All modern vehicles today, are equipped with fuel injection systems to deliver fuel or gas in a right amount, to the right place to get assorted with air and burn up in engine. Unlike other vehicle parts it is necessary to maintain and clean fuel injectors at regular intervals in order to make the engine work right. The benefit you get from it is the injectors deliver the right quantity of fuel or gas at an accurate pressure at exact point of time.

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel inject...

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel injector for the fuel injection article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case of diesel engines fuel injectors are a necessarily present while in case of petrol engines this is alternatively used as carburetor. You can read about the basic difference between carburetor and fuel injection system here.

When continuous use of engine is performed, then varnish gets build up in the fuel injectors which affects the timely pattern, pressure and supply of fuel to engine in a negative way. This leads to lack of fuel getting burned in a normal way.

As an overall result, the performance of engine gets reduced or creates problems by wasting expensive diesel or gas in the engine.

What Are The Clogged Fuel Injector Symptoms?

At times when the fuel injector gets clogged severely it becomes very hard to run your vehicle smoothly again. There are instances when these fuel injection and filter systems cause hard to no engine start symptoms which may also keep reducing the performance of the vehicle. Few other symptoms of a clogged fuel injector include:

  • Engine stalling
  • Emission failure
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Decreased acceleration
  • Engine detonation, etc

In such situations you need to follow certain tips and steps to clean a clogged fuel injector. It is purposefully suggested to keep the fuel injectors clean every time so that you do not face problem with your vehicle’s engine.

What is The Importance of Clogged Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Fuel injectors are often clogged due to the debris inside the injector or filter. Seeing the clogged fuel injector symptoms it is recommended to clean them as soon as possible so that you do not waste the expensive fuel anymore.

A clogged injector restricts the flow of fuel and disrupts spray model. As the opening of the injector is small, a little deposit can affect the function of engine badly. For avoiding these situations you need to perform efficient combustion of fuel and maintain injectors periodically.

The vehicles which gives less mileage requires check of fuel injectors to improve mileage. You may observe the difference of a healthy fuel injector and a clogged one as it gives you an idea about its condition. Cleaning the injectors helps to maintain the performance and mileage of the engine by giving utmost power to it and make certain its longevity and reliability.

It is always recommended that you make use of high quality gas and fuel as it reduces the deposit of debris in injectors. Instead of using low quality fuel with additives, buy good quality gasoline with detergents that prevent the deposits in injector.

Clean the fuel injectors to heat peak performance from engine as it reduces emissions and improves fuel economy. Above all it is necessary to reduce the use of low quality diesel or petrol to maintain the good condition of engine.

Tips And Steps on How to Fix a Clogged Fuel Injector

It is clear from the above discussion that most of the times, the problem in vehicle engine is created by dirty, faulty or leaked down fuel injectors.

For fixing the issues successfully in a DIY manner, you need to know certain steps so that you keep the engine running in an efficient and smooth way.

Follow the instructions of specific cleaning system which you are going to apply for fuel injectors. This is useful for those DIYers who have never tried it before.

  • The first step is to take out the fuel pump and join with fuel return line. Insert the U tube so that the diesel or gas returns to the tank.
  • Remove the fuel cap of gas tank to make certain that the pressure from the cleaning machine does not assemble up in the system.
  • Turn the ignition to make sure that the engine does not get turn over. You need to take extra care so that the fuel pump is off when cleaning is performed.
  • Go after the directions on the cleaning kit and service manual to perform the steps of cleaning fuel injector.
  • Start the engine so that the cleaner machine cleans the injectors. Stop the cleaning when engine turns off by itself or when the solvent is used completely. This takes five minutes normally.
  • Rearrange the switch for the fuel pump and put back the fuel cap to the engine.
  • Now finally, turn on the engine to verify whether it is working properly in a normal way.

Consumer reviews online reveals that a portable home based ultrasonic cleaner is not much efficient in cleaning clogged fuel injectors. And for this reason, ultrasonic cleaner for diesel injectors should not be used directly for cleaning. However you can use these portable ultrasonic cleaning devices after cleaning them in the recommended cleaner solution.

In addition to using ultrasonic cleaner for fuel injectors you can use variety of other products that are effective enough. Some of them are mentioned below, check them out.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit and Tools Reviews

Now when you are aware of the steps involved for cleaning the fuel injectors you must be thinking about buying the best products that can help you to clean the fuel injectors in a most efficient way.

For your convenience we have already listed down the best products for use. You may check for these best fuel injector cleaner machine, tools and kits here that can help you out.

3M 39089 Fuel System Tune-Up Kit Review

This is a special kind of fuel injector cleaner and tune up kit which is being created with a professional formula. Different kinds of fuel injector cleaner tool are being found within this kit and these tools are very simple to use.

