In the initial months, a child’s immune system is at a very delicate stage and is prone to attacks from different disease causing germs. So it is your first duty to make sure that the milk and water bottle (as well as all the pacifiers) you are using to feed your baby does not become a source of disease at all.

First step is to regular clean the baby bottle (and other feeding apparatuses) properly. This should be done after each use. Second step is to sterilize them completely for safeguarding your baby. This can be once in 2-3 days or after 4-5 feedings. Below are few important steps which can be used for effective cleaning.

How To Clean Baby Pacifiers and Bottles Daily? (Steps for Regular Cleaning)

Cleaning baby bottles

Baby bottles cannot be cleaned the same way as the normal water bottles or dining dishes. You should carefully follow the practice of washing and cleaning the baby bottles on regular basis, to make it bacteria free and safe.

In fact a good quality bottle brush along with a baby bottle washer machine or baby bottle cleaning kit can help you to clean your baby’s bottle effectively.

You should use non-chlorinated water for the cleaning purpose and a non-toxic soap that is particularly made for cleaning baby feeding bottles. Make sure that it leaves no soapy residue. Few tips that can help are:

  • Rinse the feeding bottle and nipple after every use. This prevents any milk residue to accumulate in the bottle thus preventing the bacteria formation.
  • It might seem tedious, but it is better if you can wash the bottle apart and give every part of it including the feeding bottle itself a good scrub with a high quality bottle cleaning  brush.
  • While drying the baby feeding bottle make sure that you are using a clean dish cloth or a paper towel that is disposable after a single use and will not serve as a source of contamination. Best is to use a baby bottle drying rack for drying the bottles completely and hygienically.
  • When the bottles are cleaned and dried, care that you do not keep them in the open air for long, as it may again cause bacteria to build in.

Now when you have completed the regular cleaning and washing of the baby feeding bottle, you need to sterilize it for effective and hygienic cleaning.

How To Sterilize Your Baby Feeding Bottle and Pacifiers?

baby pacifiers

Cleaning and sterilizing you baby’s bottle ensures proper health and safety for your kids. You should therefore not skip out this task, no matter what the conditions are.

Do You Require Sterilizing the Bottle After Every Use?

Although regular cleaning of the bottles after every use is enough, sterilizing your baby bottles once in a week is recommended for keeping them most hygienic and safe.

In case your baby is sick or you are using a new baby bottle, you should consider sanitizing the bottle completely once in 2-3 days.

When Should You Stop Sterilizing The Bottle?

Many mothers prefer sterilizing the bottles, nipples and pacifiers until their baby stops using them. However if you want to stop the practice early, it is best to sterilize them until the age of one. Till your baby reaches this age, their immune system is build up better which helps in preventing them from getting sick more often due to germs.

Different Ways To Sterilize Baby Bottles

Before you start with the sterilization process you need to make sure that the bottles are completely clean, and free from any traces of milk or formula powder.

For this you should wash your bottles in a mixture of hot soapy water and rinse well after washing. The next step is to sterilize the bottle. Four different ways for this has been described below.

Boiled water sterilization – This is an easiest & widely used technique for cleaning and sterilizing baby pacifiers and baby feeding bottles. You just need to boil the bottle in water for around 10-15 minutes

Steam sterilization – This is the best way to sterilize your baby’s bottle and pacifiers. Putting the cleaned bottle into the steam sterilizer will serve the purpose. It leaves no smell or after taste.

Microwave sterilization – If your baby’s bottle is microwave friendly then this process might prove to be the best for you. Just microwaving the bottle for a certain time in a particular temperature will help you to sterilize it efficiently.

Cold water sterilization – In this process certain chemicals or tablets are diluted in water. The bottle is then submerged in the solution for some time. The tablets used to sterilize the baby bottles remove any trace of bacteria in the bottle very effectively.

Besides above tips there are many high tech devices (including ultrasonic cleaner for baby bottles) which can help you sterilize your baby’s bottle in a very efficient manner.

By using these baby bottle automatic cleaner and devices you can be 100% sure that your baby’s bottle is perfectly clean and sterilized. So why leave them at risk, just try these sterilizers and be 100% risk free.

Below we mention few best devices which can help you clean and sterilize your baby’s bottle completely. You can just check them out and buy one as per your requirement.

MagiCleaner Baby The Ultrasonic Cleaner And Baby Pacifier Sterilizer Review

MagiCleaner Baby The ultrasonic cleaner and sterilizer is one of the best ideal machines that can effectively clean your baby’s pacifiers and bottles within minutes.

This specially designed baby bottle cleaner machine uses the ultrasonic technology for cleaning the baby pacifiers at home without any risk.

This simple to operate baby bottle nipple cleaner not only cleans all the baby pacifiers and bottle teats (nipples) but also various other items such as jewellery, eyeglasses, contacts, dentures, sunglasses and much more.

The MagiCleaner baby ultrasonic cleaner is really a smart machine which is environment friendly and complies with the highest environmental standards, such as Weee and RoHS.

It has an easy to use On and Off keys which makes the operation easy. Its auto power Off feature ensures that the machine is operated safely with low power consumption.

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Review

New Plus Wabi Baby Sterilizer is one of the top of best baby bottle cleaner and sterilizer you can find online. This is a 4-in-1 sterilizer that offers you much more than cleaning and sterilizing the baby bottles. You can actually use it for steam sterilization, hot air drying and for storage functions. Additionally with a one button descaling you can give yourself and your baby the absolute best.

Also with a push of button you can easily sterilize your products and get them dried within one hour. All this is done with FDA food grade approved material which ensures that the bottles are cleaned, sterilized and dried in a toxic-free environment. With this highly advanced baby bottle cleaning system you can avoid all the chances of health issues which are caused due to traditional open air drying of bottles.

As it works automatically it is easy to use and can save good deal of time. As it is very compact and portable it needs very less space to store. It can hold up to eight bottles at a time and is even best suited for sterilizing breast pump parts, pacifiers, kid’s dinnerware, and more.

Furthermore Wabi Baby’s best baby bottle sterilizer for traveling is made for contemporary, on-the-go parents. So why stress yourself further when you can have this great machine that offers you more time to spend with your baby. You can buy the machine at an affordable price at Amazon where it is available at an additional discount.

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer Review

Philips AVENT SCF281/05 Microwave Steam Sterilizer is another great baby bottle cleaning machine which helps in protecting your baby form harmful bacteria. The device works automatically to sterilize up to 4 Natural or Classic bottles at a time. You can use the interior rack for placing 2 Philips AVENT Breast Pumps (non-electrical components only) and up to 4 breast milk storage cups and lids.

This Microwave Steam Sterilizer by Philips AVENT utilizes the power of your microwave for creating natural steam for sterilizing. You just need to add water and place the machine in the microwave for 2 minutes. And in just 2 minutes the machine eliminates all the (nearly 99.9%) bacteria and germs from the bottles, breast pumps, cup, pacifiers, non-metal utensils, and other microwave-safe baby items.

This lightweight and compact baby bottle washer and sanitizer is easy to use and can even be carried while travelling. It comes with Stay-cool safety grips which allows you to handle the device safely and conveniently. Also it helps in keeping the lid of the machine closed securely.

Furthermore, this baby milk bottle cleaner is BPA free and is backed up by 1-year limited warranty by manufacturer.

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