How To Clean Old Gold Coins Safely Without Damaging Them?

Gold and silver coins are expensive investment for anyone! Have you just opened up your lockers and found that the coin that you are planning to give away as a gift to someone dear, is no more new?

Gold coins

Gold Coin

You may be quiet depressed to find that It is completely tarnished and need professional cleaning so as to look as new again!

Worry not! Let us help you out in preserving your old coins again…

Why Your Coins Need Special Care?

There are certain things, which are to be given much care while handling and cleaning. These are the things that can be easily damaged or scratched if not cared properly.

Gold coin is one such expensive item, which can be easily damaged or tarnished if not stored or taken care properly.

Cleaning gold coins is no doubt, a risky job.

If you want to clean it yourself you should know thoroughly about how to clean it without damaging it.

If not, it is always better to seek the help of a professional who can help you in cleaning them.

Fortunately there are ways which you can try, to clean your gold coins yourselves at home. However you need to be quiet careful while doing this or else you can lose your investment.

This article will help you with some tips and tricks, which will be useful for you to clean your valuable possessions in a proper manner.

How to DIY Clean Old Coins Effectively at Home?

Old coin

People who have inherited lot of ancient/vintage coins or those who are into coin collecting hobby are often seen asking on how to clean them effectively?

So, if you are amongst them who want to bring out the luster back of your old pennies, here we are mentioning some excellent time saving and money saving ideas for you.

– Using Water and Soap

This is perhaps the simplest and the easiest method when it comes to cleaning old coins. It is completely safe and you do not have to go out and spend huge bucks for it. Neither have you to spent lot of time in arranging the items and then cleaning your coins.

The soaps are least harmless so will not wash away your coins valuable element. It is best to use soft and good quality soap which does not have very harsh chemicals.

If possible use organic soap which is made up of organic/natural items and is best suited for cleaning of old coins at home.

– Using Salt, Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Place your coins into a shallow dish covering them with salt and lemon juice. There is no scrubbing, brushing or rubbing required in this cleaning method. Rinse with water after few minutes and you will see the difference.

The same method can be implied by using vinegar instead of lemon juice. In a shallow vessel or dish put one teaspoon of salt and vinegar and mix it. Place all your coins for a while and after some time rinse them with plain water. You get to see shiny, sparkling coins.

– Using Baking Soda

A spoonful of baking soda cleans greatly your old coins and is therefore a cost effective way to clean them. Add few spoons of baking soda in 50 ml water, stir it.

Dip your coins in water and scrub them gently with a clean soft bristle toothbrush. It will clean all the patches and smudges on it.

– Using Ultrasonic Cleaner for Coins

Apart from above mentioned DIY methods for cleaning your old coins, there is another smart technique. This is by using Ultrasonic cleaners.

Ultrasonic cleaning device at home offers brilliant technology when it comes to cleaning valuable things like antique Roman coins, jewellery, watches, etc. This automatic cleaner device is safe and effective than as compared to other cleaning solutions.

These devices are portable and come with variety of cleaning features such as strong high powered transducers, heating, auto shut off, etc.

An ultrasonic cleaner for coins uses microscopic bubbles that offers great cleaning results withing few minutes. The reason to opt for ultrasonic coin cleaners is they are inexpensive, offers effective cleaning, are Eco-friendly, are quick to do and are low on maintenance.

The best thing about buying and using these devices is, you can use them for cleaning variety of items like old antique coins, gold nuggets, gold flakes, jewelry pieces, and much more…

Do Ultrasonic Coin Cleaners Work?

Manual cleaning of ancient gold and silver coins may not sound good to many. For those who are really concerned about their coins and want to be bit extra professional can use ultrasonic coin cleaners.

You can very well choose them to clean your gold coins safely at home without investing much money and time. The cleaning unit of the cleaner emits around forty two thousand ultrasonic waves per second which helps to clean the objects placed inside the cleaner in an efficient way.

Make sure that you put your stuff carefully inside. As the size of the object to be cleaned does matter, don’t try to fit in the item which is bigger that your device can actually accommodate.

The body of these cleaning devices is constructed out of stainless steel to keep the frame safe and durable. The device enables you to clean your old coins in addition to delicate gemstones, jewelry along with your glasses and other tiny items in your home.

Top Rated Ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning coins are now available online. You can check different brands and make before making a decision to buy one.

Leading shopping stores such as Amazon offer you online facility through which you can order your ultrasonic cleaner device for coins cleaning easily and quickly.

If you want to keep your valuable belongings safe and neat, you should definitely try them out. You will simply love using it.

Important Things to Take Care

The first and the major thing is, don’t rub your ancient coins while cleaning, as this may damage your coins. If needed, you can wipe it with a soft clean cloth.

Always use distilled water for cleaning. As tap water contains minerals in it, it may damage your coin further instead of cleaning.

It is always advised not to use hard abrasive cleaning agents such as Brasso. This can damage the coin by scratching the surface of the coin.

Also take care that you do not touch the edges of the coin while cleaning, as it can scratch. On a similar note do not ever use any low quality cleaners as it may harm your gold coins easily.

If you are not confident about cleaning your gold coins and old pennies it’s better to seek a professionals help.

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