIY cleaning is one of the best ways for getting your antique jewelry pieces cleaned in very less time. If you are not able to afford professional cleaning, then you can do the cleaning at home at your own convenience with the help of basic, simple ingredients. For this you will require:

Jewelry cleaning at home

Jewelry cleaning at home

  • a tooth-brush with soft bristles,
  • liquid soap or mild detergent,
  • a soft cloth

Steps of cleaning:

  • Pour the liquid in a small dish, and add warm water to make fine lather
  • Then put your expensive jewelry in the dish and leave it for some time
  • Using the brush gently, scrub them to remove the dirt
  • Clean the jewelry with clean water and pat them dry with the soft cloth so the water stains are not present
  • You can also use a hair dryer for drying the jewelry pieces

If you are able to follow this cleaning method regularly then you will find your fine jewelry pieces sparkling shine all the time.

However it has been seen that as this cleaning action involves the scrubbing of jewellery, it can have the risk of getting them damaged. Especially if you are cleaning the fine delicate jewelry (like gemstones), you should be very careful about it.

We have added few extra steps below, for cleaning and caring your pieces which are antique or carry gemstones.

How To Clean Antique Gemstone Jewelry at Home: 7 Easy Steps to Follow

cleaning the jewelry

Jewelry embedded with gemstones like amber, sapphire, pearl, emerald, opal, jade, etc are often times risky to clean at home. But with bit of care and precautions you can clean these jewelry items at home in an efficient way.

Here we suggest 7 easy steps to follow that will help you to clean the antique gemstone jewelry at home. These include:

  1. Examine the gemstones with the use of gloves: No matter what sort of jewelry or quality of stone you have in it, make sure that it is fit and perfect in its place before beginning the cleaning process. Take a hairpin or any small object with a point to see whether you can twist each stone in the ring around in its way or setting.
  1. Assure that the stones are without foil on their reverse side: It needs to be observed whether there is foil on the back side of the stone as it will lose the foil when immersed in water.
  1. Perform a test cleaning: In case, if the piece of your antique jewelry has foil at the back of the small stones, then you need to carefully clear the tops of the stone with the use of damp lint less cloth. Be careful that there is no such trace of water in the mountings.
  1. Begin to clean the jewelry piece: Thinking that there is no such foil on the back of the stones and they are secure, proceed following the caution from this step. Test the end of the piece by immersing in a solution of ½ cup warm water, 2 drops of ammonia and 2-3 drops of safe dishwashing soap.
  1. Remove the jewelry from the solution and scrub gently with a soft toothbrush: This is important after immersing the jewelry in the solution for some time. Be careful and do not allow the water to enter into the rest of the jewelry piece. Clean, dry and store safe.
  1. Dry the piece and inspect once again: Are the stones perfect in their place? Is the piece looking shinier? If so, then you place the piece and loosen the grime with the use of soft toothbrush and rinse under the warm water to get free from any hidden grime in the small holes. Repeat if required and dry it perfectly.
  1. Finally, make use of pipe cleaners and toothpicks for making the jewelry shinier and sparkling between the small size stones.

Do You Really Need Professional Cleaning?

Dust accumulation along the edges of the jewelry (where diamonds are encrusted) is one major problem that many of us face. Therefore, professional cleaning will be required to retain the shine of your jewelry.

If you want to clean your jewellery items without damaging them, it is always advisable that you give your jewels to a professional jeweler to clean for you. With the help of advanced technological machines like ultrasonic and steam cleaners, a professional jeweler will help get rid of the dirt build up that don’t go off with ease when you clean it at home.

Though professional cleaning seems to be a prudent choice, everyone has preferences and there is a question of reliability. It is not easy to trust with your professional jewelry cleaning stores.

Moreover as these professionals can be expensive to hire, not many people can afford them for the regular cleaning of their jewelry pieces. Thus, cleaning it at home seems to be a sensible alternative.

We recommend you buying a brilliant ultrasonic device for this which can save lots of time and money for you, while cleaning your jewelry at home.

