How To Clean Your Bicycle Chain And Gears Efficiently?

Anything when maintained well, functions well and lasts longer. If you are a passionate bicycle or bike user (for leisure riding, daily commuting or racing) it is no wonder that your bike deserves proper care and maintenance regularly. As the parts may get dirty overtime it may obstruct the performance, if you are not caring.

bicycle chain cleaning

Bicycle chain

The goal you desire to achieve in the race and mountain cycling may not be achieved if you neglect the proper maintenance of your bicycle or bike.

Unlike other vehicles, bicycles do not need expensive maintenance, but when maintained in a right way it may help you to keep your cycle in a new and original form for a longer period of time.

To keep your bicycle in a new condition, set aside 30 minutes every weekend to get down the dirt settled on the chain and movable parts so that you can enjoy a joyful and a smoother ride with crisp shifting of gears, for a whole coming week.

The chain and gears are the most used parts of your bicycle and dirt gets settled over there easily. You therefore need to take special care of these parts to increase the rate of chain performance.

What is The Right Time to Clean and Lube the Bicycle and Bike Chains?

On a regular basis, keep check on the entire gears and chain specifically by cleaning the build up dirt, rust or tight links which do not bend in an easy way while riding. As soon as you are back from a long trip or a long ride, spare some time and concentrate on the bike chain cleaning task.

You can do this just by applying proper chain lubricant as it lubricates the links making it move softly without any problem while riding.

Yet, there is a chance to clean the chain and gears occasionally if it is too dirty. You can clean the very dirty bicycle chain with a brush tool when completely immersed in chain solvent and brushed on the chain. This removes the grime and dirt giving a cleaner and newer look once again.

Honestly, durability is a great issue which you need to maintain to let your bike or bicycle work and function for a long period of time without getting wear and tear quickly. And you need to do this by cleaning the parts right after enjoying a long ride.

Useful Tips for Cleaning Bicycle Chain: Steps You May Follow

Many of us ride the bikes and advanced geared bicycles as a means to commute or exercise or for a sheer pleasure for action. Overall, it requires certain tips to follow to keep it clean and in proper working condition. Moreover these should be less expensive and in your budget. Let us provide you few of these tips that will surely help…

  • Set your vehicle at a place which is open as lot of space may be needed to splash water on the vehicle after its complete cleaning.
  • Use gear shifters to shift the chain to the outer rear cog to clean.
  • Secure the bicycle on a bicycle stand and elevate the rear wheel. If required flip the bike resting on the seat and handle bars as this is the right position to clean and grease the parts.
  • Now give your bicycle or bike an overall rinse before using any cleaning products; as a good rinse will let the debris and dirt get loose and easy to clean with pressure.
  • Use a Degreaser or a bicycle chain cleaner on the chain, frames, gear and cogs sinking for more than 5 minutes based on which any settled shabby dirt or grease will be alleviated
  • It is essential to remove all the grime and settled tough dirt with a sharpened tool and brush which are purposely designed to clean the bicycle gears and chain in an easy way.
  • Use a chain stretcher which is misnomer and stretches the chain easily for further cleaning work.
  • Lubricate more if required and wipe the excess lubricants with a rag as too much of it will attract grime and dirt.

Although the above procedure may sound bit technical, but with some practice and care you can do it easily on your own. Below we mention some of the best bicycle chain cleaning tools that may help you further.

Bicycle Chain Cleaners Reviews: 3 Best Products For Effective Cleaning

The best bicycle chain cleaner tools that you can use for effective maintenance and cleaning of your bicycle chain are as below. These are not too heavy on your pocket and can save good deal of time and money.

1. Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner for Bike Chain and Gears Cleaning

Bicycle chain cleaner such as ultrasonic cleaning devices for bicycle chain offers great way to clean the surface of the chain without any hassle.

