How To Clean PCB And Electronic Parts Effectively With Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Dirt and dust can heavily affect the routine of printed circuit boards (PCB) which are majorly found and used in various electronic devices such as cell phones, multi-functional devices, electronic parts, etc.

Since many years there are many queries regarding their cleaning issues since, being a delicate part you cannot expect to clean it manually. Thus it needs some skilled cleaning and recommendations.

English: The front of the DSi PCB.

The front of the DSi PCB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gadgets such as electronic ultrasonic cleaners help to clean these delicate parts very effectively and are therefore used in various technological departments, industries as well as repairing shops.

These devices are ideal for restoring and cleaning even complex PCB boards and also for various other electronic components in a safe and efficient manner.

But before we proceed with ultrasonic cleaning, let us take a quick look on how to clean electronic circuit board with alcohol (without using any advanced machines).

How To Clean Electronic Circuit Board?

(The Traditional Way)

Cleaning the PCB and electronic circuit board is quite important (especially after soldering) in order to enhance the productivity of your electronic product.

However by using high-grade alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol) you can thoroughly clean these boards in just few simple steps.

  • Take a ceramic dish and fill it with recommended alcohol grade
  • Take a clean soft toothbrush and dip it in alcohol
  • Scrub the electronic circuit board from both the sides
  • Repeat the step 2 and 3 few times until the board appear to be thoroughly wet and clean
  • Now take the air canister to blow dry the PCB board. Your board is now clean for use.

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Advanced science and technology have led to the innovation of many gadgets for easily doing different tasks, which were earlier thought to be difficult and took many hours to accomplish.

Such a device is the ultrasonic cleaner for electronics that works on the principle of ultrasound.

Ultrasound technology has been used from many years, in many fields such as medicine, electronic gadgets, military, and much more. Ultrasonic cleaning machines also uses ultrasound technology for cleaning the products within few minutes.

These ultrasonic cleaner device efficiently removes the flux, low residue fluxes, tenacious residues, and lead free it. All this needs is a good cleaning solution and a bit of time to clean the delicate electronic parts.

It offers clear advantage over spray washing. In many ways ultrasonic cleaners are great to clean your PCB because:

  • It rapidly achieves high level of cleanliness
  • It increases reliability of your electronic products
  • Efficiently and effectively cleans and never damages your delicate assembles
  • Thorough clean components with complex geometries and blind holes

Besides cleaning this premium cleaning gadget certainly helps to improve SIR results, increasing the reliability and reducing rework. It is the safest ways to remove contaminants that are susceptible to damage.

Tiny meticulous assemblies have unreachable surfaces that cannot be reached and cleaned by other techniques can also be well cleaned with these effective cleaning devices.

How It Works?

The technology works on the rule of cavitation that occurs when small microscopic bubbles formed, falls violently on the cleaning surface. Consistent creation and falling in of the bubbles work as a scrubbing agent, which in turn cleans the product.

Majority of the people have the wrong credence that the PCBs should not be immersed in fluid; however it is not right.

For effective cleaning results, PCB or electronic part (to-be cleaned) should be immersed in the tank filled with cleaning solution. Later these should be cleaned in proper chemical cleaner with water and dried up appropriately for safer outcomes.

The ultrasonic parts cleaner machine operates at the frequency of 20-400 Khz allowing safe cavitation cleaning action that reaches all parts of the surface for cleaning the PCB.

The overall process hardly takes 10-15 minutes and saves your lot of time and money since you can own this machine at a very affordable price online.

Furthermore, one can rest assure about the protection of their electronic parts as most of the units are provided with “auto sweep” function that eliminates any potential damaging that other way could be possible.

You can also use the cleaner to clear PCBS after wave bonding, so you can easily begin after the bonding procedure. However, ensure that you permit the boards to cool less than 70 degree before beginning the cleaning process.

Why These Devices are Must Have For Industries?

As seen above an ultrasonic electronic cleaner can be used quite effectively to preserve and reinstate the wide array of PCBs and other electronic devices. These have become the most popular way of cleaning, especially when it comes to complex PCBs and other sensitive parts.

With the advent of industrial ultrasonic cleaners, electronic industry have benefited a lot. The industries that previously need to spend quite a large number of bucks for regular cleaning of PCB parts, now can get it done at a very nominal price. Additionally it takes much lesser time than before.

It not only has reduced overall time and money stuff, but also reduced production cost and has enhanced reliability.

The ultrasonic cleaning devices for PCB cleaning are therefore most important for industries. And with adequate optimization the contaminants as well as cleaning problems can be avoided very easily.

Things to Care While Buying One

In case if you want to clean smaller size PCB boards or parts you can get a portable cleaning device. For larger operations and PCB sizes, there are varied sizes of DIY ultrasonic PCB cleaner available. You can get one suiting your requirement and this should be done after a careful research.

As there are lot of brands with different functionalities available in the market, it make sense to browse around and choose the best one. As no same cleaner work in a similar manner, and also they vary in price, you should invest enough time for getting the right cleaning device as per its features.

Amazon is a good place where you can find all great varieties and top brands. You may just compare different models and get one as per your requirement.

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