How to Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home with Ultrasonic Technology?

Diamond ring is the most cherished possession of a lady who prizes it more than her life. It reflects the attitude, dignity and class of the lady. Especially when it is your engagement ring you will not love to see its shine going with time.

Unfortunately due to nature affects; conserving the sheen, vitality and glory of the diamond ring can prove to be a daunting task.

Cleaning Diamond Ring

Cleaning Diamond Ring

But worry not, as ultrasonic diamond ring cleaner alleviates your worries regarding the cleaning process and confers upon the ring the same luster and gloss as would be provided by the professional cleaning service of a jeweler.

Ultrasonic diamond cleaner is the one stop destination to have dirt, grime and grease driven off from every crack and crevice of your diamond engagement ring.

And the good thing is, the precious stone does not stand a chance of getting defaced or stained in the course of cleaning.

Dazzling Cleanliness comparable to the immaculate sheen of a new ring is brought about by the interplay of sophisticated ultrasonic technology and a matching cleaning solution.

The best part being, the mode of operation is extremely easy and can be accomplished by a common person like you and me.

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring At Home with Ultrasonic Cleaner

One just need to plug in the ultrasonic ring cleaner and fill the stainless steel tank with the recommended cleaning solution (preferably ammonia in moderate amount) sprinkled on water.

Once the ultrasonic diamond ring cleaner machine is switched ON, The machine starts generating ultrasonic waves of frequency 42000 Hz and the cleaning solution apparently starts experiencing dynamic agitation.

Within five minutes thorough cleaning of the ring is inevitably achieved and once the session concludes you can take the ring out and dry it off using a soft cloth.

Using the high tech ultrasonic cleaning technology you can be rest assured that your precious diamond ring will never sustain even a minute scratch in the course of cleaning.

Why Ultrasonic Cleaner for Diamond Ring is Recommended?

The best thing about using the ultrasonic device is that every nook and cranny corner within the complex architecture of the ring is accessible to the microscopic bubbles produced by the waves.

Even manual dexterity of the highest standard cannot produce such dazzling cleanliness as is achieved by the ultrasonic diamond ring cleaner machine.

Scrubbing of the ring should be completely avoided – before or after the cleaning process, as you will be getting a brilliant sparkle on your old diamond ring when you get the ring cleaned in this machine.

The convenient size and weight of the diamond ring cleaning machine makes it ultra-portable and best suited machine for all your outdoor travel needs.

However while operating the unit care has to be taken that the cleaner should never be turned On if the bucket area has no water in it. Only the approved cleansing solution should be used as any deviation can wreak damage on your diamond ring cleaner unit. The unit should not be left unattended while in operation and it should be kept safely out of the reach of children.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaner for Diamonds Safe to Use?

Although diamonds are said to be hardest and most durable stones cleaning them in a normal ultrasonic cleaner can be a risky task.

Diamond clarity generally depends on inclusions and blemishes it has. Diamonds with more inclusions is said to be of low clarity grade and carries higher chances of getting damaged internally when cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.

Even diamonds with higher clarity grade or enhanced clarity are at risk of getting damaged when cleaned ultrasonically. This is due to the fact that, the clarity of these diamonds are enhanced through the processes such as laser drilling or fracture filling. And cleaning these enhanced diamonds can cause the internal fillings to break or crack sooner.

As not all the ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are built for cleaning diamonds (and also colored diamonds) you should once check with the manufacturer, whether the machine you are going to purchase is really safe for diamonds or not.

Using ultrasonic cleaner for diamonds is therefore, not all the times recommended. But if you purchase a good branded cleaning device which is recommended for cleaning diamond rings, you can of course try it for home use one in a while.

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How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home: Few Other Methods That Can Be Used

Every one of us who is involved in any type of product cleaning knows it well that hot water can be well utilized for cleaning purposes.

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring Manually

Cleaning Your Diamond Ring Manually

Thus using hot boiling water can be of great help when we want to remove any soap or hand cream which has been deposited on the diamond ring or jewelry.

Please be careful about not using the hot water for pearls, opals or emeralds as it can harm them.

Another great thing that can help is your detergent or dish washing liquid at home. You can add some amount of liquid to the hot water in case you think that the diamonds are bit stubborn to clean.

You can take the help of old toothbrush which is a great tool for you at home. This can help you reach at the tricky areas of your jewelry where your fingers can’t reach out.

After completing the above process, you can leave your diamond rings or jewelry in the hot water solution for 5-10 minutes. Give it a gentle scrub if needed and then soak for few more minutes. After around 5-15 minutes take it out and dry it completely to get a new shiny look.

To keep your diamond rings and jewelry new, shining and bright forever it is recommended to remove your jewelry when you are putting any makeup, cream or fragrance. This will ultimately save your jewelry from getting damaged and help them to last long.

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