Are you a shooter and looking for a perfect cleaning solution? Then Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner would be your best bet! Coming with .75 liter capacity the unit cleans around 125 pieces of .223 brass per batch. It has a tank size 5.8” X 8” X 1.9” which makes the cleaning of items very efficient and easier.

Moderate sized capacities and powerful cleaning experience makes the unit a good solution for most shooters. With this cleaning unit, a shooter does not need to clean primer pockets or small parts instead he can enjoy all the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning with this unit.

Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner

Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner: Buy at Amazon

Access Each and Every Minute Part with Great Ease

As per the Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner reviews found online, this is one of the best ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning brass cartridge cases.

This tiny but mighty EZ sonic cleaner access each and every parts of shooting equipment, regardless of how small or intricate it is.

It quickly and safely removes contaminants such as oils, sands, greases, power residue and salt deposits, which could wear and decrease the life of a sporting gear.

This unit includes a tank wherein the cleaning solution is placed and it generates energy to function ultrasonic transducers climbed up the bottom of the tank and switch on/off button, set timer and solution heaters.

How Does It Work?

Users have to follow manufacturer’s instructions about filling the tank with right amount of cleaning solution that are specially created for cleaning shooting gear. Since nowadays solutions are available in concentrated and biodegradable form, particular disposal process is not required.

The unit passes off ultrasonic energy when it gets switched on and emits to the tank bottom by the transducers. This generates many minute air bubbles in the solution and new solutions need to be degassed for around 10 minutes to discard entrapped air, which interfere with and expands the cleaning time.

The solution will warm a little during this time and this can improve the cleaning process when it starts. Equipment of partially disassembled pistols, rifles, etc are put in a mesh basket or tray and brought down to the EZ Sonic Cleaner.

The bubbles get into contact with the equipment and burst with great force and throw away all dirt and dust from the smallest crevices, cracks and blind holes that are inaccessible by a man. This cleaning device is very powerful and thorough and it does not cause harm to the delicate parts. Hence, it is absolutely safe for costly rifles and pistols. Use this device and keep your shooting equipment always ready!

Where to Buy Frankford Arsenal EZ Sonic Cleaner At Best Price?

As mentioned before, this ultrasonic cleaning device is one of the best for cleaning brass cases lots of shooters and rifle owners find it useful buying this product. With our intensive research and experience we have found that is a best place to buy this arsenal sonic cleaner at best price.

For the limited time, this product is offered at more than 25% discount on Amazon site. Moreover when you order it now, you can save even more on the shipping charges as it is made free for a limited time period.

The product is rated 3.8 stars out of 5 which shows that it is much popular among the shooters who want to clean their brass cartridge cases at home. You can check the detailed reviews, pricing details and consumer feedback at the Amazon page here, before buying it online.

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