How To Clean Rust Off Old Hand Tools Easily At Home?

Problem of rusted metal tools are common in homes and industries. There are many people who experience this and keep finding ways to keep their tools safe from rust. Hand tools are rarely used and being made of metals, these tools get rusted quite often, especially if exposed to humid air.

Rusty hand tools

Rusty hand tools

Rusted metal tools are hard to use and also pose the danger of getting an infection. Thus, while working with rusted metal tool you need to be very careful not to damage your hand or fingers.

Tools in your home as well as in industries needs to be stored safely if these are not used for long time.

As moisture on hand tools can corrode them easily leading to rust, keeping them safely in a dry condition is the best way to keep your metal tools safe from rust naturally.

Below is a detailed instruction on how you can keep your iron tools safe from rust. Lets check them out..

Useful Tips on How To Prevent Rust on Tools Naturally

Old tools which are passed on to you by your father and grandfather are one of your priced possessions. But the quality and efficacy of the tools which was mind blowing then, may not be the same due to its corrosion and long term usage.

The fact is, today you don’t get such high quality tools in the market. But, keeping them in a good healthy condition is one task that you can handle properly. For this, your tools need regular care.

You must make sure that you give it a look at least once in a month to ensure that moisture has not made its way into the pack in which you have stored your tools.

If someone has borrowed the tools from you, get it back once the work is done and follow the steps to keep it rust free.

Here are few handy tips on how to keep your hand tools away from moisture:

  • Keeping the tool dry while storing them would be one of the basic things that you can do for your iron tools safety. For this you need to wipe it clean after every use as this will eliminate the chances of corroding due to moisture left behind if any.
  • Then store the tools in a dry place. Most of the people do not think this is important, but it actually is. The place where you store your metal tools should be completely dry and safe.
  • Pack it in plastic bags with silica pouches. If you have ensured that you have wiped your tools clean and have stored them in a dry place, you can try adding some silica pouches to it to ensure that there is no moisture to corrode your tools.

Corroded metals should be cleaned right away to make sure that they are not corroded further. If you have followed the above steps, then you can be sure that your tools will last long without any tension.

However if your tools are showing the first signs of corrosion, then it is high time that you clean your rust off metal tools properly and follow the steps above to make sure that your precious tools are safe.

Below are few ways which will help you clean your rust off iron made tools in an easy manner. Hopefully it will help…

How to Clean Rust Off Tool at Home?

People always ask about what are the popular ways to clean rusted tools. So here in this article we will discuss some of the most effective methods of rust off tools cleaning which has been very effective:

1- Using Sand Paper

Sand papers which are used for scrapping is quite popular among carpenters and mechanics who use the hand tools regularly, but experts say that this method is not a good one. Scrapping the rust with sand paper is not a good idea because it may damage the surface of the rust off hand tools. Instead you can use sprays and cleaning liquids which are meant for cleaning the rust off metal tools.

2- Using Cleaning Liquids

There are many cleaning liquids and rust cleaning spray available in the market which helps in cleaning the rusted tools. If the rust is in the beginning stage, then you can surely try rust removal sprays. But if the rust is old and stubborn then there are rust cleaners and chemical liquids that comes in different variants. You can select the one depending on the complexity of your rusted tools.

Rust lime calcium cleaner is one of the most recommended one to try. It is very important that you follow the instructions on the liquid so that the liquid does not cause any further damage to your metal tools.

3- Using Salt and Vinegar

Often it has been seen that carpenters and other hand tool users use the solution of salt and vinegar for cleaning the rust off metal tools. This is also one of the best ways to use for gardeners who want to clean their rust off garden tools using natural home made methods.

4- Using Scotch Brite

Yes, Scotch brite, the scrub pad that you have been using in your kitchen are the best ways to keep your tools safe. You can soak your tools in diluted liquids and then try scrubbing the tools with scotch brite and this method is surely going to help you.

Will An Ultrasonic Cleaner Remove Rust?

If you have tried all these methods and are still disappointed then ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning the rust from metal tools would be your last resort. This is one of the best technological inventions that would help in getting the dirt, rust and grime off your antic tools in a very effective and affordable manner.

Using the smart sonic cleaner device is one of the most fabulous and modern way to clean your rusted objects within no time.

People who have tried this method of tools cleaning have been very happy with the outcome they get.

If you are not very happy with the results you get with sand paper and cleaning liquids, then you must try this technological way of cleaning your old rust off tools right away.

Ultrasonic cleaners, which uses the technology of sound waves to clean your tools are quite effective and can work wonders for cleaning your rusty tools without actually damaging them.

Using Ultrasonic cleaners like Haier, Kendal and many more is one of the best methods with which you can clean your rust off tools without damaging them.

As such there are many professional companies that clean your tools with the help of ultrasonic cleaner. However they need you paying the fees for the cleaning task accomplished.

You can surely use this technique yourself at home in a DIY way to avoid those hefty charges.

How Ultrasonic Technology Helps In Effective Cleaning of Rust Off Metal Tools?

You may be wondering about how does ultrasonic sound wave help?

Sound Wave technology is today one of the most popular ways of cleaning items such as rusted tools in homes as well as in industries.

These ultrasonic waves create high and low pressure in the water wherein your tools will be put in liquid or cleaning solvent. With this low and high pressure caused due to varied frequency the dirt particles breaks-up making your tools clean from rust and dirt.

Ultrasonic waves are used for cleaning other metal objects too in a similar way. So, if you are worried about your tools getting old with time, you should definitely try ultrasonic cleaning for keeping them young for another 10 years. Do not forget to follow the other basic steps (mentioned above) to ensure that it remains safe for the rest of your life.

Some of the hand tools are your most prized possession which you must have inherited from your fathers. Also if you have bought them yourself; make sure that you pass it on to the next generation in the best conditions.

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