Performance, acceleration and fuel economy can be improved to a great extent with the use of this kind of tool kit. Oil can be changed easily and this is quite facilitating in nature.

This 3M 39089 kit is having weight of 2.6 pounds and thus can be easily carried from one place to another without any inconveniences. It has been originated in USA and its model number is 39089 and the brand is 3M. It has current got 4.4 rating at Amazon as most of the customers are fond of the same.

Recently, it has also got the best-seller rank. You can get both domestic and international delivery of this product and thus online order can be placed safely.

Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Injection Cleaner & Tester Kit Review

Combustion chambers can be easily used by removing heavy carbon deposits with the use of the advanced fuel injector cleaner tool within this fuel injector cleaner kit.

Lost power can be restored immediately after the removal of carbon deposits. Some of the major aspects that are being thoroughly cleaned with the tools of this kit are fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chamber, vacuum system, valves and other parts.

In order to increase fuel efficiency, different parts need to be inspected like pump pressure, sealing condition and many more. This kind of inspection is mainly conducted with the purpose of detecting the underlying defects.

These defects need to be repaired as soon as possible so that the fuel system can be restored in previous condition and this can also increase the overall productivity of the fuel chamber. One of the major features of this air pneumatic kit is that it can be used for all kinds of fuel systems.

OTC Tools 7649A Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit Review

This fuel injector cleaner kit is mainly being characterized by a special construction which is made up of pure stainless steel. The fuel injector cleaner tool is equipped with wide with widest throat for the purpose of reducing spillage to a great extent.

Accurate and perfect delivery pressure can be set by gauge of 3-1/2 inches and this is highly facilitating for easy reading. Commonest rail adaptors are being used for innumerable import and domestic applications.

One of the most important adaptors that are used in this regard is decarbnonizing adaptors and these adaptors are highly useful in eliminating carbon deposits in an efficient manner.

Residual chemicals over hose can be conveniently removed shop-air supplies together with blow-out fittings. This fuel injector cleaning kit belongs to OTC brand which is a popular one and its ideal weight is not less than 8.8 pounds. It has been originated from Taiwan and its model number is 7649A.

STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner Review – 5.25 oz., (Pack of 2)

The concerned fuel injector cleaner kit includes concentrated solution which is best suited for cleaning clogged fuel injectors. These STP fuel additive products are mostly used for removing and dissolving harmful varnish, gum and carbon deposits over fuel injectors.

The wastes usually create greater interruptions, as a result of which normal functioning of the fuel injectors gets affected badly.

Lost acceleration and power can be easily restored. Furthermore tough starts can be eliminated and smooth functioning can be invited by using this fuel injector cleaner.

STP Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner is very much flexible in nature and thus you can easily handle all the cleaning without any troubles. Every corner of fuel injectors is being cleaned as a result of which lots of gas can be saved which ultimately leads to greater savings.

The kit STP 78577 is one of the safest options for all kinds of gasoline engines as by using it fuel injectors can be efficiently maintained and protected against different types of probable damages.

OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit Review

Effectible and detailed fuel-pressure testing can be performed by means of the valuable Fuel injector cleaner tool of this fuel injector cleaner kit. Weaker fuel pumps are not being entertained as the fuel injectors are badly affected by the same.

Therefore, these pumps need to be checked on a regular basis with the use of this kit so that the defects can be easily removed. These defects can restrict fuel flow which is highly unwanted.

Seal replacement can also be effectively done with the use of this kit. You can also get a manual for service application so that the guidelines can be easily followed.

Schrader Valve can be used for connecting adaptors of fuel-injection system. Ideal weight of the OTC 6550 Pro kit is almost 9.6 ounces. Taiwan origin oriented kit is quite portable and light weighted in nature. It has got smoothest exterior and it has also got dimensions of about 15 x 12 x 4 inches.

OTC 4480 Stinger Basic Fuel Injection Service Kit Review

Residual rail running can be easily performed by the most flexible Fuel injector cleaner tool which is found within the concerned fuel injector cleaner kit.

Flow-rate oriented fuel-pressure examination or testing can be easily performed by the same so that the smooth flow of fuel can be ensured. Basic services of fuel pressure are being offered in this case.

Some of the important supplies’ or accessories that are found within the kit are pressure gauge with dual scaling, professional, relief valve, protective rubber-made boot, hose for fuel discharge.

Fittings, hoses and adaptors are usually being utilized for checking or inspecting the system of fuel injection. You can now get proper warranty from the manufacturer on this OTC 4480 kit and thus you can get optimized benefits from the same.

Value-based and great solution is being catered by this kit and this is one of the leading reasons for using the tool kit.

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