For cleaning the delicate jewelry at home you will find some precise jewelry cleaners’ liquids or solutions along with small portable sonic machines available online. Not that expensive, but if you are keen on having your expensive pieces cleaned nicely at home these can help you get the best desired results.

Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners To Clean Expensive Jewellery At Home

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a very compact device available which is designed to remove dirt and grime from your expensive and antique jewellery with ease. This ultra sonic device can be easily found at any shopping website or at online stores such as Amazon.

Working of these compact sized ultrasonic jewelry cleaners is simple as it just requires your few minutes when you want to clean your jewelry at home.

jewelry cleaner

Compact ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Place an ultrasonic cleaning device on a flat surface or a table near you. Open the top lid and fill the stainless steel tank with plain tap water. Then you need to put your jewellery items directly in the water tank or basket (included in the machine).

How These Machines Works?

Turning the machine ON will produce high frequency 42,000Hz ultrasonic waves. And you will see that the submerged items are getting cleaned slowly and gently. The dirt from your expensive jewelry item separates off into the water within few minutes of cleaning cycle.

You need to set the timer of the machine to get desired cleaning cycle so that the machine switches OFF automatically after the cleaning time is reached.

The indicator light turns On when you switch On the unit and the digital controls will show all the details of the time left.

The ultrasonic waves unleashed at the mammoth speed per second will engender billions of microscopic bubbles which upon coming in contact with the jewellery surface will implode forcible against its wall bringing about sparkling clean surface.

When is Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution Required?

It is recommended to add a detergent (not too harsh) or few drops of jewelry cleaner concentrate into the water, if you find that the dirt accumulated is too stubborn to clean. This provides you the enhanced cleaning of your items.

You can make your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaner solution at home or can find some affordable solutions online.

The cleaning process gently knocks the dirt off from your jewellery, making it look more attractive and lustrous once again. Most of these ultrasonic cleaning devices also works best on gems and stones along with white gold and platinum.

Moreover dirt and contaminants will be effectively dislodged from minute cracks and dents on the surface that would have been virtually impossible to remove by using only cleaning solutions.

Tips for Caring And Storing Your Antique Jewelry for Extra Longevity

Now when you know about the effective jewelry cleaning steps, it is also worth to know about how you can care for them to keep them like shining new always.

An analysis showed that more than 45% of people who owns antique jewelry, rarely cares about its maintenance and careful storing.

Although they know that these jewelry may lose its luster and shine without proper maintenance, it goes unnoticed, locked in their wardrobes or lockers.

Since these antique jewelries are unique as well as expensive these should be cared periodically so that you do not lose them anyhow. It has been seen that following few simple techniques, tips and handling precautions can save your antique jewelry from getting old.

Storing Your Antique Jewelry

Storing your antique jewelry at a secure damp free place is one essential tip that should be followed especially when you are storing them for long term. This will prevent the exposure of any type of humidity which can cause damage to your vintage jewelry. This also helps in minimizing the risk of jewelry getting exposed to airborne pollutants.

It is best to use separate jewelry boxes with compartments for storing each type of jewelry based on their make, kind and metals. For instance you can buy separate jewelry boxes for storing your gold, silver, gemstone, platinum or any other type of jewelry. This will prevent them from corroding as well help you in easy access when needed.

Alternatively you can opt for clean acid-free tissues or all-cotton jewelry bags for storing your different types of antique jewelry. Avoid using the bags made up of plastic, silk or wool as this may cause damage. Also it is important to clear off all the salts, grime or dirt before storing the jewelry. This will prevent the attack of these elements to your jewelry items and surfaces when stored. You can do this basic cleaning by wiping or brushing the jewelry surface.

Even when you have followed the above storing tips for antique jewelry, your items gets dirty or tarnished with time. If you have a nice collection of vintage antique jewelry which has got a dull finish with time, then there are few tips on how to clean your antique jewelry at home. Let us check them out to get the shine back…

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