These high tech ultrasonic chain cleaner devices saves time and makes your bike/bicycle chain get cleaned in a very short time period. This is of course a much better way of cleaning bicycle chain and gears at home, than as compared with the old traditional cleaning methods.

An ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your bicycle chains make use of a cleaning solution that should be placed in the device. The ultrasonic cleaner transducers than creates small microscopic bubbles that are pushed through the cleaning solution. This reaches to the unreachable areas of the chain and gears to gives you thorough cleaning treatment.

The ultrasonic cleaner for bike chain is a very smart device that makes your cleaning task easy. Some of the models come with variety of features such as timers, solution heater, etc. The cleaning process is easy to follow and you just have to follow the step by step instructions mentioned in the manual.

The solution used in this bicycle chain cleaner tool is Eco-friendly and safe, hence you do not have to worry about its acuteness.

2. Park CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber Review

Keeping the chain of your favorite bike in good condition with proper maintenance is the right action to take if you want to get good performance.

To make the bicycle chain cleaning task easy you have CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber to use.

This bicycle chain cleaner tool comes with an extra large solvent tank and a range of rotating brushes to remove all the junk in a clear way. This action gives more durability to your bike chain so that you can use it best every time and enjoy its benefits.

The Park CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber (by Park Tool) is introduced with a large solvent reservoir and a sequence of revolving brushes to let your chain sparkle in less time and in a cleaner hassle free way.

For the comfort, it has a magnet at the bottom of the solvent basin to draw the scrubbed particles from the chain that keeps them to be sticking to the chain. It works with multi speed bikes and even for single speed models. It holds nearly 2- 3 liquid ounces of solvent for better function. Other exciting features of this amazing bicycle chain cleaner are as follows:

  • It has durable sponge material to draw the solvent from the chain as it departs the Cyclone decreasing the mess and drips.
  • You have strong locking clips with an ergonomic handle, to use smoothly without any discomfort.

Most of the bike novice discovers more about chain cleaners and end up with CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrubber. If you are searching for a best bicycle chain cleaner device, then grab it and put to use for the cleaning job done for your bicycle chains.

You can also simply apply its use to clean and keep track on the function of the bike. It works well in cleaning the chain completely without any trace of dirt and grime left.

Finally, being an approved and most preferred bicycle chain cleaner tool, add it to your set of tools for applying excellent cleaning to your bike.

3. White Lightning Bicycle Chain Cleaner Kit Review

Imagine a bicycle chain cleaning kit which is good and worth’s your money without any need to rush to the service center. Fortunately, you have such a product for your easy use and to be free from the greasy and full of grime chain forever.

To fulfill your desire, you have White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner Kit that cleans the bicycle chain, gears and parts to your surprise in just few minutes.

Being a quick and easy to use bicycle chain cleaner tool, it’s now made simple to keep your chain clean and in good working condition all the time. You can employ this bike chain cleaning tool to work without the need of removing it completely from the bike and cleaning the holes and corners generally.

Just fill the component with the degreaser, fasten it into the bike chain, reverse the pedal for a few seconds and observe its wonderful effect on the chain.

Finally, clean the White Lightning Bike Chain Cleaner using a tissue and re-lubricate it with the quality lubricant for better results. Additional features of the product that makes it easy and effective to use are:

  • You have the product with 3 revolving brushes for the fast and perfect cleaning of the minute holes.
  • It gets clipped directly to the bicycle chain without any requirement of a heavy task like removing the chain from its location. Either it is your bicycle or bike; it does wonders in every way.
  • The 3 brushes revolving design are the main function that cleans the dirt and grime from the chain within a minute or two.

Sounds interesting! You can now clean your bike chains at home effectively with these best bicycle chain cleaners. Just by paying few bucks you can easily make a purchase online at Amazon, at a price which doesn’t burn your pocket.

Grab it and add to your collection of garage tools and devices to improve the performance of the bicycle chain and keep it perfectly clean and free from the grunge.

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